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Which Stores Accept Bitcoin in 2021 (A Complete Guide)


It is in fact amazing to discuss which stores accept bitcoin and which does not, just because some years back this type of discussion would have been laughable. Bitcoin has been ridiculed even by the very big investors and bankers as a bubble or as a new toy that has no future. In fact, in the past few years, the idea of bitcoin grew at a rapid speed and some stores have begun accepting payment with bitcoin. Even there are bitcoin ATMs in some malls all over the states.

What makes this list of which stores accept bitcoin is that some of the companies have big name in the world. They are leading in their market niche. Stores such as Amazon, Microsoft, Overstock and Virgin galactic happily associated their name with this cryptocurrency. Some of these may not even need to do that since their service needs a large amount of transaction or their users are not average income groups.

So, which stores accept bitcoin?

Retail: which Stores Accept Bitcoin

1- Overstock

Overstock is one of the top online retailers in the US. This online store is on the top of the list because they accept payment not only in bitcoin but also in all of the cryptocurrencies including Ethrium. Overstock is leading the competition in using multiple cryptocurrencies.

What you have to do is just select your product you want to purchase and choose to pay in bitcoin. They sell overstocked items at a discounted price, using bitcoin as a transaction, in partner with Coinbase. It is fair to tell you that overstock is also holding cryptocurrency they receive.

2-Whole Foods

Whole Foods is one of the largest North American Multinational supermarket chains that are popular with their organic supply. The company is working with Winklevoss Flexa spending app called Spedn. Customers easily can purchase using bitcoin through the app.

 which Stores Accept Bitcoin whole foods
which Stores Accept Bitcoin whole foods


Amazon does not accept bitcoin directly from its users. Instead, you can use a service platform called purse to shop on the site using bitcoin. The platform only serves as a medium between users who use bitcoin and Amazon and makes a small percentage in the transaction.

4-Home Depot

Home Depot is another surprising company that began accepting bitcoin as a method of payment for thier products. This is interensting since home depot is one of the largest hardware store chains in the NOrtheren America.

Home Depot uses bitcoin payments through Flexas checkout systems they installed in stores.


You now buy and send gift cards online from retailers like Amazon, Starbucks, and iTunes using Bitcoin as payment.


NewEgg is one of the first online retailers that began accepting bitcoin. Infact NewEgg made its name in this community for its mining hardware thaty they sel on their site. For many , they sell one of the best computer hardware for the process.


Etsy is an ecommerce site for handmade and vintage items. You now can buy beauty products, cloths and jewelry from the site using bitcoin.

8-Joli Originals

You may not know Joli Originals. It is an independent design studio that you probably know from the iPads, iPhones, MacBooks covers, and wallets. The company has started accepting bitcoin as a payment option.


BelovedShirts now accept bitcoin as a medium of purchase of their products.


Girlmeetsdress is another site that accepts bitcoin from customers. The website sells dresses for women.


Realwatches is a known watch brand store that recently began accepting bitcoin.

 which Stores Accept Bitcoin microsoft
which Stores Accept Bitcoin microsoft

Tech: Which Stores Accept Bitcoin


Microsoft began using bitcoin for the online Xbox store in 2014. Microsoft began using bitcoin for their game sales. They allow the use of bitcoin to top up the Microsoft account. They once stopped using bitcoin, and soon they resumed accepting bitcoin. in fact, the owner Bill Gates has commented that Bitcoin is the possible future, and in many ways could be better than using the currency.


AT&T uses bitcoin through bitpay. AT&T is a a notth american company respinsible for fixed for services and communications with a revenue of more than $180 billion.

 which Stores Accept Bitcoin twitch
which Stores Accept Bitcoin twitch

Social: Which Stores Accept Bitcoin


Twitch is one of the leading game streaming platforms that accept both bitcoin and bitcoin cash for payment for its services. This decision has surprised many since Amazon, owner of the Twitch platform, has decided to go this route, despite the controversies of bitcoin. Later, Twitch disabled the use of bitcoin on its platform, and 4 months later they reenable it once again.

Food: Which Stores Accept Bitcoin

15-Burger King

Since Burger King began accepting bitcoin in Germany in 2019, we heard stories in Venezuela where the stores partnered with local cryptobuyer to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Burger King allows you to pay with bitcoins and bitcoin cash by ordering delivery service online through the Lieferando delivery.

 which Stores Accept Bitcoin kfc
which Stores Accept Bitcoin kfc


KFC is one of the food stores that began accepting payments in Bitcoin. According to KFC Tweet, KFC Canada began accepting bitcoin in a bitcoin bucket where you can use bitcoin as a medium for the transaction. The payment will be processed through BitPay.

17-Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut seems to be a later cammer to the bitcoin phenomena. In 2020 Pizza hut began accepting payments in Venezuela, like burger King.


Subway is another food service that began using bitcoin as payment. Several Subway branches accept bitcoin and even encourage users not to be limited to cash.


Starbucks is not on this list as a store that accepts bitcoin. Unfortunately, Starbucks declined its prior comment in 2019, that the company would be accepting bitcoin in all its stores. Later reported that it would not accept bitcoin directly from its customers. They only use a platform called Bakkt, which will not be live until the mid of 2020.

In march of 2020, Starbucks began testing accepting payment through the Bakkt app. They are currently conducting a limited test.


Dominos Pizza has made it possible to buy food on their site with bitcoin.

Sport: Which Stores Accept Bitcoin

21-Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks is another company owned by billionaire Mark Cuban. The team now accepts Bitcoin for tickets and merchandise, through bitpay.


This football club in Portugal uses bitcoin for selling its services.

which stores accept bitcoin virgin galactic
which stores accept bitcoin: virgin galactic

Flight: Which Stores Accept Bitcoin

23-Virgin Galactic

What if you can use bitcoin for your space travel? Well, Virgin Galactic made that possible. Now you can use bitcoin to purchase at Virgin Galactic.


Cheap air, a travel agency accepts bitcoin through BTCPayServer.

Internet: Which Stores Accept Bitcoin


Namecheap has been the leader in using Bitcoin. In fact, the company has been using bitcoin as a payment service since 2013. It is surprising many of its users have been requesting such a service. You now can topup your account, receive a credit on your account by sending payment through bitcoin.


Express VPN has become a big brand in the VPN industry, and now accepts bitcoin as a method of payment.


Fiverr is one of the few online marketplace for creative professionals and clients. It is simply an online platform they find jobs by listing your skills. They make money by bringing together the creative and companies and individuals . Fiverr lets you pay fees as low as 5 dollars through cryptocurrency.


Shopify lets you create an ecommerce site, online store and retail point of sale. Shopify in fact began flirting with bitcoin since 2013. You now can pay shopify using bitcoin.

Financial: which stores accept bitcoin


PayPal hopped on the opportunity since 2014. The company made an option for merchants to accept bitcoin through PayPal. They make a commission on every transaction.

 Stores Accept Bitcoin  tesla
which Stores Accept Bitcoin: tesla

Automotive: which stores accept bitcoin


Tesla is one of the clean energy and electric focused vehicle manufacturing company. Tesla accept bitcoin as a method of selling their cars for customers.


BMW is another motor company that accepted bitcoin. Surprisingly, they sell their luxury cars through bitcoin.

Can I use Bitcoin on Amazon?

No, until 2021. But there is a way to do that. Use purse to purchase items through Amazon using bitcoin.

Does eBay accept Bitcoin?

No, unfortunately eBay doesn’t accept bitcoin.

Is it possible to buy a car with Bitcoins?

Yes, companies such as Tesla and BMW have options for bitcoin as a payment method.

Do hotels accept Bitcoin?

Yes, Even some of the luxury hotels began accepting payments with bitcoin.

What can I buy with Bitcoin?

Well, besides the listed stores that accept bitcoin, there are many places and stores that accept bitcoin. You can buy anything using bitcoin debit cards from a visa or MasterCard.

Conclusion on which stores accept bitcoin

So, which stores accept bitcoin, and more over what it is its implication for the average person. While many inverstors and ankers and billionaires are arguing on the future of btcoin, many stores began accepting bitcoin. This is ncat like on e of these gadgets that is not acpeted instantly since itis compliacated an new ints use.

While many stores are yet to acpet the payment mentod, the top onecs have put their fingers in the milk and are testing the flavor. Others have partnered with exchange services to make the rprocesseasy for buyers. Companies like Overstock even hold on to the cryptocurrenty they received.

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