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Afrikrea: African-inspired Handicraft in 170 Countries


What is Afrikrea? In latest years, there has been a developing interest in assisting and promoting African style and design. One platform that has emerged as a pacesetter in this area is Afrikrea. Founded in 2016, it is a web market that connects consumers around the arena with African fashion designers and artisans.

With a challenge to empower African creatives and sell the continent’s precise style and way of life, it has speedily turned out to be a pass-to vacation spot for anyone looking to discover and buy African style.

10 Things to Know About Shopping on Afrikrea

  1. Afrikrea is a web market that connects buyers around the sector with African-style designers and artisans.
  2. The platform offers diverse fashion and layouts unique to Africa, including apparel, accessories, and home decor.
  3. Buyers can browse various conventional African prints to fashionable, cutting-edge designs.
    Four. It promotes sustainable financial growth and equitable financial improvement in Africa.
  4. The platform empowers African creatives by using imparting a degree gambling field for them to compete globally.
  5. Buyers can communicate immediately with designers and artisans to request custom orders, ask questions, or offer remarks.
  6. Afrikrea offers a stable charge gadget and consumer protection coverage to ensure a secure shopping revel.
    Eight. Shipping options vary based on the seller’s vicinity, but customers can sign their orders and receive notifications at some point.
  7. Returns and exchanges are viable, but policies range by the dealer, so consumers need to cautiously examine the seller’s policy before buying.
  8. Overall, Afrikrea is a platform worth checking out for everybody interested in discovering and purchasing precise African fashion and design while helping impartial corporations and selling sustainable monetary boom in Africa.

Connecting African Designers with Global Buyers

The online marketplace offers African designers and artisans a platform to exhibit their work and reach an international target market. By doing so, it enables the selling of African style and design now not simply inside the continent but worldwide.

The platform’s attainment allows for more publicity and a reputation for African-style designers and artisans. This publicity and reputation, in turn, create more economic possibilities for creatives across the continent.
By connecting designers with buyers around the world, Afrikrea is capable of helping unbiased groups and selling sustainable financial increases. In addition, the platform’s commitment to promoting African creativity affects the continent’s economic boom.

A Wide Range of African Fashion and Design

Afrikrea’s platform offers various styles and layouts that are precise to the continent of Africa. From conventional African prints to modern, present-day designs, there’s something that we may like. Buyers can pick dresses, skirts, tops, and pants with unique patterns and designs. In addition to apparel, Afrikrea also gives an extensive choice of accessories, earrings, bags, and footwear, all created by African designers and artisans.

But it isn’t truly a market for style and design. It is, in reality, a platform that celebrates the richness and variety of the African lifestyle. By offering a platform for African designers and artisans to exhibit their work, it is helping to sell African style and design as a necessary part of international style.

Moreover, the platform is likewise assisting in maintaining traditional African techniques and craftsmanship, which might, in any other case, be misplaced in the face of globalization. Ultimately, Afrikrea’s undertaking is to empower African designers and artisans while introducing the sector to the beauty and specialty of African fashion and layout.

Empowering African Creatives

Above all, Afrikrea is devoted to empowering African creatives and promoting the continent’s particular fashion and tradition. Afrikrea’s platform presents a stage gambling subject for African creatives to compete globally. Through its online marketplace, Afrikrea can offer a platform for designers and artisans to exhibit their paintings and attain an international target market.

This not handiest creates economic possibilities but also facilitates promoting African fashion and design internationally. By supporting and selling African creatives, Afrikrea is helping to construct an extra sustainable and equitable future for the continent. The platform’s dedication to selling sustainable boom and equitable economic development in Africa significantly impacts the continent’s social development.


Afrikrea is, without a doubt, a specific platform assisting in exhibiting the fine of African style and design. By connecting African designers with shoppers around the arena, Afrikrea is only sometimes best-selling financial growth but additionally empowering creatives throughout the continent. Moreover, Afrikrea is helping sell African tradition’s richness and diversity with various patterns and designs. So if you’re trying to discover and purchase African style, Afrikrea is a platform worth checking out.

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