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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Net Worth, Life, and Humble Beginning


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth is reportedly said to be more than 100 thousand dollars by 2019, right before she celebrated her 30th birthday. This hard-working woman has amassed this wealth through her work as a politician and something more.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a political figure and a celebrity who got all the fame at such a young age. She becomes much more known next to Obama and trump after she achieved a congresswoman position at that age.

Who is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? How did she achieve such an achievement at this young age? What is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Net Worth and how did she make all that money?

In this case study post, I will try to explain the background of AOC, her inspiring path, and her net worth.

So, who is AOC? You probably know Alexandria Ocasio Cortez from a dancing video that was released in the midst of controversial times in her life at work. This short dancing clip from back in her college days was deemed as inappropriate by some while many teens and young people and even fellow politicians appreciate her openness and her free spirit.

What you probably don’t know is that she has an asteroid named after her. The MIT Lincoln Lab used the name 23238 Ocasio-Cortez to name an asteroid after a fair where AOC finished in second place. She was surely a bright mind from the start.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez was born in New York City in Ney York in 1989. She was raised witnessing her entrepreneur father who had a small business and a mother that clean other people’s homes to feed the family. Life was not simple along with other Puerto Rican immigrants. however, they worked hard to escape the rat race.

They moved to Florida after her father’s death. They were living in financial hardship. Later, the family decided to sell the family business for hundreds of dollars in 2016.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Education

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez finished her first degree at Boston university which is a relatively expensive institute. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth has been attached to the 50k loan she accumulated during her student years. This democratic socialist has a controversial educational expense, some say. Why would she take all this loan if she believed in public schools?

However, AOC campaigned supporting tuition-free public schools and trades schools. And she says how much she suffered paying back her student debt.

What did Alexandria Cortez do for a Living?

Congress woman

The road to congresswoman didn’t start from the gate of the congress. In fact, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a self-acclaimed democratic socialist, has much more work experience than being a politician. She began as a bartender.

Soon she showed her creative and leadership skill by establishing a publishing firm called brook avenue press. She also worked as a leader in educational strategist and director at Northeast Collegiate world series only two years before her election as a congresswoman. She paved the road to congress by joining Bernie sander’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez became a member-elect of the house of representatives from the New York district in 2019. Considering her background and her young age of 29, it was repetitively raised as a surprising success as she defeated Congressman Joe Crowley. This was as well her first political work ever. Her age put her on the radar as she is the youngest woman to serve in congress in the country’s history.

She was 2017s National Hispanic institute person of the year.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW 2019 under cc image size changed

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Salary

A life as a congresswoman is not a way to riches. However, the position pays well, above average of American salary. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez worth is fixed by the salary she makes at her work. The first year of the job pays up to 174,000 dollars. On top of that she will receive unto 3000 dollars living expense credits, insurances and other retirement benefits.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Net Worth

100,000 $ by 2020

This amount could be small by many accounts, but not for A O C net worth. even tweeted that she used to wake up at night thinking if she can afford her clinic bills or if she forgot to clear a bill. She used to worry much as the cost of living in their city grew more than she makes. But her consistent growth in social contribution landed her in the congresswoman position.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth has been too low considering the jobs that she had as a young. She only had about 15,000 savings in 2018 and she soon lost half in the same year, probably paid to move to her position at the congress.

Considering the small about of income she had in 2018, that is only 26,000 dollars and her student debt of 19,000 dollars, it is fair to assume that AOC was in the negatives.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Net Worth increased after her election to congress. Although the first-year salary of the congress is fixed at 174,000, the average salary of the congress is up to half a million. In the meanwhile, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez worth will be much more than what she is now. Considering the average US net worth of a household that is 100k, she will soon become much more worth.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Net worth is primarily based on her salary. She doesn’t own stock, or any other investments, or even property.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Net worth would increase exponentially over time, considering her trend of saving almost half of her income and the new position salary. In ten years, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Net Worth (A O C net worth) would be more than a million dollars.

Although her duration in the congress may not be known for various reasons, A O C net worth could grow through investing as well.

She has always talked about how the millionaires and billionaires should be taxed to refund the economy of the country. She was aggressive on her stand that the rich should pay 60 to 70 percent of their income tax to fund the climate change initiate deal she was pushing.

She was criticized for her spending habits that once a Washington Times reported that she spent up to 300$ on a salon in DC and gave a large amount of tip. She only responded to the allegations with sarcasm and allegations.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez-net worth bernie sanders
Bernie and Aoc with cc edited for size

Who Is Riley Roberts, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Husband

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Husband is called Riley Robert, her accomplice since college. Their relationship has been shown in a Netflix documentary knock down the shite house, which follows and reports the fours women that were running for congress in 2018.

The guy has been around even before Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth increased. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Riley Roberts met at a Friday afternoon conversation session at Boston University. They were smart kids whose Friday afternoon was a conversation on trending topics and more.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Riley Robert were together for five years now. She even said how much she loved him in interviews. She declares how much he cared for her and he loved her too.

Despite her high profile politician position in the country and even in the media, the couple kept their relationship secret.

AOC was criticized in 2019 for having her boyfriend’s name on the staff email during valentine’s day. She was accused of employing her boyfriend with the public money which she later denied doing. She claimed that he was just having an access to her google calendar.

‘Alexandria Ocasio Cortez husband’ Riley Robert is not her legal husband yet. Some even related them to the millennial type couples who don’t believe in marriage. However, sources say, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Riley Robert’s love is growing more than ever.

Riley Roberts Net Worth

Riley Roberts net worth is not much known. But he works in web development. He earned dual degrees in finance and sociology from Boston University. He even attended the Questrom school of business at the same university. He now has a web development related title on his social pages.

He currently works as a tech and web developer and head of the marketing department at a company that gives maintenance and repair services for homes.

What is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Height?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez height is reportedly said to be ‎5′ 4″ or 1.63 m.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Instagram

Congresswoman for NY-14: Bronx and Queens🇺🇸 100% grassroots.
Personal account. For on-the-job Congressional updates, visit

alexandria ocasio-cortez instagram

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Net Worth and Quick Facts

Here are few facts that may have contributed to A O C net worth. These facts may directly or indirectly have an impact on her life as well.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth #1- AOC is from the Bronx.

What does this get to do with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth ( A O C net worth)? Well, A O C net worth is surely related to where she was born and how she was raised. Her immigrant family has suffered lot to raise AOC and her younger brother.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth #2- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the youngest-ever elected congresswoman.

aoc speaking net worth
AOC at Green new deal presser in 2019 cc edited for size

This has changed Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth for good. The high salary has increased her wealth more than ten times in a year time. She only had less than 15k when she won a position for a congress that pays more than 174k in the first year.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth #3-She has worked as a bartender.

This is huge. No man would build wealth without seeing such jobs in one way or another. Most of the billionaires and millionaires have experienced such a life at a young age. This humble beginning would create a wide world view. AOC even founded a publishing company and worked as a leader in a company.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth #4- She is a self-acclaimed Democratic Socialist.

This may seem simple support for a single political ideology. However, This may affect Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth. The whole idea of state-owned, fair share, or the rich should pay would limit how she makes and spends money. Although she been criticized for using a 300 dollar salon and paying a large amount of tip afterward, she may still live small, much less than income can afford just to keep up with her promise.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth #5- She worked for late senator Ted Kennedy and Bernie Sanders.

This probably boosted her confidence and gave her a better experience. AOC in 2018 tweeted working with the late ted Kennedy in 2008. She wrote ‘ about 10 years ago I worked in Ted Kennedy’s foreign affairs/immigration constituent office. I regularly fielded calls from panicked mothers who came home to missing family members. …’ She also assisted at Bernie sanders presidential campaign.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth #6- White house?

If one why not two? If one works the second probably would work. AOC used to have a plan to be a president one day.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez net worth #7- She is dedicated to her people

AOC in fact has shown this by trying to understand people’s problems, by engaging with them, and by trying to give a solution. She is for the minorities. She remained a controversial figure for opposing the rich and refusing to accept funds from big companies.

She is focused on raising funds, and the pro-poor and pro-minority approach.

Finally, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Net Worth

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez comes from humble beginnings, rather from the hardships of life that most immigrants face. She began her life looking at her parents who worked as a small business owner and room cleaner. She soon followed a working-class job by being a bartender at her local bar. She used to suffer waking up at night worrying if she would have money left for her medical fee or if she has put the bar money in order.

She soon went on to found a publishing firm then as an educational strategist and director. In 2018, she went on from a team on Barnie Sanders presidential election to be a congresswoman herself.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Net Worth was not far from broke by then. In fact, in 2018 she disclosed that she had only between 1000 and 15000 in savings, between 15000 and 50,000 in her checking account. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Net Worth was also associated with the 50,000 dollars student debt she accumulated in her college years.

In 2017, she only earned a bit more than 25,000 from her bartender job, 6,000 from her election campaign.

This all changed when she became a congresswoman that her salary skyrocketed to 174,000 dollars with 3000 dollars living expenses additional benefits in the first years, This surely will grow in the coming years while she is in the office.

AOC’s humble beginning and her effort to step on the ladder has paid off. She was able to increase her net worth and benefit the lives of thousands that she represents in Congress.

Her focused attitude and her political and economic stands seem to be rigid at times but these are unique and non like others. Her attitude not to raise money from the rich companies to engage the working class to cover for campaigns is a unique effort.

In general, AOC can teach the youth to have their own ideas about life, not to fear to be our self, not to break your dreams for fear they won’t happen. She is by any means a potential candidate for such jobs, let alone winning 10 years of winning congressman in her community. She knew what people wanted and she tapped into the opportunities and it finally paid off.

cover image: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ Women’s March NYC cc edited for size

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