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Barry Weiss Net Worth (A Focused antique Hustler with $10m)


Barry Weiss Net Worth is reported to be near $10m. This husler and passionate entrepreneur, has focused for long on his antique business and at last he made enough money to move away to exotic travel. His successful career as a businessman and reality TV star has made him very rich. The TV superstar is said to own sizable and luxurious mansions in Los Angeles. He owns a $1.8 million four-bedroom Beverly Hills mansion built in 1928 and leads a lavish life.    

Barry Weiss has him collect cars, and his most famous car, a 1947 Custom Cowboy Cadillac, is on display. Barry is a well-known collector and exhibits valuable assemblies and state-of-the-art antiques in the reality series Storage Wars. He also enjoys collecting vintage cars and his collection includes valuable Custom Cowboys from 1947, Cadillacs, Beatniks from 1955, and Custom Hot Rods. 

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To this day, people wonder about Barry’s life before his breakthrough on the show. Before his fame, Barry worked in wholesale with his brother for 25 years. Barry Weiss was a famous reality star, but after he retired from the public eye the show fans will always remember him.    

After collecting a considerable amount of money, Barry left the wholesale business to explore exotic locations around the world. Before storage War Star he used to run a family business Northern Products with his brother Joe Weiss, which was involved in the import and export of fruit and vegetables. Northern produce was founded about 25 years ago by his brother and grandfather as an import and export company for fruit and vegetables and was a very successful business until they had to sell it.    

His character was loved by fans, but they were disappointed when he quit after four seasons. He said the whole experience was fun, but he wanted to leave before his character became too popular. He has also appeared in Beverly Hills Garage and The Bruce Meyer Project.    

Since the age of 15 he has been collecting antiques, a passion that has continued throughout his life. His nickname as a collector stems from his love of collecting antiques, which he has cultivated since he was 15.    

He has a deep knowledge of the hunt for storage units, which made him a big part of Storage Wars, a reality TV show. He is considered the eye of the team because he can see things of great value. As part of the show, Ivy and Calvin own an antique store called Grandmas Attic, which is made for their dedicated customers.    

barry weiss net worth rich rowZephyr
barry weiss net worth- Zephyr (may not be same car)

Barry Weiss Net Worth- Beginning

Barry Weiss has been one of the most popular characters in the reality television show Storage Wars for several years, which aired on December 1, 2010, American businessman and antique collector Barry Weiss. Armed with a flamboyant personality, larger-than-life characters, and underhand tactics, Barry became the show’s poster boy, with a number of buyers bidding for antiques. Fans’ favorite collectors on the TV show made competitive bids for antique items, prompting many viewers to question how they made their money in the first place.    

Barry Weiss is an American reality – television – a star who is known for his appearance on the hit A – E – series Storage Wars, the Professional Treasure – Hunter. Barry Weiss, who has been an antique collector since he was 15, appeared as one of the show’s main buyers for four seasons. Barry Weiss, antique collector, and professional treasure hunter is best known for his appearances on the Real TV Show Storage Wars, which premiered in 2010. Barry is perhaps best known as the man who starred in the hit reality series Storage Wars.    

Actor Barry Weiss net worth is $10m. Barry Weiss rose to fame as a top personality on the series Storage Wars, which he appeared on from 2010 to 2013. Barry Weiss has worked in the Hollywood film industry for a long time and has realized a number of successful projects in his career.    

Barry Weiss Net Worth- Collections

Barry is said to have a big car collection worth hundreds of dollars. The 1947 Custom Cowboy Cadillac is one of the collections that he often used on the TV show. , which seen frequently on “Storage Wars.” He also has other cars such as Lincoln Zephyr, COE truck, Ducati Diavel and Beatnik Glass Top car and Jaguar XJ8 and more than 10 cars . Here is how car dealers make millions .  

Barry Weiss also has a classic $1.8 million 4 bed room mansion Beverly Hills’ in side exclusive Laughlin Park neighborhood. Barry Weiss Net Worth in real estate is estimated to be $18m.

Barry was a husler who had a focused goal that is to collect antiques and hold them as much as he can. He used his income to go around of the world, and also learn the business side.

He used the reality TV show , storage wars to expand his image and he successfully built his brand. WIth the show being aird in Europe, UK , Scandvena and India and turkey, he got fame in the process.

Our main character likes unique items and collects interesting cars. The report adds that the actor once owned a Jaguar XJ8 and had up to ten cars in his collection, but now he has none. At the end of the entire screen show, the person who bought the item profited and lost money. 

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White has an impressive collection of cars that are part of his list of assets. He loves classic cars and has several of them in his collection.    

Barry Weiss Net Worth – TV

It is estimated that Weiss amassed most of his wealth prior to his reality TV fame through his four seasons on the collector’s show Storage Wars. Thom Beer, the show’s executive producer, said White was his inspiration for the show. Beer is a friend of White, and Beer’s curiosity about White explains that he is a treasure hunter who points to abandoned lockers and always looks around.    

Barry was interested in making bids to acquire the Storage Wars antics, and so the company was formed. Weiss starred in many popular series such as Storage Wars and a spin-off series called Barryd Treasures. His participation influenced his longtime friend, producer Thom Beer.    

Meanwhile, Thom Beer earned more than the rest of the show’s contestants, with an annual salary of $1.5 million. His numerous other projects, such as Storage Wars, ensured that he had a considerable fortune and succeeded the other actors.    

He also invested in the production business and helped his brother. Barry Weiss, a man in his sixties, seems to have taken no steps forward when it comes to distinguishing himself, apart from his efforts to collect antiquities.    

Barry Weiss Net Worth (A Focused antique Hustler with $10m)
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How did Barry Weiss get rich?

Barry began business with this brother. Before the TV show storage wars, he was working on the business for 25 years. He was able to accumulate capital for long, and he was able to retire early. HIs life is a bit luarious, some say, for a retiree. However, Barry wasn’t slowing down. The TV program made him more money as well.

Does Barry Weiss have a wife?

Barry Weiss is not married at this time. He has two children, Jack and Julie. His godson Jasse james, who himself is a TV star is also associated with Barry.

What happened with Barry from Storage Wars?

Barry Weiss from storage war is a car enthusiast. No wonder he had anaccident with one. News papers reported that Barry was crashed in to a car in LA. The car pulled out of the parking lot without looking back and Barry on a motor cycle slammed in to it. He escaped with internal injuries and broken bones. He was admitted in ICU. He is better now.

Finally, on Barry Weiss Net Worth

$10 Million

Barry Weiss is a professional storage-treasure hunter who has turned an American reality television star and. He was able to accumulate a worth of $10 million from his 25 years of treasure hunting in storage sales.

He became famous after the TV show aired between 2010 and 2013. On the show Barry had a different character than the rest of the war groups. Infact, he didn’t want a storage unit that didn’t have classic and antique elements in side it. Whne everyone was fighting on expensive looking storages, Barrry chooses to stand aside and look. He called him self a collector.

He was later given his show called “Barry’d Treasure” in 2014 that he left for the storage wars for a new season “Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back”, in 2015.

Barry is not a one night success TV star or a collector for that matter. He spent years working on his whole sale produce business which he later quit to pursue a collection and treasure hunting business. He made enough money and retired early and traveled around the world.

After years of exotic travel, he came back to the US, and launched his antique business. The new business paid off and is estimated to be millions of dollars worth.

Lessons on Barry Weiss Net Worth

  • Focus is Key. Focus on what you are doing and insist until it pays off.
  • Learn to get a break when necessary.
  • Barry Weiss Net Worth is better with family. He is divorced but he kept his family close. Family is key.
  • Fame and fortune shouldn’t change you. Have a vision. He owns cars and antique objects. He even got many of these antiques on the show. But most of these he kept for himself.
  • More than the Barry Weiss Net Worth, he is likable- On the show, even with small number of appearance , Weiss managed to get love from viewers. His laid back attitude has made him more followers.

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