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    41 Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Grow


    What is digital marketing, what digital marketing tools should I use, and more of such questions increased in the last few years? As the opportunity and tools to market on line became immense, do does the confusion. If you don’t know how to use these digital marketing tools, they become a point of failure, and not a benefit.

    In this course I will teach you what is digital marketing, and how to use digital marketing tools to maximize your traffic, get influence, build a brand online, and get more customers.

    The different areas of marketing include email marketing, display advertising marketing, social media marketing, motion graphics marketing, content marketing, and even affiliate marketing and SEO programs. In all these areas, you will need a long term plan that you need to benefit to get maximum return.

    Not only that you need to be able to choose the best digital marketing tools, rather than spreading thinly on all. We will learn how to choose the best digital marketing tools for our specific project. So, what are the basic principles of choosing the best digital marketing tools?

    We need tools that have good resources and user ratings. There are thousands of them in the market, some cheaper. But we need the ones that are tested and chosen by customers. Then we need to try for free. We won’t buy them unless we test them work.

    In addition to their track record, their ease of use, and their adaptability is also a point of choice.

    1.    Digital Marketing Tools: Content Design tools

    Creating digital content has become easier. You no longer have to design, find images, find fonts by your self. Once you have the concept, you only have to look at digital marketing tools that help you create good Ads and content.

    Digital marketing tools to design your content:

    Creating content is necessary for many bloggers and business owners. In the past, you needed a content creator and you need to pay thousands to hire one. This is was a burden on many beginner or newbie business owners.

    Today, you only need a few tools and platforms where you need to find resources and use them for your business. Or you need to hire a temporary designer for a cheap price. Some platforms even, let you compete with different designers and chose one. Here are a few content designing platforms where you can use for free or for a small price.

    canva, digital marketing tools -

    Canva is a top resource to create content on the internet. Canva has lots of already made graphic content, where you need to drag and drop and launch.

    Adobe spark is a free platform where you ‘transform your ideas into stunning visual stories’. Adobe spark is owned by Adobe, a large graphics tool company, and it has thousands of graphics, and videos that you can use, manipulate to create your content.

    The free version is limited, and you need to upgrade to remove the adobe spark logo at the bottom of the content design.

    Adobe Photoshop– is an image editing software where you will need to design and create content.

    Adobe premiere– helps you create videos.

    Digital marketing tools for content curation:

    Content curation tools will help you collect, organize, and save content. This is very important to find inspiration for your content.

    Pocket is a content saving tool. Pocket lets you save any video or text content that you find on the internet. You can save it at the same place for later use.

    Google Alert- is a way to get top posts in a certain keyword. Once you signup on google alert, you will need to enter a certain keyword such as diet, or weight loss, based on your website topic.

    Then, every time there is top news, Google will alert you.

    Feedly is another news alert tool. Similar to google alert, you will get top posts and news tools. This is a good tool to discover top content.

    #digital marketing tools: Content Design tools

    2.    Digital Marketing Tools: SEO Tools

    After a few searches on the internet, I found out that there is no much information on digital marketing tools for SEO.

    SEO is one of the top methods of getting organic traffic.

    Google search autosuggestion– This is a great tool to find out what people are looking for. this is the autosuggestion that google gives you when you start to type in the search box. These keywords could be a beginning for further keyword research.

    Google related- this is what you find at the bottom of google search results. This is important because you will easily know what people are looking for, even though you don’t have keyword research data. You can easily answer these questions or search queries.

    Ask the public– is another tool that works similar to google’s autosuggestion but in a better way. Here one you enter your keyword, you will get, autosuggestion, google related keywords, questions for the keyword, and more.

    Ubersugest is owned by Neil Patel’s blog. This is a good platform where you can follow your website data, and even backlink and keywords you are ranking for. You can also find keywords in a certain geographic area. It is also free for a limited number of searches. I recommend this tool, especially if you are a beginner.

    SEO plugins– Yoast SEO, Rankmath, All in One SEO are top SEO plugins for WordPress. This is necessary plugins, especially if you are planning to grow organically. These tools help you to rank well and give you data on how well you are ranking.

    MOZ SEO– this is all in one SEO. This is a paid service that is designed to help websites find keywords, and rank for it. Unless you are a long time blogger with a track record, this may be expensive for you. MOZ price starts at 100 $ a month.

    After researching SEO tools above, you may also need tools that will help you spy on competitors and understand the whole competition in your niche. If you are serious bloggers, you need the following digital marketing tools.

    Ahref is a well-known platform. You can use Ahref to understand competitor’s data as well. Ou can also research the backlinks of your website and other basic website data. 

    Semrush– helps you understand the competitor’s data, and keywords they are ranking for. It also shows you the backlink and analytics of your website.

    Buzzsumo is a great platform to find content that performs best and even top influencers. You will get top shared content in the past day or the past week or even year. You can repurpose such content for maximum traffic.


    #digital marketing tools: SEO tools

    3.    Digital Marketing Tools: Email Marketing

    Email marketing is another part of digital marketing tools. Email marketing is one of the top ways to make money online. Besides this, you need the email of your readers, for future use. This is what makes email marketing better than social media marketing because you own your future. In social media, the algorithm or the platform itself could change or go out of the market at any time.

    To choose email marketing tools, you need to have a few criteria in mind.

    1. Ease of use– in this time where every they thing is begging for your attention, you need easy to use tools.
    2. The size of your email list matters- some tools allow you to use for free until you reach a certain number of email subscribers. Others are good for small email list only.
    3. Integration with your website. Does it work well with the WordPress website or any other platform you are using?
    4. Does it work to gather with other lead generation tools? Sometimes you may need additional services, and some tools are standalone and don’t work together with others.
    5. Future use– will the tool be around when your email list grows to thousands?
    6. Data– do they provide analytics and timely reporting to your email?

    What are the top email marketing tools?

    Hubspot– this is one of the top email marketing platforms that we have seen grow fast. Hubspot has everything that you need in email marketing. The free version does not include email marketing, but only forms, email curation, and more.

    You pay to depend on your email list size. If you have the budget, this is a good email digital marketing tool.

    Aweber– is much known among bloggers, especially WordPress bloggers. It is easy to use on WordPress and other CMS platforms. They have email newsletter service, email automation, autoresponder tools. This is also easy to use, and even easy to purchase.

    Mailchimp is another minimal email marketing platform. Mailchimp is free for the first 2000 contacts. This makes it beginner-friendly. Mailchimp is a very minimal type of platform, even though many people find it complicated to use.

    Mailchimp price: Mailchimp starts at 10 dollars for up to 50k emails.

    Getresponse is also another Aweber alternative tool. It is also all in one type of online marking platform.

    Get response starts at 15 dollars per month.

    Convertkit is also an alternative to get a response and Aweber. It helps you create good email campaigns, and has beautiful forms and shows you detailed data. Convertkit is amazingly a free platform for the first 1000 subscribers. You pay 29 dollars per month afterward.

    #digital marketing tools: Email marketing tools

    4.    Digital Marketing Tools: Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing tools are one of the most known and used in the market. There are thousands of businesses that are manipulating social media to connect with potential customers.

    Thes tools are not made equal when you consider that for your business. Frankly, no law says you should be on all of these platforms. Some influencers like Gary Vaynerchuck, advise being on all of these platforms, to dominate them and such.

    It is impossible to do for one person. You cannot be all over the place, and not expect to waste a whole lot of time trying to please every follower. You need content, you need research, you need videos, and if you don’t have employees that are working for you, then it is not advisable. Not only that, but the amount of money you need to reach a large audience is also big.

    The basic principle of being on social media is finding customers and attracting traffic. It is all about relationships. If your content looks advertisement, then you will lose many followers. People are tired of spammy messages, that are trying to sell them something, on every page.

    The most known platforms out there include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, youtube. And more. I would advise you to choose 1 or 2 platforms and dominate them. How do you choose these platforms?

    To choose your social media platforms, ask the following questions.

    1. What is your niche? This is important. Instagram is probably better for the fashion business than Facebook. Pinterest has better traffic power than many of these social media out there. Reddit is good for traffic, especially if you have trending topics. Facebook is good for groups.
    2. What is your goal? What do you want to achieve? Long term followers of fast traffic to sell something? To showcase your products?s
    3. Does it help me share content to more people? Does it have a share feature?

    Promoting on social media

    Content promotion is necessary to step into any business. You necessarily don’t have to advertise, but if you need social media could help you reach large traffic.

    The Facebook promotion helps you to advertise with various filters

    1. Geography- You can choose people in a certain area, even in a certain city or village.
    2. Demography- age, gender, and more. For example, if you are a women fashion brank, you can choose when, age 18-35, and who have bought a cloth online in the last 30 days.
    3. Goal- this is also a good promotion filter. You can choose your goal: get a click through to your website or store, or get followers, or get signups, and more.

    Digital Marketing Tools: Social Media Automation Tools

    There are asocial media digital marketing tools that will help you minimize your efforts.

    SproutSocial– is one of the top social media digital marketing tools out there in the market. This tool helps you schedule posts, monitor keywords, follow top posts, URL tracking, and more. This has all the features that the next tools we will see. However, this an expensive tool. The beginning price is somewhere 100 dollars. If you have a large number of followers., and you have already established with income, then you can afford this easily. If not stick to the next tools.

    Hootsuite– This is a good platform that will help you manage your social media. Once established, and have several followers on various social media platforms, you need to use these tools.

    In Hootsuite basic account you can use 10 networks and schedule your posts. At the scheduled time, the tool will post to all of these social media platforms, at once, without you doing it manually.

    Buffer– is another tool that has similar features like Hootsuite. Buffer has a free plan that you can use to schedule up to 10 posts in 3 social media platforms a month.  If you are posting once every 3 days, this is a good option for you.

    If you need a posting schedule, then, you need to purchase another option, that is half of the Hootsuite offers.

    #digital marketing tools: social media marketing tools

    Digital Marketing Tools: Digital Advertising

    This is another digital advertising methods. Digital advertising is a way to reach many customers through display Ads, on websites, videos, and even search engines.

    Several tools are easy to use.

    Google AD– Be able to find keywords that have a good volume of search, but low competition. Even on high competition keywords, you will need to bid to get priority to be on top of search results.

    Yahoo(Bing) AD– This also has a powerful tool to advertise on Bing results. this s good since the competition is lesser than Google, therefore it is cheaper.

    Oath by Verizon– this is for large websites and businesses. These are relatively expensive for beginners. However, their advertising platform is effective, as they work with other platforms as well. is owned by Yahoo and is one of the places where many advertisers are trying to get traffic from.

    Inmobi focuses on mobile advertising.

    Google AD– This is Google’s platform for advertisers. Once you signup for the platform, you will There are tools that you need to use with your advertising platforms. These tools will help you find good keywords that you can easily and cheaply rank for. These are

    Spyfu– this is a way to spy on other advertisers in your niche. And you can place your self accordingly. Spyfu helps you understand what the market is trying to rank for.

    Semrush is a great tool to understand your backlinks, keyword you are ranking for, and other website rankings for.

    Ahref is another digital marketing tool that you need to try.

    #digital marketing tools: Digital advertizing tools

    Digital Marketing Tools: Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is also part of your online endeavors. You need a digital marketing tool or platform that can take care of your product, put it online, and promote it for you. With this, you know your product is in safe hands.

    There are a lot of platforms where you can shelf your products for other websites to make and market it for you. As you may know, affiliate marketing is a process of earning a commission by marketing and selling other’s products.

    Here are the top affiliate marketing tools you can use today.

    Clickbank is a known affiliate marketing platform. It is a CPA platform where you will surely get a lot of sales. Clickbank is usually recommended for digital products, where you only need to download, therefore no shipping media. Many marketers on Clickbank are looking for an easy sale, therefore, no hassle of selling physical products, that include a long time to ship and a long time to know returns. If you are selling digital products, try to click the bank.

    CJ affiliate is another platform where you will find both shippable products, and digital products. CJ also has several service listings as well.

    Rakuten is a Japanese owned platform that is similar to Clickbank. They brand themselves as quality products only platform. Here you only find a few products that you find on ClickBank and CJ. They are very selective. If you believe you have a high-quality product, Rakuten is the place to be.

    #digital marketing tools: Affiliate marketing tools

    Finally, Digital Marketing Tools,

    These are the top digital marketing tools that we are using across our platforms. The tools I listed here, are not a must to use, but they sure make you a lot of progress in your blogging, eCommerce, or even other online endeavors.

    It is hard to use all of these. I understand It is also not finally possible to use all these. I advise you to research more on each tool and compare and choose one that fits your needs.

    Here are the few I advise you to use.

    1. Google AdWords and ubersuggest are free and have great keyword solutions. If you can pay, I advise you to use Semrush for your website data and buzz sumo to study top posts in the market.
    2. For your email, marketing uses Aweber, or convert it or get a response. Use HubSpot, if you cannot decide.
    3. WordPress plugins, you need only one. I use rank math. I used to use Yoast SEO. Yoast was a lot of work. All three have great results.
    4. For content use Canva. It is one of the best in the market.
    5. Social media tools: use Pinterest in whatever niche you are. If you are in visual niche use Instagram, and if you are in content niche use Reddit and Quora.
    6. Use buffer for content schedule.

    There are many digital marketing tools on the market. All of these have good features that will help your website to grow. If you have difficulty choosing your digital marketing tools, then contact us in the about page. We will help you for free! (only if you have already done your assignment)

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