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Top 5 Ways on How do I Make Money From Blogging


How do I Make Money From Blogging? You are probably asking this question to start a blog or you are already established.

Money is an issue for many bloggers to start. And that is right. You need to be rewarded for your solution.

When should you start to worry about money?

When I share about How do I Make Money From Blogging, you need to keep in mind that with low traffic, you probably won’t make much. Especially, when you start a new blog, making money is just a dream.

It takes a while, probably 6 more months to see a few hundreds of page views. Even then, you don’t make much.

This also depends on the niche you chose. The most competitive niches have a lot of traffic, and you may see much more traffic even with less marketing effort.

But this doesn’t mean you need to throw ads in your website from the beginning. I would advise you to see your traffic first. How many people are on your website? If the CPM click per impression if a dollar for 1000 impressions, and if your’s is only 200 per month, you will be wasting time with these ADS.

This only benefits you if you have 1,000,000 impressions in which case you will earn up to 1000 dollars from it. You will triple it with clicks.

Therefore, this article on How do I Make Money From Blogging, should be an inspiration if you are starting. If you have good traffic use this manual well.

huffpost ads how to make money from blogging
huffpost ads: how do make money from blogging

1- How do I Make Money from Blogging: Advertisements

Ads are basic for how do I make money from blogging. Ads such as Adsense and are Ads for beginners who have less traffic.

Ads are an additional way to make money on your blog. It takes no effort, you just need to put a code on your website and they run themselves. They pay you with impressions, means for each Ad on your page that a single visitor sees, you get money.

These don’t pay a lot but are a good place to begin your income on your website or blog. In reality, you probably will not make much with a traffic of 1000 or less per month on your blog.

Many bloggers make a few cents to a few dollars per day from Ads. If you are a beginner, don’t expect much from Ads.

This is not the only cons of Ads. People hate Ads. Sometimes they may leave your blog if you overdo it. They are not appealing and doesn’t go with your blog.

Ad Networks

Amazingly the internet is not short of ad networks to make money online. These networks differ based on payment per impression, joining requirements, ad types, and more.

They all have one thing in common, you get money per click and per impression. PPC is the payment per click, and cost differs per keyword. Some keywords such as law and insurance make a lot per click.

CPM is cost per impression. This is a cost per 1000 impressions.

How Do I Make Money From Blogging Ads? What are these ad networks?

1- Adsense is the most known ad network, owned by Google. Once approved, Adsense is easy to use. It is also easy to join. You need to apply to Adsense once you have a few traffic and few contents on your blog. You may not get approved on the first application. But you need to work on your blog and reapply again.

Many people hate AdSense for its one strike you are out type philosophy. Many top bloggers have lost their money and their AdSense ads due to unknown sins that google thinks they committed.

Then, before applying to Adsense, make sure that you have real genuine followers and good content. In addition, make sure not to click your ads, and not to overuse them as well.

Adsense will not make you rich even if you have millions of followers. Depending on your niche, you could make from a few dollars per month to thousands of dollars per month from Adsense. Websites like huffpost make thousands from Adsense. ads How do I Make Money From Blogging is an Adsense alternative. Just like Adsense MediaNet pays per impression and per click. The only difference they have is that unlike Adsense, uses contextual ads. This means the ads on are displayed only if they relate to your content. For example, if your article is about a wedding cake, only ads related to weddings and cakes will be displayed.

This is good and bad. The good part is that since the ads are related they get more clicks. And the bad part is you may lose money due to unrelated articles to the ad.

Use with AdSense. Medianet is a text-based ad, and Adsense has image-based ads. They work together well.

3-Ad thrive. This is where you need to grow to. AdThrive only accepts your application once you have a few thousands of page views.

AdThrive CPC and CPM are also much higher than both Adsense and

Once you get more traffic, you need to leave these networds and work on adthrive.

The Principles with Ads

The principles with Ads to make more money

  • put Ads on top. Many readers leave your post to before getting to the half of the page
  • Limit your ads to 3 per page- Many Ads don’t allow more than 3 per page. Not only that more Ads on a single page is surely a Spam
  • Which type of ads work best differs from network to network However, bigger ads usually get more clicks. Use banner ads on the header, another smaller on top of your post and one square ad on the sidebar
  • Readers have adblocker on their website. if your ads are not displayed and blocked, you won’t get paid. Therefore, you need to install adblocker notification plugins to notify readers to disable the extension to continue reading.

2- How do I Make Money from Blogging With Ads

How to Add your Ad to your website and how do I make money from blogging?

Adding ads to your website is easy. Sign in to your ad network> create Ads that you like> select code and paste it to your website.

First, you need to add ads insert plugins on your website. These plugins will help you add ads from any network. You can easily manage ads from the same place.

Recently, has come up with its own ads manager plugin on WordPress. Then, it is better to check it out. You can easily create ads and display them from there. They also provided a place to add ads from other networks.

#How do I Make Money From Blogging: display Ads

rakuten marketing -
rakuten affiliate platform- how do I make money from blogging

How Do I Make Money from Blogging: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is simply a commission work for selling other’s products. What does this mean? How do I make money from blogging in affiliate marketing?

Every time you sell other’s products, you will get a commission as much as 80 percent and more. Why? Because the product owners make money for free, and you are advertising their products.

Imagine a product that has a thousand affiliate marketers. For 200 dollars per product, if the affiliates sell one every month, the owner makes a lot of money. If they get 50 percent, then they will get 100k every month without much work.

On the other hand, amazon affiliate pays less. You get less than 10 percent on many products, and unfortunately, most of the products are low priced. Unless you have a lot of sales, you won’t benefit much.

Almost all Affiliate marketing products have three things in common: cookies period and affiliate link.

Cookies are like browser history. If the affiliate gives you a 30 day cookie period, then anyone who searches a product through your affiliate link and buys in 30 days, you will get paid.

This is important because if the time period passes, and if they purchase the product you won’t get paid. If they clear their history, you probably won’t get paid.

Second, as an affiliate, you will get a unique URL or banner that includes your id. In order to make money, you only need to use that link.

Affiliate marketing is the best option, even better than creating your won course because you have low hassle. Once you send traffic to the affiliate link, the rest is not your work. The product owners work to sell the product.

In fact, creating your product is risky and costly. The risk is that no matter how sure you are that the product sells, you have not to guarantee.

You may lose time and money in the process. Creating and running your own products is also costly and time taking.

Affiliate marketing is the best option for beginners on how do I make money from blogging.

The only downside you have with affiliate marketing is that you have no control over the background of the products. You are only a salesperson. The commission is fixed and determined by someone else.

Of course, the money is much less than creating your own products.

What are top Affiliate Marketing Platforms?

Click Bank, CJ, Rakuten, amazon associates are the top platforms. Besides this, You can search ‘your niche + affiliate’ to find top affiliates in your niche.

What is clickbank.

Clickbank is a platform for product creators and digital markerts. The product creators are product owners who post their products on the platform so that digital markers could sell it for them for a percentage share.

Where do you start to make money on click bank?

If you are planning to create and sell your product on click bank, then this is the best course for you.

As a marketer, start by registering on click bank. Be sure not to forget your username.

4 things to know on clickbank

1-Gravity– gravity is how many of the specific product is sold. Gravity less than 5 is not selling well, and above 60 is very competitive.

2-Initial sale- is the first payment you would get for selling the product you promote

3- avg $/sale is the average payment you possibly could get from selling the product you promote.

4-avg rebill total is the amount of payment you would get form second sale of the product you promote

How to identify best product to promote

1-Gravity is the main indicator of top sales. Less than five gravity is not selling that much. More than 60 is too competitive to sell. This means there are many marketers like you who are selling the same product. Do not compete with them especially if you are starting out. Stay between gravity 5-60.

2- Products or niches that you want to market should solve urgent problems. This means the buyer should be in quick need of the solution. Here are bestselling niche markets.

3- Avoid products on ClickBank that have no resources page. You cannot or should not write everything to advertise the product. That is the beauty of marketing click bank products. The owners already provide you emails that you can copy and send to your readers or articles that you can copy and paste on your block of the Ad page.

click bank

The process of selecting products to promote on clickbank

  1. Set the gravity from 5-60
  2. Select a category that you interest you.
  3. Set the products based on gravity
  4. Click on the products and see their resources page
  5. Generate affiliate link and make sure your username is included in the link, without his username included; you are just promoting a link for no payment for you. The robots only know that it is you who is promoting a product by seeing your username inside the product link
  6. Paste the affiliate link into search engines to see if they work
  7. Paste the link into your blog, email, or ad platform.

ClickBank- The Fastest Way to Attract Buyers.

You already have selected your product on ClickBank to promote. You post the link on your blog or another platform. Now what? Where are the buyers? This process could have been easier if this was 10 years ago. Now everything is different. It takes months to get attention from search engines.

Therefore, it is a great tip to advertise your page on search engines or social media. Especially social media is underrated advertisement platform. Especially you could get attention for a few cents or dollars. This works based on PPC( pay per click).

Some advertisement platforms such as Google AdWords are a bit expensive. Instead, use platforms such as Bing and yahoo advertisement if you are low on the budget.

2- SEO (search engine optimization) many people are using SEO as a freeway of ranking for a keyword. SEO is a great way to get attention from search engines free. Learn good keywords and rank for them see SEO 101 for in-depth tutorials.

3- Email marketing– this could be the hardest of all of the processes. You need to collect email addresses of readers who potentially buy. Give free pdf and ask people to sign up to download the pdf. Alternatively, ask people to join your newsletter. Use that email and send them a daily tutorial without spamming their inbox. Include the link in the letter you send.

How to Start With Affiliate Marketing?

1- First, register on a certain affiliate platform. Then, you will get a unique URL of a product you selected.

2-Take the link and add it in your blog post. For example, if you are writing about a coffee maker, you can create a post ’10 top coffee makers in the market’ type post. And instead of a direct link to the products’ page, you add affiliate links.

How to Maximize Affiliate marketing

Here are the points to watch out for to get maximum from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing and the Law

This something we learned the easy way. But this is also very important. There are various rules out there, and they change every time.

But every time you sell something, you need to disclose that you are using an affiliate link on your website. Amazon, for example, demands that you disclose the name ‘amazon’ as well.

Therefore, you need to say, ‘this post may include affiliate links’ on the top of your post or your website.

You also need to take no responsibility for the affiliate products you promote. Include terms such as, ‘we are not responsible for the results…’ type of disclaimer. Therefore, the user will purchase and use the product with full responsibility.

Don’t manipulate links.

Don’t mislead people to buy your product

Don’t promote products that you don’t know about. I will not tell you to buy it as others do. Because if you know it works, and if others are rating it high, why would you buy a product that you don’t need?

But study the product inside out. Read comments, and customer ratings. Read the affiliate landing page and resources page. If you are not sure, then buy the product and test it your self before promoting it. This will save you from losing a buyer. Once buyers hate the product you promoted, then you will lose them for life. Believe me, there are bad products out there.

Use click funnels to make sales. Links usually don’t convert.

4- How Do I Make Money from Blogging: Sponsored Posts

What are sponsored posts? And How to make money from blogging with sponsored posts.

Amazingly, many marketers and product owners are looking for websites that can write a post about them or websites that can give them space to post their product articles.

This requires you to have a certain amount of traffic for them to get an advantage of your website.

So, Do you have to accept sponsored posts?

Of course, yes. What matters most is the relevance of the product to your website content.

How to make money blogging and sponsored posts?

You will be paid per article. You revise their product or write something that they require, and once posted, you get paid.

Are they worth it? Probably not at the beginning. You may need to focus on other parts of your blog. At the same time, if the money is useful for you next more, why not? take it and run.

How to Start with Sponsored posts.

Marketers and product owners may ask you for the number of social media followers and email list.

Not only that they need engagement rate on your website.

Not only that you need to go out and contact them your self.

If you still care about sponsored posts, and if you fulfill their requirements, next continue working on the post. Write an honest article.

Make sure every link is no-follow so that no one would take advantage of you for SEO purposes only. And write only related Sponsered posts that are related to your audience.

How Do I Make Money from Blogging: Sell Your Product

When you are established and create a known brand for your few audiences, create your product. This is probably the best way to make a lot of money.

Setting a price is upto you.

You can set it to a thousand dollars or a hundred dollars. You can also scale it easily. Especially if you have affiliates promoting and selling it for you, you will make more money.

Before creating your own product make sure that you have an email list. And you need to continuously communicate with your audience.

Don’t sell something only to make money. Be useful.

Conclsion: How Do I Make Money from Blogging

How Do I Make Money from Blogging? I get this question often. As I discussed above only go for the money after you planted the seed. don’t put the cart before the horse.

Follow the steps and you will get there. First, make your website useful for your users. Then build your email list. Only if you have appropriate traffic, you need to start with ADs.

We have discussed basic ways to make money from blogs.

  • How do I Make Money from Blogging: Advertisements
  • How do I Make Money from Blogging With Ads
  • How Do I Make Money from Blogging: Affiliate Marketing
  • How Do I Make Money from Blogging: Sponsored Posts
  • How Do I Make Money from Blogging: Sell Your Product

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