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How to Make Money on Etsy


Etsy is an e-commerce company located in the United States that offers handmade or antique pieces as well as art supplies. Jewelry, bags, clothing, home décor and furniture, toys, art, and craft supplies and equipment are only a few of the categories in which these items can be found. Objects must be at least 20 years old to be deemed antique. For a fee of US $0.20 per piece, the platform continues in the tradition of open craft fairs, providing vendors with personal storefronts where they can list their wares. The real question is how to make money on Etsy.

Etsy had over 60 million products in its marketplace as of December 31, 2018, and the online marketplace for handmade and antique goods had 2.1 million sellers and 39.4 million customers. Etsy had 874 staff at the end of 2018. Etsy produced $3.93 billion in net revenue, or Gross Merchandise Sales (GMS), in 2018.

Etsy had a turnover of US $603.7 million and a net income of US $41.25 million last year. Etsy’s Marketplace revenue comes from a charge of 5% of final selling value, which an Etsy seller pays for each completed transaction, on top of a listing fee of 20 cents per item; Seller Services, Etsy’s fastest-growing revenue source, includes fees for services such as “Promoted Listings,” payment processing, and the purchasing of shipping laboratories.

Etsy revealed in November 2016 that it had paid $32.5 million for Blackbird Technologies, a company that produced AI apps for shopping context/search applications.

how to make money on etsy
how to make money on etsy

How Much Work Does It Take to Run an Etsy Shop?

You can’t just post an item on Etsy and forget about it, unlike some other online e-commerce sites. Since your sales are generally based on how many people find your products, an Etsy shop needs attention and should be viewed as a side business. Search engine optimization is important, according to Etsy.

Consider this: if you’re selling beaded jewelry, you want your shop’s product to come up first in a quest for “beaded jewelry,” which means using keywords (like “beaded jewelry”) in your titles and keywords. In Etsy’s support center, you will learn more about how to make SEO work for you.

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What Can You Sell on Etsy?

You can’t just go on the web and sell whatever you want. Etsy specializes in crafts, handcrafted goods, and antique products such as personalized plates, quote prints, and plants. People also sell handmade jewelry, natural beauty products, holiday-themed decorations, and several other pieces.

Just keep in mind that selling alcohol, tobacco, or narcotics, as well as some animal products or human remains, hate objects, illegal items, violent items, or pornography, is prohibited on the web.

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how to make money on etsy account

How to Open Up Your Etsy Shop

It’s very easy to set up an Etsy shop and customize your website. This is where you’ll come up with a name for your business and a logo. It’s crucial to pay attention to the product details you have for your Etsy products, according to The Penny Hoarder, a personal finance website. The more precise your details are, the more likely it is that someone can identify your products.

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How Much Money can you Make on Etsy?

The amount of money you can make is entirely dependent on how good your shop is. Some people earn £20–£30 a month as a side hustle, while others earn enough to leave their day jobs and sell full-time on Etsy. Selling on Etsy is unlikely to make you a millionaire, but if you follow a few basic rules, you might easily make a nice little side income while studying, all while doing something you love.

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Make Sure Your Idea can be Profitable

It’s important to sell a product you care about if you want to make money selling products. But, before you jump in, double-check that it would sell. Using Etsy’s search bar, you can perform some fast market research. Make your question as precise as possible, and then click through to the various shop pages to see how many sales have been made since the shop opened.

#how to make money on etsy: test your ideas

how to make money in etsy
how to make money on etsy

If there appears to be ample interest in your product concept, you can proceed to the next step: ensuring that the product can produce sales for you.

How to Make Money on Etsy?

If you’re just starting on Etsy, you can have a lot of fun setting up your store. So go ahead and plan some time to envision how you want it to look and sound, as well as to study the specifics of your goods. You will see more sales if you are more deliberate about your product display and branding.

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To Make Money on Etsy, Follow These 3 Steps:

1. Take High-Quality Photos of Your Product.

Adding images to your product page is a good place to start. On Etsy, pictures are everything because that’s what people swipe through to determine what to buy. They even express the company’s personality. Etsy suggests sharing at least five pictures per item to keep shoppers entertained and give them a clear sense of what you’re selling.

Etsy has several suggestions and recommendations for what kinds of images to post:

  • a direct shot of your item against a clean, white backdrop in natural light;
  • a close-up shot that captures detail;
  • a shot of your product in use
  • an image that conveys the size of your object
  • a picture of your product in a holiday setting or with any holiday gift packaging you have.

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how to make money on etsy product
how to make money on etsy: product photography

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so make it count! It’s probably the most successful way for your buyers to comprehend what you’re offering. Dark, grainy pictures taken from a distance on a flip phone won’t do your product justice. However, in the right lighting, some of the new camera phones do an excellent job of taking high-quality pictures.

It’s also important to remember how you style your pictures. If you’re selling boot socks or antique jewelry, make sure the rest of your model’s outfit goes with it. Photograph your illustration in a Pinterest-perfect nursery if you’re selling handmade wooden signs to hang above a baby’s crib. After you’ve uploaded your pictures, you’ll need to fill out the rest of your listing’s information.

2. Write a Descriptive Product Copy.

The terms you use to describe your product are known as copy. This is where you enter all of your listing’s information. This is your chance to talk directly to the shopper and entice them to buy. Use terms that fit the feel of your brand identity in your listings to make them sound like you. Don’t just copy and paste what others have written on Etsy. Adding your distinctive personality to the listing will make you stand out.

how to make money on etsy
how to make money on etsy product description

Your Etsy listing will start making money for you once you write a simple and captivating copy of your product. Here’s how to go about it:

Write for The Buyers Who Take the Time to Read Everything

Many customers like to do their homework and read every detail about your product before making a purchase. So, if you want to sell to them, you’ll have to write down all of the relevant stuff. Try to paint such a straightforward image with your words that anyone will appreciate the product even though there were no images to accompany your listing.

Not only will your customer be able to make an educated decision if you include that information, but you’ll also save a lot of time answering individual questions.

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Use Short Paragraphs, Concise Sentences, and Lists

Even though you can be clear in your product listings, you don’t want them to be too long for the consumer to read, so keep it short. The specifics would be easier to see if you use lists in your summary.

#how to make money on etsy: make descriptions readable

Name Your Etsy Product Clear

Consider what your user would type into the search bar to boost the search results. You can get better results if you keep your copy basic.

#how to make money on etsy: make product name clear

3. Track Which Products Are Selling.

Don’t just leave your product sitting on your virtual shelf gathering dust after it’s been listed. In search results, Etsy prioritizes newer and modified items. When your product is first added to Etsy, when it is sold and automatically relisted, or when you manually relist it, it has the greatest chance of being in the first few pages of results. You’ll get more views if you appear higher in the search results, which means more sales!

You don’t want to renew your listing at the last minute. Etsy does consider which products are currently selling, so prepare ahead for the products you want to do well with. Before you relist an older listing, give it some love by updating the images or modifying the product copy.

Again, you won’t have to worry about manually renewing your famous products; if they’re selling, Etsy will relist them for you at no cost. Rather than concentrating on every single item in your store and wasting money to renew things that aren’t selling, concentrate on the ones that are. Consider making similar listings and goods in the future.

And having a clear product line in your Etsy shop would only help you make more money. This concept goes hand-in-hand with concentrating on the most famous goods and selling similar ones. You will make money on Etsy if you put in the effort to maintain high-quality listings with stunning images and convincing copy.

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