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    Top 7 Practical Ways How to Make Money Online For Beginners


    This how to make money online for beginner guide was written considering various niches, skills, and inclinations that many people that we know are entrepreneurs. This guide is extensive research and out pout of experiences as well.

    Use this how to make money online for beginner guide as a base for your further research. What you need to do is save a few of the ways to make money and see if you can work on them for the next few days.

    We called this ‘how to make money online for beginner’ only because we need to encourage complete beginners in this area, as these are the ones that raise such questions. But this is not only for beginners. Even if you are advanced in making money online, this guide will give you additional information and inspiration.

    At the end of this article, you will have an idea of how you can make money from different skills, for free. You will be able to register and start your job right away.

    Here are 7 ways to make money online.

    1- How to Make Money Online For Beginner: Blogging

    Blogging is still one of the best ways to make money online. But this is not a quick make money type place. If you are looking to make money in three months or even in a year, this may not work for you.

    Blogging takes a lot of time and a lot of effort, to even see a slightest of a positive outcome. You need to work on the base for long so that the rest of the building fits easily.

    1. If you are in blogging and if you are ok in doing the hard work to prepare it for later income, then the first step is to find a market that you need to write in.
    2. The top but competitive markets are dating health, and money niches. These are called evergreen niches since the need for products in these markets will stay for ages to come. These markets are very competitive and it is hard to get a place faster. However, the need is also high, and if you go deeper and find a specific audience, then it wouldn’t be that hard.
    3. Next, go deeper and find a specific niche, that has a clear goal and clear problem. Health is not a problem. Diabetes is. You still can go deeper than that- diabetes after age 50.
    4. Find a domain name. Use lean domain search, Bustaname or expired domains to find your domain name.
    5. Register your domain and get a hosting plan.
    6. Install WordPress. There are other options but we are focused on how to make money online, their fore let’s make things easier.
    7. Use an affordable theme and that has a long time value.
    8. Find keywords that people are looking for and Start writing. You may need long (up to 3000-word posts) and up to 50 posts in the next 3 months. This is where the hard work comes in. This is where the winners and the rest take a different path. This is also a test period to check if you are a writer or not.

    Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest

    • Publish.
    • Do some marketing, especially in social media.
    •  After 3 months, once you start seeing traffic, register for and AdSense. At the same time call companies to get sponsors where you put their Ads at the sidebar of your website.
    • After a while, start affiliate marketing.

    Are There Any Blogs Making Good Money?

    You can make from 5 dollars to 10k dollars per month in the next two years period from blogging. This is hard work but you can do that by consistency and getting traffic, and building your email list.

    These are a few of the top paid blogs in the world.

    1. Huffington post – 41 million per month-news niche
    2. MOZ-4 million per month- Search Engine Optimization works
    3. Copyblogger-2.8 million per month- content and online writing, SEO
    4. Tech Crunch-1.87 million per month- technology and new gadgets
    5. Perez Hilton-3.44 million per month- celebrity-related news

    How do bloggers make money

    There are various ways to make money on your blog

    1. Ads- Adsense and are few of the options, especially at the beginning. You can then grow to medicine and other Ads that need high traffic per month.
    2. Affiliate marketing- this is selling other products and getting commissions. This is also an interesting way to make money.
    3. Coaching- there will always be people who need advice and personal coaching. If you are writing on diets and weight loss, there are people whom you can help with personal followup and consultation.
    4. Sell your products. This is harder than selling affiliate products since you do all the work. At the same time, this is very profitable.

    Article writing

    Guest posting or article writing is one of the top needed job types online. If you have good writing skills, and especially if you are a native speaker of the English language, this could right job for you.

    # how to make money online for beginner- start blogging

    2- How to Make Money Online For Beginner: Coaching

    Counseling or coaching is a very lucrative job to make money online. To be a counselor, you don’t need a fancy degree in psychology or related field. What you need are inclination and some experience. People don’t need you to solve their problems. They need to vent out and people who listen to them.

    If you have an interest in the coaching page with pure intentions. You can not abuse people just to make money. Out there people are using people’s loss as their gain. There are hundreds of couples who take advantage of their clients just to make some extra money.

    What you need to join coaching or counseling online.

    1. A good listening skill
    2. A good rational mind where you won’t engage in clients problems but be able to guide them in their ventures
    3. Experienced and a degree is a plus

    Start here to start your online consulting business.

    # how to make money online for beginner- coach others

    3- How to Make Money Online For Beginner: Dropshipping

    Dropshipping is one of the known businesses that many people are doing this time. What makes dropshipping different is that you don’t need a product to start a business. You will not ship a product yourself, even after order.

    The process is simple. You list a cheap product from another country or eBay on your website. And when every someone orders that product, you contact the manufacture or the owner and you give them the shipping address.

    The manufacturer or the owner will send the product without including their marketing materials. (you may need to inform them beforehand not to include any advertisement) You may also need to ask the seller if they drop ship so that they know what you are doing.

    You can find cheap products from eBay or on auction sites. For example, a Chinese company may sell a product for 1 dollar including shipping. In the US that same product could be 10 dollars or more.

    If you don’t want to start a website, use eBay. Many drop shippers use Aliexpress to drop ship products ordered on eBay.

    If you are not in such a business, you can always buy on one platform and sell on another. You can bid on eBay to sell it back on amazon. You can buy in whole and sell individually.

    • How much can you make dropshipping:0-1000s of dollars

    # how to make money online for beginner- dropshipping

    4- How to Make Money Online For Beginner: Editing and proofreading

    This is another profitable job if you have good grammatical skills.Many people need editing and proofreading for their school work or office work.

    Editing and proofreading jobs pay per word. The price could be lesser than writing a new article, but considering the time it takes to complete the job, it is fair.

    You need quite place, computer skills and communication skills.

    Register on upwork and apply for jobs.

    • How much can you make – up to 50$ par job or more.

    # how to make money online for beginner- Editing and proofreading

    5- How to Make Money Online For Beginner: SEO

    SEO is a big job position in many article based companies. Online companies and even restaurants and cafes need SEO content. And they also want to check if their content is found on the internet easily.

    If you know SEO, you can contact companies with blogs and ask them if they need SEO services.

    The easiest way to start is on Upwork or Fiverr. Once you registered on these sites, find a job that fits your skillset. Limit your category and be good at it.

    You also may need previous experience and you may need to show your track records.

    •  How much can you make – depends on word count and client budget, 3$- 30”/ hr

    # how to make money online for beginner- SEO

    6- How to Make Money Online For Beginner: Fiverr and Upwork

    This is one of the many gig jobs out there. The services are different in how they work. On Fiverr, you post a single gig that requires a single skill set. One of your gigs could be ‘I edit wedding photo’ the next could be ‘I record and edit wedding videos’. Here the client revises your gig and will contact you and offer you a job.

    On the other hand on Upwork, you need to find jobs listed and apply. The job owner will revise your application and will hire the person they want.

    You can make from 1$- 2000$ per project. Some projects pay more while others pay less.

     # how to make money online for beginner- Fiverr and Upwork

    7- How to Make Money Online For Beginner: Teach on Udemy

    Thousands of courses are on Udemy at this moment. Hundreds of them are added this month. The platform is increasing its userbase from time to time.

    This is great news. You can use the already formed client base to start your teaching business.

    To start a teaching course on Udemy, you need a good knowledge of what you teach. If not negative comments and ratings will put you out of the market. Even though the course is cheap most of the time, students are harsh with their ratings.

    You also need to check if what you want to teach has students. You need to make some keyword research. If not, check if there are other courses on Udemy, and how many students they have.

    Then you need to create a course outline and record your self and your PowerPoint. You can avoid being on camera by just showing your screen.

    Include assignments with the lectures. The students will appreciate it.

    Once you finished recording, edit your videos and make them less than 5 minutes each. From experience, longer lessons are boring for many.

    Make sure your video is clear and the voice is clear as well.  Submit the videos and audio and supporting materials. Once approved, you will start seeing students coming in.

    How much can you make- 10- 200 dollars per course per student

    # how to make money online for beginner- Teach

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