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    How To Increase Blog Traffic: 8 Repeatable Steps to Reach Thousands


    After creating your website the next step is to ask how to increase blog traffic. That should be the main question in the lifetime of your blog because without you are chasing a hobby.

    Especially in the age where thousands of blogs are in a single category, your website has a very limited chance to Increase blog traffic.

    You are reading this because you need the traffic to your website. And many of the resources out there ask for a hefty amount of money to show you the secret.

    To understand what to do next, what you are expected to do is simply read, and follow along with your research implementing important tips listed here. The sooner you take action, the sooner the search engines start to rank your site, and the traffic sources start to send you traffic. Some of the tips bring you a fast increase blog traffic while others give you space where you would grow in to. In both cases the sooner you begin, the better it is for your blog.

    Here are top ways to increase blog traffic in a short time and in the long run.

    1- Increase Blog Traffic: Content is Everything

    Content is everything to increase blog traffic. If you don’t have useful content, why try to increase blog traffic in any way? That is not useful. All you do is annoy readers. Have you ever got websites with lots of traffic but once you are on the site you want to jump off screaming?

    Make your content should be so good, they cannot escape to share it.

    There are tools where you can find top shared blogs. Buzzsumo is a place where you will find top social media shared posts in a certain niche or keyword. Here once you build a sustainable blog, you need to steal content ideas for these top shared posts. See if there is something you can add that the post didn’t.

    Writing good content is good both for search engine optimization and for the users as well. Here are a few principles of good content.

    • Write long posts.

    The shortest should be 1300 and the longest could go up to 5000. That is a crazy number of words, but this is becoming the industry standard. Many studies show that the longer the post, the better the share. Some studies show there is no relation between post length and frequency and ranking.

    However, it is always good to understand that quality is much better than the number of words.

    • Use good images.

    Images increase sharability. Especially on social media where attention is scarce, posting without images is posting for no click.  People share amazing stuff. Use images that inspire or that invites click. This is the pain of your audience.

    For example, if you are in the weight loss pills niche, then use images that would influence them to click. The dream is being skinny. So the image could be a tiny woman taking a pill, before and after. Find free images at unsplash and pexels.

    2-  Increase Blog Traffic: Infographics

    Infographics is a simple image and text representation of a concept. A 3000-word post could be summarized in a short infographics image. Studies show people have a short attention span and you need to grab attention with varying text and images. If not your website bounce rate would increase rapidly.

    You can create your infographics on Canva Pro for a cheap registration price. Or you can outsource on Fiverr.

    Try Canva Pro Today

    3-  Increase Blog Traffic: Befriend bloggers in the Same Niche

    Bloggers in a similar niche are considered as enemies. I even got some people who consider other bloggers as their number one enemy. They hid and spy on their competitors. But they don’t agree to work with others.

    I even had one student who told me that he passed more than five opportunities of sponsorship requests that would have made him thousands of dollars for this simple reason.

    In blogging, everyone is in the same ocean but a different pool, and space. A current at one place would affect in another place.

    In the same manner, working with other bloggers would increase your brand awareness and would bring you traffic. This is another way of traffic exchange, without abusing the audience.

    Where Would You Find These Bloggers?

    • Everywhere.

    Unlike some years back, you can find hundreds of bloggers who have similar interests as you easily. What you need to do is to study their content, stratify, domain authority, and contact them with a simple message.

    Here pare places ou could find bloggers with similar interest, to increase blog traffic.

    • Feedspot

    I have grown to appreciate feedspot website for its effortless documentation of the top 100 bloggers in each niche possible. Here you will find the blog name, link, social data, and even posts per day of a specific blog.

    To find your desired blogs in any niche, go to google and search ‘top technology blogs feedspot’.

    Replace your desired niches in the underlined word.

    • Ubersuggest

    Another application by This is one of the best tools I use to find related websites and their respective data. You can also find websites ranking for a specific keyword. Even though this is easily found on google,  its approach to bringing important information in one place makes it a great resource.

    What you need to do is search using a certain keyword and see websites ranking for each

    related keywords.

    Recently, the website became premium and you have limited search options. Therefore, you need to know what you are looking for before starting searching. Download the keywords and websites you found with a CSV excel file.

    • Semrush

    Semrush is another place you need to look for to increase blog traffic. SEMrush gives you basic information on search volume and blog competitors. SEMrush is an important tool for future use. If you plan to buy the premium full data service, it is a good decision.  

    What To Do With The Blog To Increase Blog Traffic

    1. Be useful to get attention

    The next step is to find out websites that are compatible with yours and give them something for free. You can also discuss how to work together for a common good. A free guest post or designing their blog( if you are a designer) or other services that you see are lacking on their blog works well.  

    • Use good posts on your blog.

    You can link the content to your blog. If you link ‘follow’ that will be a backlink for them. And you create authority in the process. I know many bloggers who send a simple message to the websites mentioning that they linked their posts in theirs.

    And they ask them to review and share. This is a dangerous method as well as it could backfire on you. therefore, it is always wise to do this is with no ego. Most of the time you may not hear from them and that is good. If they read it, it is good for your brand.

    • Next, comment on these blogs.

    Be genuine here. Many blogs are working hard to get traffic through spamming a website with useless comments and unrelated links. This is destructive. Because unless the blogs are newbies they will not approve your comments. It is completely a waste of time. It is also very annoying.

    • Create a top x list.

    The first time I saw  ‘ The 100 Richest Internet Entrepreneurs’, I was surprised. Although I felt the website just listed the basic information without further explanation, I felt the research they put into making the post. The list was very much inspiring and took much time to read and re-read. Therefore, I had to save the post and read it over days.

    Such link posts have good traffic as they seem to expose a secret, as these are easy to read and comprehend. Many bloggers used to do this back in 2008 and after. They put a list of top bloggers and ask them to receive a badge, that is a code to post on their websites. With this method, they created a friendship and largely, a backlink.

    • Interview and podcast.

    A podcast is becoming a trend. These days it becomes hard to interview a top blogger. They probably don’t have the time or they don’t agree to do it because you are not that known.  However, you can begin from a small gesture.

    Recently, I had a project where I wanted to make a change in a certain field. And I wanted to interview known people and being inclusive of the issue. After a month of a trial to contact them, I noticed they are very busy that I have to get back after days or months, or they are very expensive to do.

    I was not sure what to do, so, I begin interviewing my friend. It was a simple one hour back and forth podcast. I shared it on social and he did it as well. and in days, the interview exploded. And hundreds of people listened to the whole interview.

    Yo don’t have to go big in your interviews. Begin by asking all of them to give you 30 minutes of their time. In return promise them something. If that does to work go down to the blogs with lower authority but the higher need for traffic and friendship.

    4-   Increase Blog Traffic: Guest Posting

    We have said something about guest posting, but this is worth exploring deeper. Amazingly many top blogs are looking for posts. Although the competition seems to decrease at the top, maintaining position is a hard work. Some websites publish 10 ore more articles per day. Other more than 20. Paying for all posts is hard work and sometimes they would miss good posts from other fellow bloggers.

    Therefore, top blogs are constantly looking for posts with good quality. If you have such a post, search on google ‘your niche + guest post’ or ‘your niche + write for us’. See the guidelines for each blog and choose a few of the blogs that are appropriate for your posts.

    The other way to find guest posting opportunities is to contact niches that are different from yours but are compatible with yours. For example, if you are in the law market, you can contact your potential client’s blogs, such as café blogs or tech blogs. With this, you can ask them to write for them from a law perspective. How to build legal café business.. type blog post.

    Although the guidelines differ from website to another, the general principle is

    1. Write longer posts, 3000 or more. Some blogs are looking for short posts.
    2. Be useful. Avoid clutter. Clear, comprehensive, and practical works best.
    3. Don’t overuse your links. Ask them if you need to link back to your other post in the post you need to submit.

    5-   Increase Blog Traffic: Get Social

    Social media such as Facebook were a good source of traffic. Facebook, for example, has millions of active users. The problem with Facebook today is it is becoming a place of chaos. You don’t find referrals from friends and pages anymore. Instead, you are bombarded with advertisements and videos that are designed to hook you up to make a profit for the organization. Many people with thousands of users complain that he click traffic to their blog through Facebook is very minimal. Because of the large number of information, people only skim through.

    But there are great social media that are not only trends and videos. Here are some of the social that help you increase blog traffic.

    1. Pinterest

    Pinterest is one of the best tools to increase blog traffic. Pinterest is a good search engine, unline twitter, and Facebook whose info is trends and would go down with time. Pinterest is a directory. A post years before, you will find it in an appropriate folder.

    Here remember two big principles. First, make sure your categories are your main keywords. Even your descriptions should contain the main keywords that you want to rank for.

    Second, put a share button on your website. You can also add your feed to Pinterest so that every time you post something it will directly be published on Pinterest.

    GO to Pinterest, under settings click claim. Once you claim your website, then add your website feed. To claim your website, enter your URL in the provided box. Then Pinterest will give you a code to put on the header or body of your blog.

    If you don’t know how to put in the header section of your site, then simply install the header and footer insert plugin from WordPress. Then simply paste the code in the box that the plugin provides you.

    Then go to your website home page> right-click and select view page source. Then click control + F to find the term ‘feed’.  Find a URL that looks like Copy the link and pages it in twitter under claim > auto-publish. Success. Pinterest will post your images directly from your blog. Once in awhile visit Pinterest and edit your pins and boards.

    • Youtube is one of the best places for traffic. Just like Pinterest, the videos still rank after years. This is not what makes youtube the best choice. The secret is most people out there are not happy to be on camera. This is a plus for you.

    You need to be on youtube a soon as possible. The algorithm also favors you if you have good content.  Youtube also recommends your new videos for people to view and share.

    In the video ask people to share and subscribe and to check your website. Also, add your link at the corner of your videos.

    Your description is also a good place for SEO and to share links. Here you can share an affiliate link, your posts link, hashtags for people to find you, and keyword-based description of your video.

    If you do it consistently, no matter the quality of your video, you will see an increase blog traffic as well.

    • Reddit.

    Reddit is a link-based content sharing. There is a minimum chance for people not to click on your link if you post interesting content. Like Quora, Reddit has to ask section. Go to ask Reddit to see what people are sharing and asking. See the top answers.

    You can also check in each subreddit to see top posts. If you are in technology, then go to the tech subreddit. Study top posts and rising posts and what people are answering.

    Then post something here without being spammy.

    • Quora

    Quora is a question and answer website with active members who are looking for genuine answers. Most of the answers seem ads from blogs and websites, but still, these are worth learning from.

    The category on quora where users can follow is an easy way to tap directly into users with interest in your niches. What you need to do is to answer a certain question with a long post and include your signature or learn more links.

    • Facebook

    Although Facebook may not bring you much click-through traffic, there are ways you can promote to increase blog traffic. Look for groups with similar interests that allow members to post. Here post something attractive. Free stuff or very useful post would work well.

    Some groups also ask for money. It is up to you to pay for a post share. Facebook ads also work fine. You will pay more for click. The price also differs based on the market and target geography.

    • Twitter

    Twitter is like a news outreach tool. Especially if you have a good number of followers, you can easily increase blog traffic. The challenge with Twitter is that if you are not that famous, your content easily goes to drain.  Twitter is, in my opinion, much better for ideas and news. People retweet these two easily.

    You can use two methods to increase blog traffic through twitter.

    1. First, use plugins such as click to tweet where readers can share a single inspiring sentence or paragraph with a single click.
    2. Mention people who need the tweet or who are part of the post. This makes people reshare.
    3. Use images. Or infographics in your link. People love to share inspiring images.
    4. Some blogs even tweet a single post more than one time with different images. This is a dark technique to get attention. This also supports tip number 3. This also works for Facebook as well.
    • Forums

    Forums used to be a good place to get a backlink and traffic. Recently, almost all the forums out there are nofollow links and do not contribute much to your SEO. The number of forum users also declined in time.

    However, forums such as quora, warrior forum show that forums still exist.

    To find relevant forums go to google and search ‘your niche + forum’ Therefore if you are in a fashion market search fashion forum.

    Post on the forums. Answer questions. Always leave your signature that includes your name, and your website name.

    Findaforum is a directory of forums where you can find them in categories. GO and find each and see how you can participate in each forum.

    • Slideshare

    Slideshare is acquired by Linkedin recently. It is a directory of PowerPoint and PDF presentations. It soon became a good source of information and knowledge soon after its launch.  Post your PowerPoint on Slideshare and witness an increase blog traffic.

    • Governmental websites

    If you get a backlink from government websites, search engines deem your website as credible. This might as well as increase blog traffic.

    6-  Increase Blog Traffic: Podcast

    A podcast is trending in the past few years. The ease of use, especially, while driving and sleeping, makes it preferable over written blogs.

    This is also a good way of communication for those who don’t want to be on camera as well. You only need a simple free software audacity where you can record,  edit, and post on social spaces.  

    You can then post the audio on social networks, your website, and podcast sites.

    • BuzzSprout
    • Blubrry
    • Transistor
    • Smart Podcast Player
    • Libsyn
    • SoundCloud.

    7-    Finally, The secret to increase blog traffic

    The main part of the traffic is your content. Without good and helpful content, your blog is useless. You don’t even have to share on social media for the public to read something that is not useful. Your content could be text and inforgraphics.

    Once you have your good content, the next step is to find others who have good content as well. Then find a way to work with them.

    Posting in social media, and other professional spaces would also increase blog traffic. It gives you backlink increasing your website ranking.

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