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Link Building in SEO


Link Building in SEO is one of the top methods to rank top in search engines. Many studies suggest that link building in SEO, including, domain-level link and page-level features, take a large portion of the reason for ranking.

For a better website, and for more traffic, you need to focus on Link Building in SEO. This is even better than creating google my business and keyword research.

At the end of this article, you will learn how to link building in SEO completely for free.

Not every backlinks are equal when you are in link building in SEO. Little is much known about how search engines act to determine which backlink source is good or bad. However, there is a general consensus on what type of websites will give you a big boost in your ranking.

1- Authority– This is a method Google uses to determine the quality of a website. websites that have lots of mentions are thought to be better known and have better authority.

Websites such as or have a lot of backlinks from other sites, and probably have good keyword focused posts.

This means these sites have more authority. If you are lucky to get one from such type of known sites, then you will rank better.

There are two types of Authority: DA-Domain Authority, and PA- Page Authority. DA is a general authority of your website, and PA is a specific page authority.

You can check page authority on Moz. (Don’t expect results if you are a new website.)

2- Relevance– This is how relevant is the content of the website that is linking to you. If you get a backlink from irrelevant content, this may not help your link building in SEO.

This discourages buying links. Many bloggers buy backlinks on Fiverr only to learn the backlinks are from non-authoritative sites and irrelevant sites.

3- Follow link– This is an important concept. whenever you get links, the link is either follow or unfollow link. Only the following link count as a backlink. The unfollow is usually used to avoid spamming. Website owners, especially in comments section and forums and even in some social media, make links no-follow.

Then some comments, and links from forums and socil media are not good enough for link building in SEO.

To check if the link to your website is ‘follow’ or ‘no-follow’, then go to the website and right click and click inspect. Here find your link. (use ctrl + F). Your website link will be listed as href=”https://yourdomain dot com” rel=’follow’

Pinterest is one of the best places to get much traffic to your website. But you need a strategy to get click through to your website. Without this stragatgy you may get many interest visitors but no website clicks.

The strategy to get click on your image in Pinterest is to create an attention-grabbing title. This means the title should be clickbait type.

Therefore, instead of ‘how to lose weight’, you can write ‘how to lose weight in 2 weeks by eating what every you like’ or ‘this is how i lost 20 pounds in one month by doing this one exercise.’

YOu probably read this type of websites before. It is unfortunate that most of these posts are spammy and don’t deliver the content they promise in the title.

This is a challenge for you. Create good content and market it with a catchy title.

wikipedia links back linking in seo


Wikipedia is a free article tool. It is also one of the best platforms on the internet. Amazingly, this great tool is edited by users.

This means you can edit and add articles and even delete unrelated ones. This gives you an opportunity to get a backlink from articles.

However, your link will surely get deleted soon if you are spamming the platform. The secret is to go for pages that are not well written.

Then add articles.

After than add your link as related or as reference once a while. Never advertise your link or your product. Just be valuable. and link it back to your website.

blogging on medium -


Medium is another content-based website that you could get a backlink from. You can also export your articles from your blogs using their export setting.

Facebook Groups

Many people are in a Facebook group to meet like-mind people. While doing that, you can message and ask members to exchange links. Some of them may ask you for a small amount of money.

Content is basic in blogging. Content is also a valuable asset even in businesses. People are not into the colors and font you put on your website. They are there to get content to solve their problem.

Your content should solve a certain problem. That is the only thing that will make people link to you.

Second, do it better than anyone. If you are no better, then why you? you are like everybody else. But if you do it better, then you will get attention.

To do this go to google and enter your keyword( better below the competition, and high volume type keyword). Look at the top 10 links and see what value you can add. Then write better than them. Then send the link to people that can benefit. You can also use ubersuggest to do the same task.

Create content that people like. This is also another content strategy.

Find out what people in your industry are looking for and create something that they need to share to be the first to share. People love to be the first to share.

For example, news, jobs, sales are few of the examples.

The other method is to write the top 100 x in the industry. For example, you can write ‘top 100 unknown weight loss instructors that are making a change’.

I can guarantee you that if these trainers have social media or a website, they will be honored to share the link to their audience. Even if you get a third even much less, the link is still useful for your link building in SEO.

You can ask people to review your content. We need someone to talk about our website. And there are many websites out there who have a good number of followers who review websites.

Infographics are image-based content. Creating infographics gives you access to a better share rate. people love images as these are easy to share as well.

Once you create your infographics, include your website and resource link pages where people can access detailed information.

Some websites link directly from your website, by copying the URL and pasting on their content. This is bad since it takes a band width of your site.

Others download and upload the content on their site. Therefore, you need to put your image on Pinterest as well.

Guest blogging is one of the top options to get a sure link from top websites. Make sure the website has authority.

Search ‘guest post’ or ‘write for us’ on search engines. and select websites that you want to write for. These blogs have their own criteria and requiremts in numbre of words, content and more.

Include a link to your website with your signature.

write for us link building in seo -

As a guest blogger or even a simple list on .gov or .edu websites is a big deal. Gov websites are believable as these are owned by a governemtn office.

You need to find gov websites and give them something they need to put on their website. Local based gov website are easier than a large and more compiled one.

You can sponsor events. Or you can give away resources for schools. If your effort is worth the news, they may include your name and website in their news platform or on their blogs.

Jobs and interesting events have the potential for a share. This is how it works. You post a few job positions with links. And people will be able to save and even share on social media or on their websites.

Organize an event and post it on event directories. Such directories have a share feature where readers could share.

Sponsor a certain event, and news websites may pick your website as a sponsor. For this to work well you may need an organized website. s

Link begging is asking people to backlink your website. This type of link building in SEO is not easy to achieve for various reasons.

First, people dont know you and they will not be ok with sharing your webiste. Second, this seems a spam. Third, it is tiresome process as yo uneed to send every website owner, and you need to handle being declined well.

You may need to give some offer in exchange for a positive reply. Many webmasters are OK with posting your website with a small amount of money.

Before doing so, make sure their website is in same market as yours. Or at least the content should be compatible.

Link begging has pros. Link begging in link building in SEO is considered as cheating by some search engines.

First, link begging says you have no authority( of course that is why you are begging). It shows you have low value website.

Second, link begging is an effort. Only a few of the people who receive your request will reply. Even if they do, the link building takes time to get a rank.

If not done with care, link begging definitely becomes a spam. For example, if the websites don’t link back to you with proper phrase and on the appropriate page, your link becomes redundant. Google despises this.

  • Avoid link buying

5 dollars for 20,000 backlink type Ads are everywhere. We tried purchasing 100 backlinks for this small amount of money. Amazingly more than half of these backlinks are ‘follow’ and the majority are ‘non follow’.

Few days after the backlink was completed, then i started noticing the backlinks. First, the backlink number starts to drop fast. In 2 m months, I was left only with 40, only ten of them were follow links.

I continued to research the quality of the links, and surprisingly almost all of these are comment links, or links from dead websites and links from low quality websites.

Today, that website is left only with 6 back links from that purchase, and all of these are not from live websites. I am not even sure what change it made to that specific website.

This time search engines can check suspicious links, and they have guidelines against it as well. The ore you do it, the more your website gets a penalty. Google’s Penguin update tracks and penalizes such links.

  • Links from bad neighborhoods.
  • Links from low-quality directories
  • Links from automated software
  • Read more on link schemes on google

Link building in SEO is an equal portion of creating content. For a fast ranking, you may need more than organic traffic from a simple SEO. Link building in SEO is one of the top ways to get a better ranking on search engines.

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