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16 Profitable Niche Market that Makes Money on the Internet


What is a profitable niche market? Where should I start? I usually see people being confused and trapped by paralysis by analysis while choosing their niche market. A decision, in fact, is one of the hardest things one has to make in life. Even smaller matters in life that are risk-free and that only need small action takes us by surprise.

We unconsciously fear what to choose on a menu, where to live or what to do in life.  We are constantly looking for approval or reassurance on what we do. That is ok.

Here, I will show you three things.

  • The basics of a niche market
  • How to start with these niche market
  • Top 15 profitable niche market that you can make money with

What is Niche Market?: Niche Market Definition

Niche marketing is all about a marketing effort that focuses on a single topic that has a need.  It is an attempt to be a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in an ocean. Here the ocean could be a health niche. You have a limited budget and time. Then you cannot write on every disease in the health niche. Not only is that people not interested in health. Rather people are looking for a specific area of health, like a headache or foot pain. People do not search for a term ‘health’ on the internet. They search ‘a headache’ or ‘how to heal a headache’

A niche market is being big in the ‘a headache’ niche rather than swimming in the ‘health’ ocean. This works in other niches. If you are interested in cars, do not write on cars, at least when you starting out. Instead, narrow your topic to a specific audience. Write on fast cars or write on the best tires in the world. This makes you an authority in the field. Niche market makes the process easy.

Lack of decision seems the enemy to success. No matter how long you research or how hard you think about a certain thing, it does not mean you will arrive on a good decision. A good decision is to start. Once you start, the rest is a lesson.

So, What Niche Should I Start With?

Well, start with interest. Interest is the secret weapon. You will not get bored if you have good energy for the topic you chose. For example, blogging about women’s weight loss products could be a good niche market. However; if you get bored on your fifth post, then that would not be a good niche anymore. Interest is the basic criteria.

If you do not know your interests, start by listing things that you interests you. Then, list things you want to know and that you are dedicated to learning. What do you know that others might not? What do people thinking of your gift is? What do you do in your extra time? What makes you happy?

List them. Once you find your interests. Choose not more than five from your list.

The second criteria do it make money?   You can answer this by asking does it have an audience. Here, I will show you what surely makes money. If your interest falls in these categories, then you are lucky. You should go on and blog on a small part of the larger niche market I will give you. For example, if the topic is weight loss, there are various sub-niches under it including a specific diet, natural diet, pills for weight loss, and more.

If your interest does not fall in the category I give you below, then use Google AdWords or other keyword tools to search its popularity.

Niche market and sub-niches

What makes the topics below popular is the fact that these are evergreen niches. People will always have these problems. These are what people are constantly looking for. People are interested in quick solutions for their problems and they are looking to be better each time. Therefore, solution and lifestyle dictate the game. The more they want something, the better it is for your advantage.

Here, I will give you 15 proven topics and niche markets that are profitable. Use the list wisely.

1-    Health and weight loss (fitness)

Obesity is in fact common. The prevalence of obesity was 39.8% and affected about 93.3 million of US adults in 2015-2016.  This number is growing rapidly. Obesity is also serious and deadly. The consequences are costly.

Many people die every day because of fat. Isn’t that scary? An overweight person is more likely to catch heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer that are some of the leading causes of preventable, premature death. 10 years ago, the estimated annual medical cost of obesity in the United States was $147 billion.

The medical cost for people who have obesity was $1,429 higher than those of normal weight. A third of people between the age of 20 and 40 are obese in the US. It is common for 40% of adults above 40 to become obese. People are constantly insecure about their image. If you are genuinely concerned, you can help these people be better looking and at the same time make money.

You can start with various sub-niches that are profitable.


1-    Natural weight loss

Various cultures have a different natural way of losing weight. People, especially in the west, are frustrated because of factory manufactured food and pills. Inorganic substances in food have an unprecedented effect. 

Here is your chance. You can enter this niche market with your researched tips on how to use natural weight loss products. You can treat the blog as a lifestyle where people should stick to in order to naturally lose weight. You can find various products you can advertise as an affiliate both on Amazon and on other affiliate sites.

2-    Stress

Stress is part of day-to-day life of the urban population. Technology, social responsibilities, economic challenges, all give us a headache every day. Stress is looking like a disease these days. Most people have it. If you can teach people how to calm down, then you will be successful. Be useful than these clichés on the internet. Be useful.

Use this link for detailed research. (Nichehacks blog, I don’t have any affiliation with this site. The author is focused and inspiring.

3-    Muscle gain and bodybuilding niche

This is also a response to the demand of this world. Looking fit is not enough. How shaped or how ripped are you is a common question. We have big ripped movie characters that many people base their image of themselves on. It seems everyone should be as ‘shredded’ to be attractive. Many young people of both sexes want to look attractive without cloth. If you are a bodybuilder or trainer or even interested in this area, this is your chance to teach others and make money in the process.

4-    Organic food and diet

Diet is a highly searched keyword. Almost a million times the keyword is called on the internet. It is very known. People, especially mothers are interested in cooking. Then if you teach them how to have a diet, they will embrace it with their interest. Give those tips, schedules and best practices and cases.

They will love you for it. For more, you can see the various diet types that people are searching for. Focus on one and do your thing. You can also notice the completion rate is high. This is a piece of good news. Google is telling you that advertisers have a high competition to rank for that keyword.

5-    Wellness

Wellness is a lifestyle. It is a life before some bad thing happens to us as it engaged in teaching how to live well than how to solve a certain health problem. People usually do not research for how to live more than they search how to solve. The latter is an urgent solution so it has a market.

Then, instead of teaching how to keep oneself safe from disease or weight gain, teaching on how to have a certain lifestyle. Attract people into a lifestyle you love and live. Create the culture.

6-    Disease

Diabetes is a big problem. There are thousands of suffering from this disease. Any disease needs urgent solutions. Heart problem is also a good niche. However, you also should be professional since health is a serious issue. You cannot or do not have to tell others to take some pills or to do something without medical interventions.

Even this puts you against the law. If you are not a trained professional, I would not recommend this niche market. If you choose a certain disease or health problem and help these people solve their problem. You can grow to other diseases later for now focus.

Niche Market Examples

You can clearly see the demand of this niche. The two cases below get more than 5 million page views every month.

More cases? here are the top 100 Health Blogs, Websites, And Newsletters To Follow in 2018 by feedspot.


2-    Dating and relationship

People are constantly looking for a companion or love. People are lonely. Everyone seems happy alone or with others, the truth is we are constantly looking for love and relationship. There were 110.6-million unmarried people in America age 18 and older in 2016. This means almost half the people in this age group. (source)

A large number of dating apps and dating websites tells us the demand that this niche has. If you teach people how to date, how to find love or how to be attractive to the other sex, you can make money. The niche has rich resources, tutorials, books, and affiliate products. You can also prepare and sell your products (eBooks and video tutorials) once you established yourself in the niche market.

People pay the gurus in this niche for their courses, direct consultations, for their DVDs and field demonstrations. Be focused on smaller sub-niches and help a specific group of audience you have.

7-    Divorce

The divorce rate is not much less than the marriage rate. Half of the marriages in America end up in divorce. Marriage is a real-world challenge for adults. It is a responsibility. Many people are not ready to be in a marriage.

Happiness in marriage, responsibility, financial challenges, children, love in marriage all are challenges that couples are facing these days. As technology is becoming better, relationships are getting colder. lack of family time is also a factor for most disagreements. Help people on how to cope up with divorce. Alternatively, teach them legal status. You can find a sweet spot here.

The Divorce niche market is interesting and sustainable.

8-    Marriage

Marriage is the best and the most responsible task that an adult can make in their life. However, marriage is not as easy and fantasy as many young people may think. It is a responsibility. If you have a good experience in marriage, then why not teach others on how to have a good marriage life?

9-    Sex

The term sex is not embraced easily with people. People are stressed and ashamed to talk on the topic. There are challenges in marriage regarding sex. It is a pity to see people having wrong ideas about sex.

Teach about sex. How to become better at it. How to satisfy your partner. How to be confident in bed. All are big demanding questions that you can answer.

The sex niche market may need professional and ethical response.

10-    Parenting.

How to raise kids is a giant question. People love kids. Parents worry about kids. What is the current best practice of parenting, how to raise your first child, how to be a better parent, how to make your kid smarter…all are good questions? Kids niche is a big niche.

Niche Market Examples

One example of parenting niche blog is The blog attracts more than 90k visits every month.

It is amazing that Evan mark is writing dating tips for women. This shows the industry is open for creativity.

Not enough? here are Top 100 Dating Blogs & Websites To Follow for Dating Advice in 2018


3-    Making money

People are constantly looking for ways to make extra money. It is pity to see that majority of people in the world are poor. Two percent of the world population owns 98 percent of the world wealth. People do not have money. Many American are in debt.

Majority of the people you meet are in the low-income class. They live from hand to mouth. If they have, salary cut or if they lose their jobs, then most people would not have extra money.

This niche is challenging since it demands people to spend money to learn to make money. Be careful whom you are attracting. Alternatively, whom you are making your audience. If you ask a low-income group to pay 100 or 500 dollars for a product, that is impossible. First, ask if your audience has money and if they would like to spend the money.

11-    Business Start-ups

The internet business is booming. Thousands of websites are being created each day.   Many people want to start their own business and most do not know-how. If you can help people how to set up their business online or offline, then you will find a following. Especially experience would be a huge plus. People like Grant Cardone and Gary Vaynerchuk are known in this area. They teach how to start your own business and sell to make money.

12-    Make money.

Thousands of people search the exact keyword ‘make money’ or ‘how to make money’. Many people have websites online but most do not make much. People work hard but they hardly make enough. Then people are looking for a passive income without their much involvement. You can teach people how to make money fast or how to make passive income.

13-    Real estate

People want to know how to wisely invest their money. They also want to know how to save one on their expenditure. They want to know how to flip their house or other homes to make extra money. If you have the experience of real estate, as an agent or owner or if you are interested in research, then this is the niche for you.

14-    Forex

This niche is hard to start. If you do not have the experience, why would you advise people to spend on a high-risk gamble? If you have the experience this niche has a big market share. Teach people practical ways to make money in this niche.

15-    Internet marking

Internet marketing or online marketing is getting popular. Social media marketing is also a big niche. Business without marketing is usually a path to failure. Buyers are the center for any business. Teach people how to market their business or themselves on the internet with limited expenses.

 Help them become profitable.

16-    Purpose and dream job

People are less and less happy at a workplace. The 21st-century office life is hectic and unrewarding. The money working for others is low and at the same time, people are not happy with their jobs. How many people do you know that hate Mondays as east hates west? Help people find their life purpose and help them discover what they should do in their life to be successful and happy.

Niche Market Examples

Smart passive income has been around for a while. It teaches the audience how to make money on the side. It is attractive since people are eager to make extra money without their involvement. The site delivers that. Half a million people follow the site every month.

More cases? Here are the top 35 Money Making Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2018.

Do you want more? Here are 1979 Profitable Niche Markets

Conclusions, Profitable Niche Markets

Niches are large. You cannot write on health or dating. Instead, write on specific topics that people are looking for. It would be better to start to form a problem. For example, people with a marriage problem do not search for the term dating or relationship. Instead the search for how to save a marriage or how to make partner happy or how to avoid arguments.

Base yourself on a certain smaller problem and give your audience a solution. Do not take the above 15 niches literally. Instead, think and make an audience that is more detailed. Do not write on health, instead, write on weight loss or diabetes. Do not wait too long. Start now and taste the water. You will be successful.

What niche did you choose? And why? Comment below and tell us.

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