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A Guide to a Successful Niche that Make Money


The Internet is not short of niche that make money. In fact, niches that seem narrow and hobby, make thousands every month. Niche is the new way of making money on the internet. There are thousands of people on the internet owning blogs and websites. Only a few make a significant amount of money.

The process of setting up a blog is easier these days. The challenge is to know how to blog and the strategies to blog for money.

Here, we will discuss what is a niche that make money, the foundation to niche that make money, ways to niche that make money, traffic to niche that make money, and sales to niche that make money.

What is a niche market and how to choose a narrow market?

A niche is a targeted group of people interested on similar product.

Especially, when you start a blog, you should focus on very specific part of a niche or a topic. For example, you do not have to blog on health. Because health is wide, topic and people who are looking for specific solution will not appreciate your effort. For example, a person with stomach- pain will not search for health; they enter keywords like stomach pain or how to heal stomach pain. That should be your starting point to blog.

Stomach pain is still wide niche, if you consider who is searching for that term. Stomach pain on menstruation is for specific group of women, who are probably young. In addition, this is fixed group pays for a solution.

‘Car’ is a broad niche; ‘fast car’ is narrower. Relationship is a brad niche. Dating or divorce are narrow niches.

Here, I will show you

  • How to choose a niche that makes money
  • A niche that make money and Ways to make money through your niche market
  • A niche that make money and where to start the process of making money from your niche site.

1-   Choose a niche that make money

Choosing a specific market is still a hard decision for some. If you have good information, it is easier to choose from. Before starting to choose a niche that make money, you need to learn about yourself.

  • First, learn your interests. What do you like doing?
  • Second, what knowledge do you have? Are you a doctor by training or a teacher?
  • Third, what do you want to learn? Fixing cars? Fashion? Start with a list of your interests?

Then, look through magazines; amazon, and click banks to see interesting markets. If you go to, you can see high sold magazines. Is your interest in that category? Amazon’s bestseller page and products with high sales and comments are a good starting point to find out if a product in the niche you chose is selling. Click bank has a system called ….that shows how much a product is selling.

There are various ways to find a good niche. Some are easy , already made while others need some work.

  • Some niches are profitable since these are evergreen. Health, wealth, and dating niches are profitable. Hobby sites such as kids watch, or golf sites are also profitable.
  • Search your niche that make money on clickbank
niche market
niche that make money example: diet

Clickbank is a huge thing in affiliate marketing. It is a platform with various products that you can sell as an affiliate. Click bank gives you a link with your username on register and it provides you minimal admin page where you can refer your sale, clicks and income.

The good thing about click bank is it shows you what is hot and what is selling. The tool is called gravity. Gravity is what is selling fast. It is without what is being returned. Some people would return the product they bought in few days if they do not like it. It is also a public secret that some product owners also push their gravity with fake reviews and sales.

Therefore, do not be lured to top gravity. Remember to follow interest.

Many bloggers chose products with gravity from 10-60 as a beginner. You will avoid completion by ignoring products with gravity above 60. In addition, you would avoid unwanted products or save too much energy and money by marketing new products.

  • The other method to know what people are looking for is to look for what people are looking for. The first method is to use google keyword finder.
  • Flippa has been around for a while. It is a platform for selling and buying websites and domains. In flippa, you can see what websites have good traffic, in what time they get this traffic, and how much it is sold. You will decide whether to build and sell or to keep it. Here you find amazing and surprising niches.

# Niche that Make Money: the research

2-  Niche that Make Money: Start the process of making money from you niche site.

There are various ways to start selling. Some use their own platform others use a single landing page and advertise it others only use social media to sell. People usually do not buy. They need to believe you. Especially they do not appreciate people telling them to buy. Therefore,   you should be believable, lovable and not spammy.

This needs your own platform. That is the guarantee that you will not look like a spammer. Here are ways to start and be known before making the money.

Start blogging. Writing too many posts is not necessary for the audience that does not have. Instead, have 20-30 good posts that help people to solve their problem in the niche you choose. These topics could be (for example in your health niche, and acne for women above 30 sub-niche websites)

’30 natural ways that gets rid of your acne’

‘Why you get acne after 30 and how to get rid of it’

Then start a YouTube channel of Facebook page and only attract people with same problem. It is not important to have millions of followers only attract buyers. The buyers are the ones with the problem. You can also promote your site through Facebook ad or google ad. Do not pay too much on a single ad. Use trial and error to find a method of advertisement with best returns.

Through time when you build your list well, you will start to do your affiliate-marketing job.

  • Start a podcast or YouTube page. You know you tubers make a lot of money through ads and product marketing and sponsors. If you have a good idea what to do and if you are, good in front of a camera go for it. You can also advertise your blog here.
  • Use Camtasia software to record. There are free traffic generation ways.
  • Create a landing page  

#Niche that Make Money: the foundation

niche that make money example: fitness

3-  Niche that Make Money: Ways to Make Money Through your niche Market

There are various ways to make money with your blog or platform in a specific niche that make money.

  1. Put Contextual Ads on your blog–Ads, especially google AdSense and, are usually underrated. It is true most blogger’s source of income is ads put on pages. You would make few depending on your traffic. The more traffic you have the more you get form impression, even if visitors do not click on the ad. Clicks could pay you from a penny to hundreds of dollars. Impressions are calculated by 1000 visit and is small….
  2. Affiliate marketing– many companies like to sell their products. They might not have the money, the time, or the work force to do that. Here is your place. You will sell it for them and you would make some money form a commission. Especially in click bank, you might make up to 60 percent of the sale or may be more. Amazon give from three -fifteen percent for product sale.  There are many sites like and What you have to do to find your high paying affiliate is to search on google ‘your product+ affiliate.’
  3. Build your Email list– some say your email list is the gold of blogging. The rest could change. Because collecting visitor’s address is the only way to contact them back after they left. Bloggers collect email using email popups or telling people to sign up to get a free pdf or product. After a while, they send articles to the visitors using auto responder software. The articles could contain affiliate marketing or their own products.
  4. Sell your own product. This could be hard to sell but the best achievement you would have. Selling your knowledge is satisfactory. This could be eBooks, your books on amazon, your products, tutorials and more.
  5. Sell the website you build. Traffic and unique content sells. If you are planning to sell your website, it is good to think about the list you are going to build, the quality of the content you are going to put on your site and the quality of traffic you receive. Avoid fake and illegal ways to obtain all three golds that buyers are looking for. More..

#Niche that Make Money : the way to make money

4-  Niche that Make Money: Attract buyer audience to your niche market site.

  1.  Form a relationship with other known bloggers and YouTubers. You can share links and do a guest post or advertise your link on their site and for their list. You will pay a fraction of money on pay on click or you will pay a fixed amount of money.
  2. Content marketing is the old way of getting traffic. Start marketing your content by posting on related forums and other free article sites like or or
  3. Social media sites are also a good way of traffic generation free. Use Pinterest if you are in a fashion or image-based niche. Snapchat, YouTube, and Facebook are platforms with millions of users.
  4. Use podcasting. Podcasting is newer. However, many people are getting big attention for their interviews and audio contents. People love to listen to their favorite audio while driving or while sleeping.
  5. The known way of getting traffic is commenting on other’s blog and posting your signature and webpage; or
  6. Guest posting- Guest posting on known sites would create you a short cut to the audience. Make sure the quality of your content and capture readers as they land on your page.
  7. SEO-search engine optimization is also no way to create a ground for your blog. it is a system to organically rank for a certain keyword. The less competitive the keyword is the better it will rank for you on the first few pages of google.
  8. Paid advertisements- google and Facebook give cheap advertisement options based on CPC (cost per click). You only pay based on clicks. The advantage of Facebook advertisement is the target advertisement. Facebook gives you a setting to narrow your audience based on interest, income, geography, gender, and life experiences.

# Niche that Make Money:the secret to traffic

niche that make money example: dating

5-  Niche that Make Money: The secret of selling easily in your niche market

  1. Outsource tasks. Creating a product or writing a post seems hard for some. If you are not good at writing or if you do not have the time, why not out source. Many people on fivrr want to do it for a money as small as 5 dollars for a single article.  Refer or upwork
  2. Have a great header or title. Average titles get average response. Attract the readers by creating a great header. Link
  3. Promise- tell people that they would make money by following a set of instructions that you give them.
  4. Use call to action. Do not only teach. Tell them what to do next by using big buttons that takes them to your product page or affiliate page. People, if they like what you are talking about and if they feel that, you are not taking advantage of them, they will buy.
  5. Have simple sales page and capture reader’s attention. Sales pages should only have info and call to action. Too much destructions would take your visitors away from the main point of the page. Here the objective is not to keep readers as long as possible on the site by giving them many links. Instead, it is to keep them at the page for a while until they buy. Therefore, you need to find their problems and show them you understand them and show them the product you are selling. Be useful.

#Niche that Make Money: the secret to sales

Niche that Make Money: Conclusion

To make money from your niche platform, you should follow these steps. First, you should choose profitable niches that are already studied and proven to be profitable. Link to niche page.

Then provide a useful content. Do not write too much for an audience that does not exist. Start with 20-30 posts that answer people’s problems. Use various marketing systems including SEO, advertisement and manual commenting on other blogs to attract audience. For the put ads and affiliate links on your posts and emails.

I know you are inspired to work a bit more. If you need more on this topic, I recommend a product that helped me to start my own online niche business. This is not for all. If you do not think you will make it or if you are not sure of entering niche market, that is not for you. Do not buy it. If you are dedicated to make money, here is your lifetime investment. link

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