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Passive Income Ideas


This passive income ideas guide is for anyone who wants to make money online. The good thing about the internet is that it created an equal opportunity for anyone who needs to make a living out of it. You only need to do something useful and solve a problem, and the internet will take care of you.

Passive income ideas are also for anyone at any age, any educational level, and any profession. What you need to do is choose one that fits your skillset and continue.

You are here because you are looking for a way to make a fast and continuous income. Passive income ideas is a good way to make an income because you only have to set up the system and it will work for you even when you are not working. Second, although the first steps are hard, the rest becomes easier.

Here, you will learn top passive income ideas that you can take today and change into money. Take one idea and put an effort into it. With consistency and hard work, you will achieve your goals.

1-    Blogging

Well, blogging may not be a passive income, if you see the amount of energy and time it requires to grow. However, after some time, blogging is a good passive income stream.

There are many bloggers out there who are making millions from a single blog. On the other hand, the majority of bloggers make less than 100 dollars a month.

Blogging is part of passive income ideas because of its flexibility and ability to grow to a point where you don’t need to get involved anymore.

If you don’t have the time and the courage to grow a blog for a year or two or more, then this is not for you. You need to check the next passive income ideas.

However, if you have time and courage, follow the following steps to start your money-making blog.

Everything begins with a topic. You cannot blog about everything unless you are already known for something. You need a market, a niche, where you become an authority.

This is the place where many bloggers stuck. I cant choose a niche. What niche should I start to make a blog in? These are the frequent questions I get. From experience, I learned that if you don’t start now, you won’t tomorrow. You need to start when you are confused. Then work for a few months, and if it doesn’t work, go to the next. This is a better way to waste time than waiting for one big idea.

The secret is if you work hard in it, every niche out there will be successful. Because every niche has a certain number of readers.

Why niches? You need niches for any reasons, but here are two. One, you need to master a certain topic so that people would believe in your advice and judgment. That is how you make money. Second, you don’t have time to talk about everything.

Imagine someone looking for a car tire, and you have a blog with 100 posts that is only on tires or another blog with 100 posts on mirrors, body, seats, and more. Which blog do you think would have important content for a reader looking for a tire?

There are three things to consider while choosing your niche.

  1. Evergreen niches are competitive but have a lot of traffic. You probably heard about evergreen niches before. These are problems that won’t go out of the market soon. These are dating, health, and wealth. The fourth one is hobbies. Hobbies include sports, gardening, and more.
  2. Once you select a certain market then go deeper to choose your sub-niche. Like the tire example, you need detail, one clear problem. And you will be solving that. See link niches
  3. Buy a domain name and hosting. – your domain name should be wide enough that you can grow into it. Then, unless the tire niche is so big, don’t call your blog instead, call it Therefore, after a while, you will start to make content on doors, and seats too.
  4. Install WordPress and theme
  5. Install plugins and make your blog functional.
  6. Start blogging for a few months to come. The more content the better. The quality of the content, the more the traffic.
  7. Monizie your blog.

#passive income ideas: start blogging

2-    Youtube

 Youtube became a passive income for many people. After building credibility, the company puts Ads into your videos, and every time someone views these ads you make some money

However, many people avoid youtube for fearing to be on camera. This seems to limit the number of channels on youtube. This is an opportunity if you are good in front of the camera. You need to be on youtube as soon as possible and start with whatever you have.

The best way to make money on youtube is by advertising your affiliate link with your videos. Just like blogging, you need to choose a niche and work on it.

Focus on the evergreen niches or hobbies and continue making videos.

How Do Youtubers Make Money On Youtube?

  1. Ads- when you achieve 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewed content in a year, then you can apply for ads.
  2. Sponsored posts- people and companies will ask you to advertise their products with your videos. You also may need to go and ask companies if they need sponsored shoutouts.
  3. Affiliate marketing- Link affiliate links in the description, and tell people to buy. If you are in photography, sell photography products. You can also make money by advertising your links on other’s channels. Find a youtube channel that you like to advertise on, and send them a short message mentioning that you need to advertise on their channels. And ask them if they can include your affiliate link in their description for a small amount of money. Most YouTubers, especially the beginners would agree to do.
  4. Donations- Amazingly people give money for channels that they love. You can always ask for donations if you are not making enough money. After all, you need money to make the videos, and for your time.

# passive income ideas: start a you tube channel

3-    Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another great way to make money as well. It is a process of selling someone’s product and getting a commission. Fortunately, some products offer up to 90% sales share as a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a known way of making money, especially among bloggers. Many bloggers out there make most of their money by advertising other’s products and getting a commission.

You first need to register as an affiliate on certain platforms. Then you will get a special link to any product they offer. You need to advertise that link through your blog or other means. And whenever someone buys through your link, then the machine knows that it was your sale and will calculate your share accordingly.


Clickbank is one of the known affiliate marking platforms out there. Clickbanks is a directory of products where you can create profiles, and control your sale from different vendors in one place.

Products to market as an affiliate

Among many products out there, the urgent ones sell more. These are problems that people want to get a solution for. These niches are also called evergreen niches. This means they never go out of the market soon.

These are health, wealth, and dating niches. These are general markets and these have detailed sub-niches and smaller markets. For example, health is a market, and diet is a niche. You can go deeper into the diet for weight loss. The detailed you go the more you sell.

Process of choosing Clickbank products

  1. Go through the market(link is at the top right side after you sign in or see image) and look through products
  2. Click advanced search( see image)
  • Make gravity between 10 and 80, more is competitive, and less is not selling
  • Make language English
  • Make sure the vendor has an affiliate page available. It is here you will get banner and links to advertise.
  • Click search
  • The result is products that are selling, and that has good affiliate tools that you can copy and paste to advertise.
  • Go through and choose 2 or 3 products. And work on them.
  • Get links – click promote will take you to the affiliate tool page. Enter your username and press ‘generate hoplinks’ you will get a link that looks like this.
  1. Use a link shortener. The link is long and looks spammy. Therefore, you need to shorten it using the URL shorter website. I used a website called shorturl and here is the URL I got ‘’ after shortening. Search ‘URL shortener’ and you will get alternative websites.
  2. Advertise the links in social media, forums, and comments. 
  3. Every time someone buys through the links, you will get paid.

# passive income ideas: Affiliate

4-    Make Thousands With Ebooks

Publishing a book is not hard these days. that is why you see many books out there in the market. At the same time, due to a large number of publishers, the market seems to get crowded.

Amazon KDP is one of the few places that you can publish your ebook and sell it to millions of people out there. Amazon KDP even gives you a free service where they market your ebooks in front of millions so that you will get more sales.

The Amazon KDP service also includes hardcopy book sales where amazon print and ships at its own cost. And you will get from 30-70 percent sales share.

How Many Books Are Autors Selling?

Search for Kindle book sales calculator and you will find alternative platforms.

Now copy the amazon books amazon rank and paste in the calculator. This books #12 on Amazon and it is a bestseller. It sells 3496 books per day.

Here is the good thing about this sales. A 3496 books per day sale is 104,880 kindle book sales per month. The kindle books are being sold for 11.99$ each.This is 1,257,511.2 $ gross income. The author probably gets a 70% share since their books are on the expensive side. Therefore, this author is grossing 880,257.84 dollars only from kindle sales.

How Should I Start Writing An Ebook?

Writing is a hard task. It needs a constant update, edit and proofread,  let alone finding a good idea that solves problems and writing it through.

Choose A Niche

Where should you start writing a book? Interest is everything. Either you need to love writing or you need to love the topic. That is when you will become passionate to write an ebook that sells.

It is unfortunate to say interest mostly does not sell. Here we are not looking to find your passion but to show you passive income ideas. Although you may not love some topics, you need to pursue them and learn about them.

I also advise you to go for topics that you don’t know already, and that you need to learn about. Sewing, gardening, languages are some examples.

The other place to begin is your profession. Are you an accountant? Some people don’t know how to bookkeep their income, how to file tax info. Are you a health professional. There are thousands of people with thousands of health problems. Professions are a good place to start because certificates give you recognition and will put you above the competition.

Then, you don’t need to write only about your passion. There are also various options: what you know, what you need to know about, and what sells better.


Once you decided on what topic to create your ebook on, the next step is to check existing books. If you are in diabetes niche, then search for diabetes books, and see if any of these books are selling.

This book sells about 46 books a day. The fancy cover and the content is a good sales pitch. From a few research, you learn that this specific niche is good to write on.

3- Content And Title

The next step is to steal ideas. This includes title ideas, content ideas, and more. Then you need to write is better.

Amazon is full of list type content books. 100 recipes to make a cake for diabetes. This tells you 100 recipes with details of ingredients.

Other ebooks are how to do something books. These books solve a certain problem by showing readers how to do something for faster and maximum return. How to lose weight in 30 days.

This could be a self-help type book where you share your ideas on a certain topic. This is also known among successful people. If you have an idea or a solution for a certain topic, this is your category. Leadership stypes, or about wealth, spirituality, and more.

Biography or personal experience type books also get good attention if you have a good audience base. If not you need to reconsider not to write on your life and experiences. People don’t care, unfortunately.

For example, instead of writing ‘diet for diabetes’ as a title, try ‘diets for diabetes: a secret to living healthy and long as diabetes’.

Before writing your book, begin with general outlines. This is a better way to organize your ideas. Here you can see what comes first and what goes next. You even can determine the number of words you can write in each chapter.

The general principle is you need to make sure that the book should have a flow and the reader needs to read non stop till the end. This needs chapters that have a flow of ideas and a single general topic.

Chapter 1

                -subtitle 1

                – subtitle 2

Chapter 2

                -subtitle 1

                – subtitle 2

Once you create your list of topics, then write as fast as you can. Edit, proofread. And repeat the process. This includes being able to cut a lot of articles and writing new ones.

The ebook title should include the goal of the book. Or what the reader would get after reading the ebook.

Alternative Ways To Write.

There are many ways to write your ebook. One, you can record your voice talking on the topic and give it for a ghostwriter on Fiverr to change it for you into articles. This is a common way for authorship among busy and known people.

The other option is to pay someone to write you the ebook. This is an unethical way of writing. And I don’t appreciate this option. But many authors are selling ghostwritten books.

Design your Ebook

This is hard for many people. If you are not in the design field, you can not have the skill to design an ebook cover. Then you have two options.

  • Outsource the design.
  • Fiverr is one option. On Fiverr, you find many designers with various skills and design choices. The good part is they are very cheap. A 5dollars or 10 dollars would get you a good book cover. If you are not sure, you can hire more than one designer and choose one cover.
  • Use Canva– Canvas is a self-designing platform, where it provides thousands of resources. You only need to drag and drop. Then save your cover in pdf or image format.
  • Adobe. If you have the skill, go for InDesign. It is an expensive product. If you can afford one and if you have the skill, it is good software.
  • Find free images from unsplash or pexabay.
  • Find inspirations on Pinterest before designing your self.
  • Make sure the text and the images have good contrast.
  • Use page break to create the next chapter in MS word. Create links.
  • Use KDP software to edit your word, before publishing.
  • Create a content page, hyperlink.

Publish Your Ebook

Publishing your ebook is easy. Adobe KDP has all the information that you need on how to format the kindle ebook. If you are using MS word, then you can edit your ebook size easily. Go to Layout>size then change the book size according to KDP requirements.

The continuous sales even when you don’t work on it after you publish your ebook, make the option from passive income ideas.

If you have the skill and the need to write, then this is a good option to make money for a very long time.

# passive income ideas – publish an ebook.

5-    Make money with Drop-Shipping 

Dropshipping is another passive income ideas. It is a good way to make an income method because it needs low investment at the beginning.

This is how dropshipping works. First, you place a product that you may or may not own on your website. Then when someone orders it from your website you contact the whole seller and tell them to ship it to their address. Or you receive the item and send it to the buyer. With this, you profit without much work.  

For example, let’s say you listed a  20 dollars dress that you saw on a manufacturer website. Then you put it on your website for 30 dollars. It is only when people visit your website and order that you go out to the manufacturer and buy the item and send it to the buyer. You will get a 10 dollars profit.

You can also use the known market places including Amazon, and eBay.

You put a product at your store > then customer orders that product > You receive the money and send some to the manufacturer > the manufacturer sends the product to the customer.

That is it.

The other way to sell cheap products and profit is by buying from one website and selling on another. Websites such as Aliexpress and selling on eBay is an example.

Websites such as Walmart and Aliexpress are cheaper.


  1. Buyers sometimes are unsatisfied with your product and may ask for a refund. You need to refund the item and cut your losses. This makes your business sustainable. The other way would hurt the business since the buyer may negatively mention your website name.
  2. Say the shipping time. Since the product probably is shipped from china, the whole process could take more days. You need to mention the shipping time upfront.
  3. Don’t underprice your products. Sell at market price. It is better to offer buy one get one kind of marketing instead. People tend to not believe in cheap products.
  4. Make sure that the sellers don’t include their marketing materials with shipping

Passive income ideas- drop shipping

6-    Get paid visiting and testing products

Some websites need your review of a product. This could be games, Ebooks, videos, apps, and more. You only need to register, then choose a certain product and give feedback.

Some websites pay you to fill surveys. You may have to use a product to do so or you may need to live in a certain place.

Websites that pay you up to 60 dollars per product test.

  1. User testing
  2. Tester work
  3. Testapic
  4. TryMyUI
  5. Testing time
  6. Userbrain

# Passive income ideas: Testing jobs

Finally, Passive Income Ideas

passive income ideas are a good way of making money online. In this time, where you need a better marketing strategy or a better and unique content to stand out, you need passive income ideas that could support your ventures.

These passive income ideas are not easy by no means. These need time and effort even to make the first penny.

If you put your effort into it, you will surely get rewarded.

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