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    Pinterest For Marketing Guide: How to get 1000s of Visitors


    Not many bloggers use Pinterest for marketing purposes. However, Pinterest is one of the best tools to get more traffic to your blog. Especially, at the beginning of your blogging age, you must use Pinterest as a medium of getting more traffic.

    Pinterest is not social media, when you compare it with Facebook and Instagram. Pinterest, instead, is more like google and other search engines especially for how posts are documented.

    Unlike social media, your post on Pinterest will continue to rank better, based on your performance, and traffic. Besides this, your posts will be shelved based on category and tags. When your post on Facebook or Instagram goes down as times goes on, your Pinterest posts will stay there.

    Why Pinterest for Marketing?

    Pinterest for marketing? why not Facebook? I know. I had the same question at the beginning. Imagine Facebook has a fraction of traffic that Facebook and Instagram get.

    pinterest for marketing vs facebook for marketing

    However, Pinterest is a place for inspiration. This is a place where people pin their wishes, inspirations, and more in a part of life they need to get to.

    A woman whose baby is due in a month will pin images that she really likes. And this emotional state she will be in makes the posts more inspiring and down to earth.

    Amazingly majority of visitors come to pinterest to buy. Among this traffic, about 80 percent are women.

    Pinterest is also for a large age group gap. Millennials are on Pinterest as much as they are on Instagram. And the average age on Pinterest is about 40. imagine if the lowest is about 15 the above is up to 65. This makes Pinterest for marketing a good choice.

    Besides the demographic bouncing rate from Pinterest is relatively low. The average time on Pinterest is about 15 minutes.

    Half of the Pinterest traffic comes from the United States. The top countries on Pinterest are Brazil, India, and Turkey. This is great if your target market is in the US.

    Websites such as Mashable, a tech website, get more than 10 million unique viewers every month on Pinterest. The website also has about 1.6 million followers in 2020.

    mashable pinterest for marketing

    Fashion Nova also has more than 10 million unique visitors on Pinterest. The account also has about 382K followers.

    fashion nova pinterest for marketing

    #why Pinterest for marketing

    Starting With Pinterest

    You are either new to Pinterest or you already have an account. If you have a personal Pinterest account, then you need to create a business account anyways. If you don’t have a personal account you go ahead and signup.

    Click on our profile image on the top right of the page, and click add a free business account.

    If you already have an account for your blog or website, then it is better to convert it into a business account. With this, you will get an analytics function and other advantages. Pinterest for business > convert now.

    Make sure that you follow only related topics. If you are in a weight loss niche, then follow health, weight loss, food type of topics. Avoid topics that you can’t repin.

    #Pinterest for marketing: start with business account

    Set Up your Account

    Under your account go to settings. Here, you will be able to edit your profile, set about me setting and address.

    pinterest for marketing account

    In the Display Name enter your blog name and the niche that you are in. Good advice that I can give you is to find a less competitive but good volume keyword in your niche and put it next to your display name. Therefore, your display name will be ‘richrow- make money online’ or ‘rich row-live a rich lifestyle’.

    Username is your URL. Make it as short as possible. If your username is already taken, I advise you to add terms to it. There are various ways to do that.

    Use underscore. rich_row, or add words richrow_official.

    Adding your address gives you better security and location-based visits. People also could contact you easily.

    #Pinterest for marketing: set up account

    Claim Your Website, Pinterest for Marketing

    Connecting your Pinterest page to your website gives you that additional functionality. Pinterest will be able to understand breakthroughs to your website. The main advantage, however, is your website will appear next to your pins.

    In order to claim your website, copy the meta tag to your website body. To that in WordPress, you only need a simple plugin called insert headers and footers.

    Once you install the plugin, go to its setting, and find three spaces for the header, body, and header section. Paste the meta tag you copied from Pinterest here.

    pinterest for marketing insert headers and footers

    Once you do that, remove any cache on your website. Then return to Pinterest>setting>claim and click claim. Now, your website is connected to Pinterest.

    #Pinterest for marketing: claim your website

    Apply for Rich Pins: Pinterest for Marketing

    Rich Pins are special pins that contain additional information about your pins. There are six types of rich pins: Apps, movies, recipe, product, place, and article.

    Follow the steps to validate your website domain. Once you validate, wait up to 24 hours until you get approval from Pinterest.

    Until that time, go to your SEO plugin in WordPress, and make sure Add Open graph metadata is enabled.

    #Pinterest for marketing: Rich pins

    Create Boards To Attract Visitors

    SO, we saw the advantages of getting to Pinterest for your website and we put the seed into the ground.

    Next, Let’s create a board that is attractive to visitors. Boards are like categories. And Pins are like posts. The first thing that visitors get on your profile page is the boards. Then, you should be able to get their attention here.

    The best practice of creating boards is to separate differt topics. For example, if you are in diet niche, then you can create differnt types of diet as your boards. pinterest for marketing board pinterest for marketing board

    Therefore, your boards will be

    • Atkins diet.
    • The Zone diet.
    • Ketogenic diet.
    • Vegetarian diet.
    • Vegan diet.
    • Weight Watchers diet.
    • South Beach diet.
    • Raw food diet

    This will depend on what you blog about.

    fashion nova pinterest for marketing board
    fashion nova pinterest for marketing board

    The best tip I can give you here is that you should create a broad board topic. This is not a place to go narrow down your topic. Based on your content, create a board that covers the various topics that you discuss on your website.

    Fashion Nova, they create different types of clothing, events, skin type, and body types, color, and more topics for their boards. (see image above)

    The secret is to work more on the boards that people love and remove that they don’t seem to relate to. This the reason you need to go wide on your board topics at the beginning. The topics should also contribute to your Pinterest SEO.

    #Pinterest for marketing: create your boards

    Prepare Your Account For Pinterest SEO

    Pinterest SEO is a necessary part of your Pinterest for marketing. SEO primarily works based on keywords that people use in search engines.

    This is the most important point if you are looking to rank on search engines. This means for every keyword people are looking for, you are article can rank for. SEO is a way to rank.

    SEO is Search Engine Optimization where you tweak your article to rank on search engines.

    Millions of websites are competing to rank for every keyword. for example, you will get millions of pages in search engines competing for a simple keyword ‘cheap computers’.

    pinterest for marketing seo
    SEO Pinterest for marketing

    Unless you are on top three of the results, you probably won’t get much organic traffic from search engines.

    Pinterest SEO is similar to Google SEO, if not for its less competition and a better probability of ranking.

    This is why you need to work for keywords that people are using. You need to optimize your pages for search engines.

    So , How Do You Find Keywords For Pinterest For Marketing

    Keyword research for Pinterest SEOs works similarly to Google. The best and the easiest way is to start with the autosuggestion on Pinterest. Similar to google’s suggestion, Pinterest also provides you keywords that people are looking for.

    Begin by entering a general keyword in the search box on Pinterest.

    pinterest for marketing seo fashion

    The keywords listed above are most important for your SEO. These are keywords that people use while searching on Pinterest.

    • Streetwear
    • Dresses
    • 90s
    • Black girl
    • Korean
    • Summer
    • Sneakers
    • Inspo
    • Hijab
    • 2000s
    • Minimalist
    • Girl

    Choose the relevant keywords and the only ones that you can contribute to your bigger goals. For example, talking about classic fashion may not help you much in your fashion for teenager’s blogs.

    You may need to avoid keywords such as ‘fashion sketch’, ’60s fashion’, or ‘male fashion’ if you are into female fashion.

    Similar to the SEO on search engines, use your keywords on your pin title, and description section.

    The second important tip for Pinterest for SEO is to create good content. Besides keywords, repins affect your rank. The more people share your pins, the easier your pins rank. People only repin content they found to be useful or inspiring.

    Pinterest for SEO, Summary

    • Find Keywords that are related to your blog
    • Optimize your Pinterest account for these keywords
    • Optimize your PIns for these keywords
    • Avoid keyword stuffing (using a lot of keywords in a single place)
    • Create interesting and sharable content.

    #Pinterest for marketing: tweak your boards and account for SEO

    Board Cover and Pinterest For Marketing

    A board Cover? Yes, A board cover is the first things you see on your Pinterest home page.

    To create your board cover, you need a software called Canva. You will also use this application later when you create a pin.

    Create a 500*500 px cover. Add a text and an image that shows what the board is about.

    pinterest for marketing seo healthline
    Pinterest for marketing: board covers of healtline

    Edit your Pinterest board to change the name, description, or cover.

    1. Click your board and open it and then click the edit icon at the top of the page
    2. Edit the board cover here.
    3. Click Save

    Note: Why can’t I change the Pinterest board cover? Some people experienced a similar problem where ‘change cover’ is missing. If you are missing the option, then you can contact the admin.

    Pinterest for marketing: Create you Board Cover

    Pinterest Group Board

    This is a great way to collaborate on board to create pins where followers of all pinners can view. This means once you join a specific group, only you and the accepted members can post on the board.

    The board is displayed in all of the member’s page.

    pinterest group board

    How do you Identify Pinterest Group Board?

    First, open someone’s account. on their page click ‘all boards.’ Here you see a circle on the left bottom side of the board. This circle usually will show the profile image of the participants of the group.

    How do you Join Pinterest Group Board?

    You can only join a group by invitation. You can also invite people to join a group. However, it is not a good idea to randomly invite top accounts to join. It only gives off that you are disparate and looking for followers.

    You can still request to join a Pinterest group board.

    How to Find, Join, and Pin to Group Boards on Pinterest? The easiest way to find the Pinterest group board is to use pin groupie. Here you can find and request to join.

    The second option is to email group leaders and asks them to send you an invitation.

    #Pinterest for marketing: create group board

    Pins and Pinterest for Marketing

    You already created your boards with a good cover and SEO based keywords.

    Now is a time to create a good content. Not every pin is created equal. Some pins are engaging and others are good for nothing.

    So, what type of pins work best? and which ones should you avoid.

    Well, before pinning an image on Pinterest, ask these two questions: do my images have a text that further explains what the image is about, and does my images stand out?

    How do you do that?

    First, ask your self, would anyone be able to understand the image without an explanation? If the answer is yes, then only post your images. If no, then add a short title on it.

    pinterest for marketing pin

    The challenge on Pinterest is that everyone is also doing the same things. and everyone is competing with you on the same pin.

    Unless you are a very top brand, create your pins with a text to captivate a click through to your website. That is our main goal here.

    Third, post images that people are asking for. People are not here to see a salad on a wooden table. They are here for a solution. Use words they use, and give them step by step type pins as well.

    Where do I get Beautiful images?

    There are many places that you can find free images that you can use for free. But this depends on what platform you use to create your pins and the amount of time you have.

    If you are using photoshop or other Adobe software then unsplash, pexels and pixabay are one of the few sources of image.

    But if you need faster easier and professional pins, I definitely advise you to use Canva. This is one of the best platforms for social media marketing, and even for designers. Everything in Pinterest templates Landing Page is drag and drop. You can upload your images, and you get more than 1 million free images.

    What if everything does not work?

    Well, not everyone can create something. Only training makes you perfect. Begin by copying other designs. In the process, you will get better.

    Believe me, on this I have some design background, and this is how we all start. We all think we are creatives, but in fact, what we are doing is copying the images of the design works that we once had seen. However, sometimes this too may not work.

    Then, you can always ask other designers to do that for you. You can hire a professional on Fiverr for cheap.

    How to Create a Good Pin?

    A good pin when using Pinterest for marketing is the one that gets you to click through. After all, we are doing all this to get traffic to our website.

    This works by creating a pin that looks like a clickbait. in other words, you need to inspire click using a good image and a text.

    Imagine a text on a Pinterest pin that says ‘why you should never fly first class’ or ’10 yoga moves that will lose you 10 pounds in 10 days’.

    Doesn’t that inspire you to read?

    On the other hand, you should give the content that you promised. Imagine someone clicked and went to your website page and didn’t find what you promised on your pins. This is disappointing.

    Not only that, don’t over exaggerate. Many viral type websites used to follow this type of trend where they use terms that make people click. and in the end, you only find normal posts, and not as exaggerated as the titles.

    How to Create Pins Easily?

    Well, Canva comes her to save the day. Almost all top Pinterest users use this platform to create great pins. If not you can also use Photoshop or Adobe In design. Whatever is easy for you, go for it.

    Canva is completely free for basic jobs. Sign up and Let’s begin.

    pinterest for marketing canva
    canva and pinterest for marketing

    As you see in the image above, you find already made design in Canva. You only need to replace your images and text.

    pinterest for marketing canva signup

    Click ‘create a design’ on the top right side, and enter ‘Pinterest pin’ into the box.

    pinterest for marketing canva design
    Pinterest for marketing canva page

    This is your design page. The white page on the right side is your Pinterest pin template. Here is where we put our design. The images on the left are already made design.

    Either start from the white page or just click a pre-made design to start from here.

    On the further left, you can choose basic emblems to use on your template. Image is a free image directory that you can use for free. Upload is to use your own image from your PC. elements are shapes and vectors. You can also add text, audio, and videos.

    Let’s add a pre-made design.

    I added a brown rectangular shape, changed color, changed text, replaced image. And boom. A new post. In 5 minutes.

    #Pinterest for marketing: Create good pins

    Pinterest for Marketing: Avoid This

    Taking copyrighted images- This is basically stealing. Why would someone take other’s work without any conscious guilt? But this happens every day.

    Many artists lose their work for some lazy guy behind a screen.

    Pinterest is getting serious on copyright and related issues. It is not acceptable to steal any image or video or audio from others and post it as yours.

    Never spam content– Spamming is getting smart with time. But social media is too. People don’t like spams. In fact, studies show that people don’t even open an email that looks like spam.

    what does a spam looks like? Any thing that is click bait.

    Not only that keyword stuffing is also considered as spamming. Use only one SEO keyword in one post.

    Follow-unfollow method– This is a too outdated strategy to get followers. If you have already been on Instagram, more followers and less following seem to be preferred.

    Known instagrammers only follow few accounts.

    For this reason, and others, many people follow a huge number of accounts, and they unfollow the ones who don’t follow them and the ones who do.

    The idea is to follow people and when they follow back to unfollow them. With this method, you can build a follower list.

    But this is a bad idea. First, it is not ethical. Second, people will know. Third, you will have a bad rapport with Pinterest. They know.

    This method also will not help you for long.

    Limit daily pins– Some bloggers pin many times a day. Others even delete and pin and delete as a process.

    This is a bad idea.

    Because you are creating a broken link. Imagine someone links your pin on their website, and you already deleted it. You are creating an error.

    I am not saying you don’t have to delete. But doing it consistently is a bad idea.

    #Pinterest for marketing: pineterst principles

    How to Pin: A Good Pinning Strategy

    Now. you are a new blogger or you are a new marketer. And you probably don’t have images to post. You only began with Canva. What should you pin? Or should you leave your board empty?

    How many pins per day? What content should you pin?

    There is no easy answer to this. But what I share with you is the best practice in the Pinterest for marketing niche.

    If you are a beginner, limit your pins to less than 5 per day.

    I understand the urge to pin a lot to accidentally attract readers. However, limiting your pins helps you test the waters before jumping in. Not only that it makes you look like you are a Spam since readers who are redirected to your website will find a barren with 10 posts.

    In the beginning, I also advise you to pin everything manually. And learn everything in the process. The concept, in the beginning, is to understand the platform, your audience, and their interaction with your pins.

    You barely have a content to pin? What should you do? The best option for you is to repin other’s content. This is only useful to create a connection with others and moreover to create an attractive board.

    This will not help you get more traffic to your website or landing page. Therefore, repinning other’s content is good but is not the best practice for the long run. Just like other markets, follow the 80-20 rule, where for every 8 of your own pins, you repin 2.

    Sometimes go more. Who cares as long as it doesn’t lose your attention to your pins and as long as it brings you, followers.

    If you have more followers and a good amount to content on your blog. I advise you to focus on your own content. Repining too much only hurt your boards.

    You need to pin consistently and possibly manually.

    #Pinterest for marketing: pin strategy

    What If I Don’t Have The Time?

    It is sometimes impossible to pin at 4 every day, 7 days a week, especially if you are a one-person show. So, what should you do?

    This is where pin schedulers come in. Schedulers help you schedule your post.

    What schedulers do is, once you upload your content, they automatically post on your behalf on the time you set.

    Best alternatives on the market include SocialPilot which works best with eCommerce and blogs.

    #Pinterest for marketing: schedule your pins

    Pinterest for Marketing Advertisement

    Advertising? You must be in a hurry. Or you are looking for a fast conversation. It is ok.

    Promotion helps you get there fast.

    If you plan to promote, and not grow organically and slowly, then there are few things you need to know.

    Preparing good content before promotion will make the result better. Without good content, your effort won’t give you a good result.

    Second, you cant target any audeince under the following.

    • Sensitive health or medical condition
    • Race, color or ethnic origin
    • Negative financial status or condition
    • Religious or philosophical affiliation or beliefs
    • Sexual behavior or orientation
    • Alleged or actual commission of a crime
    • Additionally, you can’t target ads to Pinners under 18 years old

    When targeting ads outside of the US, you also can’t target any audience based on:

    • Trade union membership or affiliation
    • Political affiliation

    Pinterest for Marketing and Advertising Guidelines

    How to Start Advertising on Pinterest?

    Start by clicking ‘Ads’ at the top corner of your Pinterest.

    You have 4 options here.

    1- Build brand awareness– Get more attention

    2- Engagement campaigns– Track data on who was interested in your content, how many clicks and comments and repins you got

    3- Traffic campaigns – This sends traffic to your content or to your website

    4-Promoted App pin campaigns

    Click one of these options and move on to the next step. Fill your details. The more detailed you get, the better audience you get. Use language, devices, genders, and locations to filter your audience.

    For example, if you are running a website for women only, then target that, and avoid men. If your audience is in Europe, then why advertise for a US market?

    Th add your destination URL. This could be your landing page, or your pin or a blog post, based on your campaign.

    Pinterest Ad is a very easy 4 step process. Follow the steps and you wont get lost.

    #Pinterest for marketing: Advertise

    Pinterest for Marketing Analytics

    Pinterest analytics is a useful tool to followup your progress. It seems to have a limited analytics compared to another social media.

    At the same time, Pinterest analytics is an important part of Pinterest. It tells you impressions and clicks to your website. Not only that it shows you how successful your pins are.

    pinterest for marketing analytics
    Pinterest for marketing analytics

    This will show you the way to go in the future.

    The other good feature is analytics per country, city, language, and even gender. This makes Pinterest a good analytics tool.

    The interests section of your analytics also shows you what your audience is also in.

    #Pinterest for marketing: Use analytics well

    Pinterest for Marketing, Summary

    Pinterest became a good tool for marketing your product and your content. Pinterest is also more of a search engine than social media. Your content on Pinterest will get ranked higher and higher instead of going to our market like social media trends.

    This makes Pinterest a good tool for marketing.

    We have seen how to create content that is SEO based and the can get more traffic. You have learned the best and the worst practice of Pinterest for marketing. Follow the article and guides well, and you will be a successful marketer.

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