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    A Basic Guide to Pinterest Marketing


    Pinterest marketing has been a big deal recently in the blogging area. Any blogger who need to grow its blog or any other social media should be on Pinterest as fast as possible.

    Next to the video content such as YouTube, the visual media is very much consumed. Pinterest comes in the picture under this assumption.

    Pinterest marketing is not anew concept. However, recently, the idea has increased and many people are using the generous feature of the site and the visual and social tools to get more audience to their blogs.

    What is Pinterest?

    Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more.


    Pinterest lets you pin images you like and share it to millions. Others can also share your content , that is called repin.

    Why Pinterest

    Millions of buyers are on Pinterest. In fact, about, about 63 percent of visitors made a purchase in 2019. Especially in the USA, most people visit Pinterest to buy. The image-based inspiration has contributed to this.

    Pinterest Marketing: Is Pinterest Good For Marketing?

    Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms. In fact, Pinterest marketing has one of the best traffic leads to any website.

    The interesting part is that visitors came to Pinterest wanting to get inspiration, and mostly to buy. Pinterest is good for marketing because it is a visual media, with less restriction than any other social media platforms such as Instagram. Here you can create boards and pins as much as you can. you can also create links to an affiliate or your page.

    pinterest marketing home

    Pinterest Marketing: The beginning

    The very first place you need to start with Pinterest is by identifying your topic and by finding and following people and pins that have similar needs and topics as yours. There are many bloggers and pinteresters that are already doing well on Pinterest. Thera re many accounts that are using the Pinterest marketing to advertise their business and attract visitors.

    Thera re people that are posting their life style, and have no interest of making money or forward people to some other page. S

    All work well here as far as they have interesting pins.

    What you need to do is to start by searching the topic of your blog on Pinterest. This could be health, fashion, baby, or any other topic. You can go as deep as possible with your niche. For example, instead of health, you can say diabetes, if that is your topic of interest.  Or Mexico travel instead of just travel.

    pinterest by people
    pinterest marketing

    Then open each people profile and see what they are posting. If you find any board fits your blog ideas. You don’t have to follow the whole account. Instead, look inside and only follow single boards.

    It is painstaking job but it is worth it at the end.

    Pinterest Marketing: Next steps

    After you follow few of the people that have similar interest as yours, not go to your account. You probably have seen the general boards they are using and you need to start yours based on what you have learnt from them.

    This is not stealing. Instead this is learning process.

    What you learnt is what people are following and what inspires people.

    pinterest marketing board
    pinterest marketing board

    Boards and Pinterest Marketing

    Boards are like a folders or categories for your images. These boards could have many images under them that have similar idea. For example, if you are in weight loss topic, you are expected to blog about diet, or food, or weight loss trainings. There are broad niches themselves. IF you are interested in all of them, then you need to make boards for each of them.

    Then any food images will be categorized under food.

    Any weight loss training you teach will be under weight loss board.

    You can further classify in to my weight loss training, and put it in a different board.

    Images and Pinterest Marketing

    Good images are the base for a good content in Pinterest. If your images are low quality, then readers wont bother to click your content. There are good image resources that you can use for free. Unsplash and Pexels are two of these free image platforms.

    The sectret to good images on pinterest is the size as well. Go for 2:3 vertical images.

    Third, make sure to add text to the images. The text could be your blog post title, but it should encourage a click.

    canva pinterest marketing
    Canva for pinterest marketing

    In order to have a good picture and text combination, you need to use image-editing software like adobe photoshop or online services like Canva.

    Try Canva Pro Today

    After you edit your image upload it to the pin and use it as cover. 

    Pinterest Marketing: SEO

    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.


    SEO is useful because it is a way of making sure that our post is placed in the appropriate place for an expected request from searches.

    SEO is the basics for organic traffic. SEO is not only for a blog; it is also useful for social media as well. Social media such as Pinterest are similar to search engine. They contain structured data and work smartly like any search engine.

    From experience and other bloggers experience, the SEO of google is much similar to Pinterest. But it is much easier to rank on Pinterest as the competition is much easier than google.

    The first step to Pinterest SEO is to identify keywords that have a good search on Pinterest.

    Pinterest marketing: SEO and Pinterest

    We have already said that even our Pinterest post needs an appropriate optimization. Just like blogs, pinterest boards and pins need a well though SEO.

    In detail You need to optimize your board Title, Board description, Pin and pin description.

    Begin with the words that come on the dropdown. This is important because people search for them often. That is why Pinterest provides you with a drop-down to make your search easier.

    Begin with one, in this case, for example wedding dresses. You can search once again for wedding dresses and further detailed results you will get.

    Here is the process of SEO in Pinterest for Pinterest marketing.

    pinterest marketing

    First you need to find keywords that people are searching for. The easiest way of finding top searched words is to use google keyword planner. Pinterest suggestion is also a powerful tool.

    Once you go to keyword planner, you need to put a single keyword that you are interested in.  Then save the keywords that you need to rank on Pinterest.

    The best way of finding keywords for Pinterest is on Pinterest itself.  First go to your Pinterest search on the top of the page (guessing that you are already registered and have Pinterest account)

    If you are working on wedding dresses, for example, these detail keywords can be your words. But if you are working on the general wedding topic (which is very broad, and not advised for beginners), then you can stay on the first result.

    You can create as many as boards that you may like. But make sure you don’t stuff keyword or you don’t have too many boards to handle.

    Then you need to use these words in your pins and boards. For example, you can use wedding dress lace or wedding dress vintage as a topic of your pin or board. With this you tell Pinterest and other search engines that your post is related to these keywords.

    Pinterest Marketing: Repins

    Repins are hen someone pins your pin again to their audience. This is similar to sharing someone else’s content. The beauty of Pinterest is the repins and pins are categorized as feed on the same page. And people can click on your pins on someone else’s page.

    What makes people to repin?

    People repin content that is interesting to share. News or funny materials are easy to share. People like to make others happy and want to be a source of happiness for others. When people think they have an information that others don’t have then they want to be the first source of the info. They share it.

    People also share useful content. Imagine you found a lose weight in 2 weeks pin. And you probably remember someone who needed it, would you not share it? You would because you want to be useful.

    Useful pins could be step by step images or how-to images. These are infographics.

    Pin your own content more than you pin other’s content. 

    analytics pinterest marketing
    Pinterest marketing analytics for new account

    Pinterest Marketing: Analytics

    Numbers determine success. These are the best way to see your progress. Pinterest analytics has important data that you can use to see if your hard work is paying off and what you need to do to improve.

    To access Pinterest analytics, you need to go to the upper left side of Pinterest. Once you see analytics click the link and it will take you to your detail analytics page.

    Impressions are how many times a single person saw your pin. 3 impressions mean, a single person visited 3 pins. The more the impression the better the visitor got the site.

    Anaytics tell you few things that you need to give attention to.

    • 1-Number of visitors per month.
    • 2-Impression.
    • 3-Visitors geographical location and
    • 4-Background of visitors
    • 5-Growth graph
    • The number of visitors per month helps you to understand the potential of the Pinterest account. Many Pinterest accounts have less than 1000 visitors and these probably won’t get much traffic to their sites from analytics.

    If only 5 percent of Pinterest visitors click to your website, then a thousand visitors would not be that useful.

    A number will help you estimate your future traffic and current success

    • Impression is also useful. If a person clicks and consume your picture content, that is useful. But how many pictures a single person saw is much more useful.

    Because this data will tell you if your visitors found your pins interesting or not. If your pins interesting, then people want to see more.

    Using this data, you should pin your audience love and spend much time on.

    • Location is important based on your website’s goals. If you are like many blogs, you are looking high paying geographic. US, Canada and UK are the primary goal here.

    These are English speaking countries and that buy.

    Many advisement agencies favour the traffic from these countries.

    But if you are writing for a certain region, then regardless of a potential income loss, then you need your visitor’s geographical location to be int hat country.

    Knowing where your audience is coming from, help you plan the future

    • Age and gender help you whom to target more. The need of young people and older people are not same. Your content should also be geared to your audience group. You can see who is interested in your pins, and you will work on a content that group appreciates.
    • Growth graph is the best thing in the Pinterest analytics. Are you growing or dying? You surly can tell from this graph.

    Pinterest marketing: Email

    Pinterest, like any other social media, is not your website. Pinterest like google and Facebook can change its algorithm any time and you may lose your ranking. Or it may even close the door and get of the business.

    And you may lose everything.

    This is email comes in. You need to use very business to turn it in to email collections. It is the email that pays you. And it is in the email that access to your audience is.

    Use landing pages to lead your Pinterest audience to your landing page in your website. With that collect emails.

    Pinterest Marketing: Promoting Your Pins

    Pinterest also offers a way to promote your pins for a selected group of audience. We have already discussed that Pinterest is good for organic or unpaid traffic. And it is possible to get good amount of traffic by following what we have discussed above and get a good amount of traffic.

    If you are not patient to wait for SEO and organic traffic, then you can go for paid promotions.

    If you are also in to a product, means that you are planning to launch a certain product or to get a fast traction, promotion would be good.

    With promotion you will get a way to make people sign up or you can collect email or you can make people buy your product.

    Promoted pins have similar look like other pins. The only difference you will see is that they include promoted by’ beneath the promoted pins. Often you may not even know that a certain pin is a promotion or not.

    Follow this link for best step by step promotion your pins.

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