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    Rakuten Marketing: A quality Focused Affiliate Marketing


    Rakuten Marketing is one of the top affiliate marketing platforms. Like click banks, it offers affiliates a way to adveritse top brands and make a commission out of commissions.

    On the other hand Rakuten has an eCommerce platform that hosts products from various brands.

    If you are planning to start affiliate marketing on your website or on social media, then Rakuten is a place to begin.

    What is Rakuten Marketing?

    Rakuten is an affiliate marketing platform whereas an affiliate you advertise and sell other’s products, and make a commission.

    What Does Rakuten Marketing Do?

    Rakuten marketing works with various top agencies and brands and it brings inventory, networks, and consumer insights together for a better sale. They also work marketing and sales performance of these brands and products.

    Is Rakuten Marketing Legit?

    Yes, based on its history, and customer revisions, Rakuten marketing is legit. It is safe to use.

    Rakuten is not a scam. The gossip that it gives cash on sale is right. Rakuten has cashback of a l fixed amount on your purchase.

    How do I become a Rakuten Marketing Affiliate?

    Register as an affiliate on the website to start. Once you sign in, you will get a dashboard.

    How much Does It Cost To join Rakuten?

    Amazingly, it costs nothing to join Rakuten.

    How is Rakuten Different from Amazon?

    Amazon is an independent system that handles warehouse storage to logistics to sales to shipping to customer service alone. On the other hand, Rakuten provides the platform, and owners of each brand or product take care of their won shipping and sales.

    Types of Affiliate Website for Rakuten Marketing?

    Although a website is not a necessity to sell an affiliate product, it is a plus. A website creates trust. And with trust, you can sell more products.

    rakuten marketing for affiliates

    You can create differnt types of products to sell an affiliate products.

    1-A blog

    Blog is a known way of selling an affiliate product. This also works well with Rakuten marketing. In blogs, you create helpful article, and you suggest which products that readers should buy.

    For example, writing about diets for diabetes, then you can suggest product with your specific suggestions.

    2-Review websites

    Readers believe peer reviews or blogger’s reviews than the seller’s words. Therefore, you can fill this gap. You create a space where you use a certain product, review it, and share it on your website.

    This time many review websites only write to sell a product, even with out using them. If you want to sell more , you need to show people that you used the product, and you need to be truthful.

    3-Shopping site

    This is a shopping platform with buttons to an affiliate link. This method has pros and cons. Shopping websites are easy to access and are attractive for many as these list products clearly. On the other hand, without branding, the audience may not believe your site. Not only that, on shopping sites people take more time to navigate, and they take days to purchase. in the meantime, you may lose cookies.

    Rakuten Marketing: Main Features

    Rakuten Marketing categories

    Surprisingly, Rakuten advertising has more than 30 categories in every market possible. You only need to tap in to your niche category and select a product to advertise.

    rakuten marketing for affiliates categories

    Rakuten Marketing Products

    Once you click the categories, you will have a list of products that you can choose from. Before advertising, you may need to apply and wait for the approval. Depending on your website’s traffic, and niche, you may or may not get approved. More traffic is a guarantee for approval.

    rakuten marketing for affiliates products

    Rakuten Marketing Product Details

    Once approved, access product details, links and more. You will find available offers, a percentage share you can make from your product.

    Link is a personalized code that you share on your website or other platforms. The code contains a personal identification that identifies from which affiliate the sale came from.

    rakuten marketing for affiliates products 1

    Rakuten Marketing Reporting

    Rakuten marketing also has reporting section where you view your sales history, and click history and more.

    Once you get your link, then you need to promote it. There are various free ways to do that. Here are some tips on link promotion.

    Use your own website

    You can create an ecommerce or reveiw webstie to promote your affiliate link. Rakuten marketing encourages personal websites as a method of link promotion.

    Whether eCommerce or a blog, WordPress is one of the best options to create a website. There are five steps to create your own website for Rakuten marketing or another affiliate marketing.

    1- Find a product

    Begin with a product type you want to promote. Here, you may not limit your options. Any product could work. However, getting to a single niche could create an authority.

    People would believe your review and your product listings. FOr example , if youare in fashion, i would advice to stick to a small portion of that amrket. GO for lipstick for young women. Then, reveiw and list top ten lipstick products. Then you will grow with that.

    2-Then find a domain name.

    THis is not hard. Use leandomainsearch and bustaname to find good domain names. Make sure the name is short and doesnot limit future growth. unless you are sure that the market is wide enoug to grow in , dont name your website lipstick. It might limit you.

    3-Host your website

    Hosting is easy. Just use blue host. It is the best option.

    4- Themes

    Purchase a blog theme. Either eCommerce theme or blog theme works best. If you are planning to review products, install product review plugins.

    5-Install WordPress

    Installing WordPress in Cpanel is easy as well. Once you install word press, then install your theme.

    6-Start your Content

    Don’t waste time on the process above this. We did all that for this step. The main thing about any website is the content. If you don’t have someone to say, then there is no reason why people have to come to your website.

    Include a Rakuten marketing or other affiliate marketing links on your website. Like the links in this post, include them where it is appropriate. The links should be from the Rakuten marketing advertising pages.

    Use Social Media

    Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter are the top options here. Especially if you share the links with useful content, you will surely get sales.

    The Youtube description section is a good place to put your Rakuten marketing link. create a product review video. You can also outsource the video on Fiverr. You will find people who are willing to do a video for a small amount of money.

    Facebook groups are another place to put your link. In groups or even on your page, you can suggest people purchase a product you have tried.

    Pinterest is also one of the best platforms out there.

    Use Low Competition Keywords

    Going for a high competition market is not a bad idea. Many bloggers advise against it for fear of the competition. But competition means there is a need for the product. But you need to go for low competition keywords.

    Long-tail keywords are low competition keywords. This means instead of going for ‘fashion’, you go for ‘fashion dress for women above 30 years old’.

    Use these keywords in the tag section of the promotion.

    If you have the budget, use Facebook Ad and Google Ad to get more traffic. You can target location, age, and gender-based on your audience, to advertise the product.


    The social media has showeded the existance of forums. Many of these known forums that used to operate in the 90s are now out of the market. But don’t let that decieve you. Because forums are still strong.

    People with a hobby or an interest are still gathering online and discussing and contributing. For this simple reason only, it is a good idea to join forums and put links of your Rakuten marketing or other affiliate links.

    First find forums in your niche by seraching ‘niche + forum’ and register. Once approved, start contributing useful content. DOnt begin with links. First, you need to get trust from teh forums.

    Not to look spam, use link shortening tools to get short URL, and use that to post on the forum.

    Quora is one of the most recent question and answr type forum. Here people are looking for genune answres for their questions. What makes quora better is it’s ranking system of contributors. The more helpful you are the better your rank will be in that niche.

    This is an opportunity. Once you get a better rank on quora, you can suggest to people what to buy without appearing spammy.

    Begin by searching the product niche you are in. If you are in dresses, then search ‘dress’. Research what type of questions are being asked. Then, go deeper into the niche. What kind of dress, or brand based question…and more. Once you get your spot, then start giving answers. Be useful. And tell people what to do next.

    Where to Find Rakuten Marketing Offices?

    North America

    Rakuten Marketing Chicago, United States

    20 South Clark Street, Suite 2600
    Chicago, IL 60603+1 312.325.7500

    Rakuten Marketing New York, United States

    215 Park Avenue South, 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10003+1 646.943.8200

    Rakuten marketing Utah, United States

    6985 South Union Park Center, Suite 300
    Salt Lake City, UT 84047+1 800.519.1432

    Rakuten Marketing San Mateo, United States

    800 Concar Drive, Suite 175
    San Mateo, CA 94402

    Rakuten Marketing Seattle, United States

    818 Stewart Street, Suite 910
    Seattle, WA 98101

    Rakuten Marketing Tampa, United States

    100 Ashley Drive South, Suite 2125
    Tampa, FL 33602

    Melbourne, Australia

    Level 1
    580 Church Street
    Richmond, VIC, 3121

    Singapore, Singapore

    138 Market Street
    #32-01 CapitaGreen
    Singapore, 048946

    Sydney, Australia

    Level 11
    8 Spring Street
    Sydney, NSW 2000+61 (2) 8274 5100

    Tokyo, Japan

    Rakuten Crimson House
    1-14-1 Tamagawa Setagaya
    Tokyo, 158-0094+81 50 5581 6910


    Aix-en-Provence, France

    380 Avenue Archimède

    Parc Cezanne

    13090 Aix en Provence, France

    Berlin, Germany

    Schönhauser Allee 112
    10439 Berlin, Germany

    Brighton, United Kingdom

    42 Frederick Place, 3rd Floor
    Brighton, BN1 4EA+44 (0) 1273 807272

    London, United Kingdom

    71 Queen Victoria Street, 7th Floor
    London, EC4V 4AY+44 (0) 20 7427 8120

    Paris, France

    Paris 92 Rue Réaumur
    75002 Paris, France  +33 1 48 04 53 21

    South America

    Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Avenida Nicolas Boer, 399
    Jd. das Perdizes, 3° andar
    São Paulo – São Paulo
    CEP 01140-060+55 11 3080-8680

    Rakuten Marketing Jobs?

    Find Rakuten Marketing jobs. Rakuten marketing says it believes in teamwork, diversity, and talent. They demand their team to acquire these skills. At the same time, they celebrate change and information.

    As of 2020 Rakuten marketing has more than 17,000 employees all over the world.

    Find Rakuten Marketing logo here.

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