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    SEO 101: Three Things you Should Know to Win on Google


    Here are the top three tips to help your blog or website to be listed on the first page of Google in a short period of time.

    1-SEO and Keywords

    What is SEO? (SEO Meaning)

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization): can be defined as targeting a certain keyword that you want to be searched for and preparing your data for search engines to recognize you. In other terms these are words that internet users use to find a search result.
    All webpages can have their own keyword that they can be listed for. For example, each blog post, done at different times could be targeted to different keywords.

    Your SEO works when the keyword that you included in your post title, body or images matches what people search for. For example, a person looking for latest gadgets might search ‘latest gadgets’ or what are latest gadgets or ‘new gadgets’ then it would be necessary to search for these keywords and include them in your post.

    How do you win the competition, how can you find your SEO strategy so that you can be successful?

    The rules

    The process: how to find keywords for better SEO

    ubersuggest seo

    There are several free keyword search tools. The one I used when I begin with other sites was ubersuggest. What ubersuggest does is it takes your keyword that you put in and add other possibly searched terms with it and show your number of searches and more.

    The other tool that is relatively known is google keyword planner. To start searching for the keywords first, go to planner or just type google keyword planner. Just sign in with your Google account or make one if you still don’t have a Gmail account.

    When you sign in you will see the page shown on the image below. You can see the tools menu is in blue and shown as default first page. If not click on tools and you will see the page as shown in the image below.

    google keyword planner

    Here you see 3 options click on the first one ‘search for new keywords using a phrase,website or category’

    Enter the keyword in the ‘your product or service’ box. Leave everything same, or change it to what suits you.

    Then click ‘get ideas’

    Keywords with high avg. monthly search are surely competitive. If you are new blog, then make sure to go for the ones with lower avg. monthly search results.

    Optional: enter your product category. This makes search specific. For example, it helps google to search with in that specific category instead of the whole web.

    You can also tweak your target including, location, language and more. The search in US and Europe is different. Even the trend and search need is different.

    You can also use the other tab on tools—keywords page that says ‘multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas’ click on it and you will see 2 more boxes next to each other. Yon enter different word that could possibly use in same search request.

    Principles: Don’t use keywords too much in a single post.

    SEO check: How can I test my site’s SEO score?

    There are different sites to study your SEO score.One of the prominent ones are:



    2-SEO and WordPress

    WordPress gives ways for your site SEO. It would be necessary to follow these guidelines to beat the competition on the internet .one of the useful tip is the permalink.


    – the option is found under setting then click permalinks. Then you find 6 common settings for the URL. Some use dates while others use numeric. Word press by default uses abstracted page names like Make sure your ‘post name’ setting is on and click save.  It is also necessary for the titles be short and precise so that the search engine could easily understand them.

    2- Set your Meta Title

    , and meta description on you every wordpress page and post. Generally, search results on google has three structures, the meta title, the meta description and the URL. There are various tools to teak your title and description for the search engine. 

    One of the best-suggested tools in word press is the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin. After installing the plugin, you will find the Yoast box under each page and post edit page. You see the snippet preview that is the exact preview of how your sites or post search result on search engines.

    Under it is a focus keyword that takes one word or few words that work together. For example, your focus keyword could be shoes or red shoes or red Nike shoes. As we have discussed above the more specific the better or the less competition it has the easier to list for the keyword.

    Under the focus keyword you find seo title which is the meta title or title of your page or post.

    The meta description is what the page/the post is about. It is usually 150 words long and what is more will be cut. So it would be better to make your description under this limit. You can also see what exists and what will be cut on the snippet preview area.

    For more watch videos is it necessary for every page to have a meta description?

    3-Wordpress plugins

    There are plugins in WordPress that account for your traffic. These include one SEO pack,  Google XML site maps, and Sumome plugin-the share tool.

    4-The body, the title and images.

    • While writing don’t forget to use H1, H2 …tags on your post. H1, that is header one could be the title, H2 will be the subtitle or main titles in the post. This creates hierarchy for search engines. Making words bolder and italicizing them will also be useful for both the SEO and for the reader.
    • Use atleast 2000 words in your content.
    • Use keywords in the first few paragraph and use them how many times…search. What other bloggers say.
    • Name your images with keyword…see wp image and its keywords.
    • Linking your posts and pages with each other is necessary. For example, while talking about hosting we talk about domains. And if the domains post is available on your site. Then you can link to the hosing page by writing…is you don’t have domain yet read…
    • Use blog and italic words on keywords and sentences.

    3-SEO and off page optimization.

    Backlinks are links on someone else’s site that redirect to yours. This is achieved when someone puts your link on their site.

    Search engines, especially google, appreciates websites with back links. Blog directory sites like Technorati used to call it an authority. Your site’s authority is measured by how many people are talking about your site. This means on how many of other bloggers, espically the giant ones, are linking to your blog. People usually mention you when you when they find you useful of or important. Then the more you are mentioned, the more you must be important.

    Then lean on which relevant and known site you can be on. This could be achieved through the five ways:

    1-Guest post.

    This is a concrete and yeteregagete way to be on ranking site. Guest post is when you write and publish on other’s site on behalf of the website. Your name and biography is mentioned, usually at the bottom of your post. This is guaranteed way of generating traffic.

    2-Good unique content

    Good by itself does not seem to be enough anymore. There are thousands average posts in each topic on the internet. To beat that your post should be better or unique. Unique intrigue us. It amazes us. We criticize it. Sometimes we hate it. And hate, as grant Cardone, American salesmen man says, hate conjure passion. People who hates you exaggerate, that creates more traffic. People who loved you could also share your content. Both is for your own advantage.

    3-Ask people to Share your content.

    Exchanging links is traditional method of generating traffic. There are few platforms that does this. One of these is sumome plugin.  The other way is contacting other blogger to exchange your link or to post your link. Here you should be fair and wait for more no’s as it always would not be in alignment with their strategy or goals.

    What it does is it assigns credit for how many saw your content and how many of others you have shown. It is like exchanging links and show it on own site without paying, only using credits.

    5-Leaving comments on posts

    – comments are one of the ways for communication among people with same interest. Espeically if you give constructive criticisms or openions on the post , then people will notice you and some will click on your name to see your site.

    Finally, I should say SEO and ranking are long term achievements. Tweaking few codes usually won’t make a difference alone. Continous and consistant application of the above lessons would make a diffence in a long run. What you should do next is just start from the basics, teak your pages, espically your landing page and product pages. And keep doing it for a while without waiting for quick fix solution.

    Now what is your openion on this topic. What is your experiance. It would be useful if you share us. Share now below in the comment box.

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