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CEO of Amazon Net Worth


CEO of Amazon Net worth is 185.4 billion USD by 2020.

This number (Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon Net Worth) has skyrocketed since he started his carrier in 1994 in his garage. This humble beginning has set a record of net worth increase and even a company income in 2020. Amazon has set a record of revenue and profit in the same year of the pandemic when many US and European companies suffer from a revenue decline.

Jeff Bezos began envisioning his future at an early age. His focused approach to education and good grades show his demeanor to become successful in his path. Not only that his desire to do great things such as space exploration that he began contemplating at a young age.

His selective and smart investment of his money, especially his investment of 1 million into google is one of the smartest moves he made.

Jeff Bezos has become a long way since 1994 and today he has amassed billions of dollars. CEO of Amazon Net Worth has increased to more than $200 billion setting the record for the person who amassed a net worth above $200 billion. If he continues increasing his net worth at the same rate as the past five years, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon Net worth would exceed a trillion dollars in just 6 years.

In this post, we will explore the main questions: Who is Jeff Bezos? How did he make him money? What is doing with his money today? And how can you make money like Jeff Bezos.

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Who is Jeff Bezos?

Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in January 1964. He was born from a family of a young couple, who later divorced. His biological father was a business owner tat fixes bicycles. His mother later married a Cuban immigrant and the family adopted Bezos and was given the name Bezos. Soon they moved to Texas where he later purchased a ranch. Like many computer enthusiasts of the time, he used the garage of the house as his workspace.

At a young age, he worked at McDonald as a cook while studying at high school at the same time. He was a high school valedictorian and a national merit scholar. He even had a plan to colonize space, that he included in his speech at graduation service.

When he began contemplating the idea of owning a book store on the internet, the idea was not far from a thought of madness way ahead of time. Even his relatives and family member and friends tried to talk him out of this nonsense of owning an online store.

But Bezos was not an ordinary kid who buys into social conformity. In fact right after he graduated from Princeton with a major in a dual degree in computer science and electrical engineering, he began turning down job offers even the big companies that his peers would dream to work in.

Together with Halsey Minor, a founder of CNET, he launched a news delivery by fax service that later failed. He then moved to a new job and became a senior vice president at a hedge fund in just 4 years.

While he was in wall street in 1994, he knew about the internet was growing at the rate of 2300% annually. He came up with the idea of Amazon and he launched an eCommerce platform with 20 categories, and books being the primary.

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The Initiation of Amazon and CEO of amazon net worth

Out of his garage, and with his wife and two programmers and $10,000, he began selling books in the US and other 45 countries around the world. The humble beginning was that their meeting place was at a library or local cafes.

Against all odds, the venture gets unexpected success that triggered the CEO of Amazon net worth. In order to raise money, in 1995, he estimated that by the year 2000 his sales would be near 75 million. This was a big mistake of underestimation on the side of Amazon. A year before the estimation period. Amazon sold more than $1.64 billion in sales alone.

This soon put him on the angel investors list and he managed to raise $1 million. His families were one of the funders who used their life savings to fund his little project. By then the first 20 investors each put about $50k for a take of less than 1%. This small figure today will be around 5 or 6 billion dollars.

He later managed to raise $8 million in Series A from Venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins.

Amazon is a company that managed to grow a half-million annual sales company to 3 billion in just under 5 years.

Amazon went public in 1997 and survived the dot com bubble. CEO of Amazon net worth kept growing even after the year 2000s. In 2013, Amazon planned to deliver goods using drones.

The Soaring CEO of Amazon Net Worth in the Age of Pandemic

2020 has been the best year for the CEO of Amazon Net Worth. The pandemic seems to shape the habits of the users to order products through amazon. When the rest of the world struggles with losing jobs and customers in the Covid 19 era, Amazon seems to go on beating the business against all odds. In fact, the CEO of Amazon Net Worth went up by 4.9 billion making his fortune to $204.9 billion. He added $87.1 billion to his net worth in 2020. Many agree with the notion that his wealth to be around $202 billion or more.

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ceo of amazon net worth data from 1995 to 2020

This achievement is so amazing in many criteria. First, most companies are losing money or don’t have a profit. The customers staying at home, business lose most of their incomes. At the same time, online services such as Netflix and Facebook amassed their share with Amazon. Almost one-tenth of Americans are unemployed due to the pandemic.

CEO of Amazon Net Worth is not the biggest and the top in the world, This means Bezos is not almost $90 billion dollars more than Bill Gates.

Almost 90% of the CEO of Amazon Net Worth comes from Amazon. Jeff Bezos is also investing in other big companies, the Washington Post and Blue Origin. Both are already big companies with hundreds of employees. The blue origin is aerospace companies working on big aeronautics and space projects. Blue Origin is currently building a reusable rocket after a successful test of smaller reusable rockets. With a big aspiration to colonize the solar system, Bezos plans to make Blue Origin a place to create a tool for space flight.

CEO of Amazon Net Worth is not only tied to these three companies. Infact Bezos is one oof the few people who invested 1 million dollars in Google in 1998. This investment would make Bezos a billionaire today.

Bezos invested in several startups such as Grail, a blood testing biotech firm, stack overflow, a developers platform, Business Insider, a news platform. His acquisition of companies such as Zapos for $1.2 billion and The Washington Post for $250 million has surely contributed to the CEO of Amazon Net Worth.

What does CEO of Amazon Net Worth Mean?

Jeff Bezos’ fortune is not more than $200 Billion US. What does that mean? If you have to understand how big that number is, then compare it to important other numbers. This money is almost equivalent to one percent of US domestic product.

CEO of Amazon net worth is not limited to Amazon’s stock. In fact, Bezos, CEO of Amazon net worth, saw the light of the day when he invested in Google in 1998.

Not only that, but Bezos also invested in a couple of companies including the Washington Post, and the business insider.

Jeff Bezos Wife Net Worth

The crazy record of Jeff Bezos is not only in the increase in revenue and net worth. But also a recording divorce settlement. When Jeff Bezos split from ex-wife MacKenzie Scott, he gave a quarter of his Amazon stake that is more than $60 billion, making her on the top 15 richest in the world list. Scott proceeded to give away about $1.7 dollars to charity.

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Jeff Bezos House

Jeff Bezos is known to have accumulated land and property throughout America. His venture in real estate could also be his desire to acquire more wealth. He probably owns more than five houses in US with a large acre of land. He owns a house on 5.3 acres of land, in Medina in Washington, near Amazon Seattle headquarters.

CEO of Amazon Net Worth doesn’t go without owning a large property in Beverly Hills. Bezos owns a house in California that he purchased with more than $24 million in 2007. This Spanish style mansion has large green fields with a well-designed landscape. The water, the brown paths green grass, and small trees make the place a great place to live in. The G+1 big mansion is another adventure a garden. This large estate is a neighbor to another smaller land he bought.

He also has another mansion in Beverley Hills in the Warner estate that he acquired for $165 million.

Bezos bought his townhouse in DC in 2016. This G+2 building is old and historic in its structure.

He also bought more than one condo in the historic century building in Manhattan. The CEO of Amazon Net Worth is clearly worth the ownership. He also acquired another three adjacent apartments in 212 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The later houses cost him around $80 million.

Jeff Bezos is thoughtful enough to acquire land in a rural part of the country as well. He owns a ranch in Van Horn in the middle of nowhere. He uses the land for one of his companies, Blue Origin.

Jeff Bezos Cars and Planes

Don’t let his Honda Accord fool you. Bezos has a taste for the finest transportation tools. He owns a private jest that cost more than $65 million.

Jeff Bezos Children

After the couple Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Bezos announced their divorce, many began to have an interest in knowing Jeff Bezos children. The couple split after 25 years of marriage. They announced on Twitter that they have been trying and living alone and now they decided to end their marriage and live as friends. They added that even if they knew that they would separate after all these years, they would do it all over again. They would look forward to raising their children and live as family and friends.

Jeff Bezos and the ex-wife have four children, three biological sons, and one daughter they adopted from China.

Jeff Bezos IQ

It is infact hard to know Jeff Bezos IQ without futher wxaminations and classic IQ tests. However, we can easily determine where he has a tendency of a high IQ or not by looking how he think or how he leads his work life.

Jeff was a high school valedictorian and a national merit scholar. He announced his plan to colonize space in his speech at the high school graduation service.

He did his first dual degree in computer science and electrical engineering that he graduated Cum Laude with a high-grade point. His tendency to a computer at a time that the idea of the internet was small makes him a visionary. Most of the works he did, the acquisitions, and the investments make him a smart businessman.

Just like other top entrepreneurs, he chose to enter an entrepreneurship path and find his own destiny. As a young man, he refused to work for others, which others would beg to work for.

His million dollar investment in Google at an early age is one sign of a gift.

Therefore, we can fairly say that Jeff Bezos is not an average thinker. in fact, he probably is way up in the Genius score list.

Jeff Bezos trillionaire?

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon net worth has increased steadily over the years. Especially, in the last five years, this rate has been set at 34%. In the year 2020, the number jumped and has grossed billions and made him one of the richest in the world.

If his personal fortune keeps increasing at the current rate, being a trillionaire will become true only by 2026. Jeff Bezos may make this dream a reality by an age of 62.

10 things you should know about the CEO of Amazon Net Worth

  1. In 1994, Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, an eCommerce giant in his garage. He wrote the business plan in his car.
  2. In 1999 Bezos was Time Magazine’s person of the year.
  3. In 2000, Bezos founded Blue origin with an aspiration of space travel.
  4. Only in four years’ time, Amazon went up to 12 billion as it went public. This figure soon fell to 2 billion but Amazon managed to survive the dot com bubble.
  5. In 2008, Jeff Bezos received an honorary doctorate in Science and Tech from Carnegie Mellon University.
  6. In 2013, he purchased The Washington Post.
  7. In 2015, the CEO of Amazon net worth increased to $50 billion.
  8. In 2018, the CEO of Amazon net worth doubled to $100 billion.
  9. In 2019, the CEO of amazon net worth became $136 billion.
  10. Today, the CEO of Amazon’s Net Worth increased as he owns more than 10 percent of the company’s stake.
  11. He promised he would give about £100 million dollars to a food bank to help feed the poor in the US and 1$0 billion to climate change ventures.
  12. He split with his ex-wife MacKenzie after 25 years of marriage. She now owns one-fourth of his stake. She now gets about 20m shares of Amazon.
  13. When most companies lost business in the covid year of 2020, Amazon saw a 37% earning and revenue increase.
  14. CEO of Amazon Net Worth is not only from Amazon. In fact, Bezos owns the Washington Post, a news platform, and Blue Origin, an aerospace company.

Summary, Bezos, CEO of Amazon Net Worth- Lessons learnt

1- Start humble- Jeff Bezos began in his Honda and his parent’s basement. They were one of his first investors and they had to give off their life savings to structure Amazon. The company began with four people including himself, his, ex-wife and two developers.

2- Take risks– Jeff Bezos was not from a rich family. Infact he worked in Mcdonalds as a teen. But when he graduated he refused to work for big comapnies. He took risk to work on startups and company that he tought would give him better chance of seeing his future.

In this age it seems taking risk is exaggurated. Inface in today’s age taking risk is much easier. A failed startup is on inverstors money. A failed interest startup doesnot take much to recover from. There is no reason no to take a rick in this age. Jeff Bezos , CEO of Amazon Net worth increased in proportion to the risks he took.

For example, his one million dollar investment into Google would put him on the billions list today.

3-Be your own boss – While working for others, many say, Jeff had an idea of starting his own company. He saw the internet as an opportunity and hop on it from the beginning and it worked out well.

4-Get knowledge– Knowledge is power. It helps you decide on your next move. If you don’t have a college education, you necessarily need to create to cram basic knowledge from the internet of other free or paid sources. You need to know the ins and outs of the business that you want to join.

5- Invest– don’t let Jeff Bezos deceive you with a Honda. He has a 65 million dollar jet. He owns real estate in many cities. He invested in start-ups such as Stack Overflow, The business insider, the Washington Post, blue origin, and more. Jeff Bezos net worth today is more than 185 billion dollars.

7-Give Back- Jeff Bezos has a plan to feed the poor and to contribute to climate change researches. He planned to fund a 10 billion climate fund for advocacy groups.


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