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Dean Graziosi Net Worth, and the Secret to his Success


Dean Graziosi is an American investor in real estate, company owner, performance mentor, marketer, YouTuber, and entrepreneur, best known for being the world’s leading real estate trainer and for his long-running TV shows in an interview format with a Net Worth of $43 million. Where does Dean Graziosi net worth comes from?

Dean Graziosi Net Worth. Graziosi was born in Marlboro, New York, USA, on November 20, 1968. His mother, Gloria Post, and his father, Paul Graziosi, are from Italian family heritage. His parents split when he was two years old, and he moved on to live with his mum. Since he used to wear second-hand clothing, he suffered excessive bullying growing up. Dean also had dyslexia, a learning disability that can cause writing, reading, and spelling difficulties.

His late grandmother, Carmella Fanizzi Post, was also an important part of the author and his older sister’s education. His grandmother taught him many important life lessons, while his mother struggled hard to support the family, working two jobs under the minimum wage.

As a result, the entrepreneur was motivated to pursue success in life and support her by the hardship of his mother.

Who is Dean Graziosi?

Dean Graziosi is a well-known American businessman, marketer, performance consultant, company owner, an investor in real estate, and teacher of the first degree.

He’s been on American television for almost 15 years now thanks to his exploit in the online space, and he’s highly known as a businessman, entrepreneur, New York Times breakout author, and motivational speaker.

Dean may be famous for his long-standing interview-style TV shows, making him one of the world’s top brokers of real estate.

He has gained millions of audiences in the U.S. and around the world and has published five books since 2006, dominating the category of popular business and real estate books, recording over 1 million copies of one of his bestsellers.

After his entrepreneurial success with his books, Dean Graziosi collaborated with an organization with extensive expertise and experience in the management of a live event in 2010.

Since then, he has partnered with this organization to perform live shows, primarily in the United States. His business attitude, outstanding education, and credibility, particularly in the real estate industry, have made his event a success to date.

The business was one of the top real estate training firms in the United States in early 2011.

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Dean Graziosi Early life

The son of Paul Graziosi and Gloria Post, Dean Graziosi, who was the younger of his parents’ two daughters, was born and raised in Marlboro, New York.

As he was only 3 at the time, his parents were divorced. A poor starting, if you ask me, for a promising little boy. He was adopted by his mother and grandparents until he eventually moved in with his father when he was 13. It was not a rosy one to grow up because the family faced numerous financial problems and at the age of 19 had to travel more than 20 times.

At the age of 20, Dean’s first entrepreneurial success story came when he entered into purchasing, restoring, and selling used cars, ending his first real estate deal with little to no money at the time. This experience prompted him to invest in real estate afterward. Dean Graziosi went to no formal college at all. He went to Marlboro High School, however.

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Dean Graziosi Net Worth and Career

Dean Graziosi had his first major success with a training course he developed based on his experience of the real estate market after many achievements in the real estate industry. The “Think a little different” training course is based on his thoughts. In nearly all fields of industry, this course effectively outlines his core strategies of growth.

Dean Graziosi formed his own company in 2002. The company, called Dean Enterprises, focuses on the production and dissemination of its real estate goods. The business specializes in the application of information materials and books written by Dean.

Dean has been committed from the outset of his career to changing the lives of others who deserve more or much more. Without making any false claims, he has always wanted to truly master the business, which has helped him to provide total success for those who have gained from his courses to date.

Not every expert does that… And after the success of the previous novel, a year later, Vanguard Press released the second book, ” Be a Real Estate Millionaire.” The novel, which was among the bestsellers in 2007 and 2008, was massively sold. It debuted in the New York Times, USA Today, and the giant Wall Street Journal, too, driving him a few years back to become Amazon’s bestseller.

In January 2009, he went on to release his third venture,” Benefit now from real estate.’ This book is not so different from the rest, as it is sort of a step-by-step guide describing how to make a viable investment in the real estate industry for beginners. This was an instant success, as in just under three months, it successfully surpassed sales of all the previous products.

As a creative investor and educator, Dean Graziosi went on to write two more books:” Your Town, Your Profit ” and ” 30 Days to Real Estate.” Then this new one followed. The Underdog Advantage.

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Dean Graziosi Net Worth and Personal Life

Dean was once married to his former wife, Jonelle Ward, who gave him two daughters, Breana Graziosi, born in 2006, and Brody Graziosi, born in 2008.

The millionaire is reportedly in a relationship with his 34-year-old fiancée, Lisa Palacios. Podcaster. A podcaster. On 12 March 2019, in Cabo San Lucas, near a beach in Mexico, Dean proposed to Lisa.

Graziosi and Lisa were married in Villa D’Este in Italy on August 22, 2019.

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Dean Graziosi Net Worth

Dean is a jack of all trades and enjoys a phenomenal net value as well. Different sources say that Dean Graziosi’s net worth is valued at $43 million. The multi-millionaire should not forget his projects as well as his kind after novels, classes, and masterminds for much of his profits from the real estate industry.

The entrepreneur had a prosperous career at the age of 51, which is apparent from his wide variety of investments and properties. While his exact net worth is still under investigation, his corporation and brand have generated sales of around $1 billion.

He purchased a luxurious mansion in Paradise Valley, Phoenix, at an astounding price of 7 million, as of now. So, it appears like the millionaire is doing very well for himself by marketing prosperity formulas that everyone in today’s market wants.

The real estate company is his main source of revenue. As realtors will make a hefty bit of profit when it comes to commission, it is a very profitable business. Dean is also an author, and the New York Times bestseller list has included his novels.

Over a million copies of his most popular book have sold well. As he earns royalties from his novel, this provides an additional source of income for the individual. From a motivational speech, teaching, and becoming a tv host, he even receives extra money.

It is not impossible, as such, to see where all his money comes from. By using his unrivaled market savvy, Dean has established his remarkable net worth.

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Dean Graziosi Net Worth and his Books

Here are the books he has published to date:

Book #1: Totally Fulfilled

This is an excellent book to find out how to use some interesting techniques to do those things that bring you fulfillment in life and get rid of the challenges.

In its flow of words, it is very motivational and provides very realistic ways of approaching problems. A detailed roadmap with interesting details and follow-up is easy to read and is packed with.

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Book #2: Profit from Real Estate

In this book, Dean Graziosi shares a strategy for acquiring these real estate assets so that you purchase them even without a down payment, and then retain or forward the deals to motivated customers and make a profit in both situations.

This is the only no down payment solution that in today’s changing world fits perfectly well.

Many of its beneficial chapters teach these methods and tactics, such as:

Income from the real estate market’s latest decline

How to classify killer offers to find you and draw a huge number of aggressive customers.

There are also some specific steps to follow at the end of each chapter, and also, success stories from those that have accomplished their objectives through the book.

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Book #3: 30 Days to Real Estate Cash

This book teaches you how to make money right away and offers tested ways in just 30 days to switch from zero cash to making money.

There is no exaggeration, considering that the plans presented in the book are very realistic. This is demonstrated in the testimony of his students following the same plans and strategies in less than 30 days to pocket real estate cash.

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Book #4: Millionaire Success Habits

The millionaire achievement habit provides you with the resources you need to improve your everyday job radically and open new doors to happiness.

Dean Graziosi related anecdotes from his personal life and the experiences of his friends Tony Robbins, Dan Sullivan, and Joe Polish in this book to have effective routines that can be adopted into his or her life by anybody.

This book will help you search deeper and figure out the true intent and the real motivation you want the push that drives you forward. The “inner villains” who are holding you down from going ahead will also be revealed and overcome by you.

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Book #5: The Underdog Advantage

This is Dean Graziosi’s newest and most recent novel (released in 2019). This is a novel that encourages you to reinvent destiny by translating your drawbacks into your superpowers. Do you feel trapped in a life or trapped in mediocrity, feeling like an underdog? This is almost like a road guide in this book to turn it all in your favor and get the best out of life.

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Dean Graziosi Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dean Graziosi a Scam?

Dean is not a fraud with all the consequences. Maybe not everyone agrees with that. It’s good, the explanation is that everybody must not be successful at one as in any other business enterprise. This also has a lot to do with how people follow Dean’s method.

Yet Dean is a very legitimate multi-millionaire in terms of credibility, whose efforts have affected millions of lives.

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Is Dean Graziosi an Italian?

Yes, Dean is originally from Italy, and his parents are from Italy.

How did Dean Graziosi make his money?

Although Dean Graziosi made and still makes cash with real estate properties, courses, activities, etc., it is important to remember where all his entrepreneurial success began.

He succeeded in selling his first book on buying and selling cars, entitled ‘Motor Millionaire,’ back in 1998. This paves the way for an enterprising trip. It is on record that, while helping other Americans make money selling vehicles, Motor Millionaire turned out to be a very popular initiative.

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Is Dean Graziosi on Social media?

Across all his social media pages, Dean Graziosi has over 4 million followers.

Does Dean Graziosi have a podcast?

Oh yeah, the Dean Graziosi show has named the podcast for millionaire performance habits. A presentation for those out there who, on a large scale, are trying to reach their highest potential.

Where did Dean Graziosi grow up?

In reality, he grew up in the city of his birth, Marlboro, New York.

How do I contact Dean Graziosi?

It’s as simple as going to his site to contact Dean Graziosi to fill out the contact form, or just click on this link:

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Dean Graziosi Events, Courses, And Mastermind

#1: The Growth Summit Event

The Growth Summit event is where, alongside Dean Graziosi, people such as Brendon Burchard, Ethan Willis, meet the nearest and most trusted circle and invite them to come to the event and share the stage with them.

And why this event should not be skipped for any reason is that these entrepreneurs have not only created one of the most impressive educational companies in America over the past 20 years, they have also been privileged to meet some of the world’s greatest leaders.

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#2: The Number One Way to Generate Wealth This Year by Joining A Wave of One Trillion Dollar and How You Can Benefit Online Training Course

  • You will learn with this 90-minute Online Training Course:
  • The ‘four top secrets’ revealed by the world’s most influential people and the perfect way to help you make really easy use of this tip.
  • What I think is the easiest way to make money in today’s economy, and why it’s 10 times better than bonds, precious metals, overtime, or going to college, is another thing you’ll learn. ‘The classroom.
  • How you can use the unequal marketing technique to get ahead of the rivals easily.
  • How to place the first profit in your wallet without having to borrow cash, start-up funds, or risk picking your dime within the first 30 days.

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#3: Real Millionaire Monthly Online Course

This is an online course developed in the real estate field by Dean and one of his top students, Matt Larson.

The goal of the course is to assist those people who feel that the real estate market is already saturated, that they need additional tactics and top-notched instruments to break the industry, or worse, that they need a lot of money to start up.

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#4: Millionaire Monthly Habits with Dean Graziosi

This is an exclusive initiative where you can benefit from on-site instruction from Dean, as well as from all the archival training he has carried out over the years.

Some characteristics of this training are:

  • Discover over time your special skills and ROI
  • Marketing Direct Response-How to Draw and Repel People You Like
  • How to overcome any hurdles and then take action
  • Second, faith-how to do whatever you want in trust.
  • How to do stuff so that nobody keeps you from getting what you’ve really wanted and always needed, and a lot more, of course.

Plus, for his mastermind students, you can get some of the instruments Dean Graziosi uses that cost $100k a year to pull on his wealth of expertise, for completely free.

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#5: Knowledge Broker Blueprint

The Information Business Blueprint-KBB (now known as the Knowledge Broker Blueprint) allows you to quickly recognize and identify those with your talents, skills, or passion that will affect individuals in that niche when shared.

And at the same time, you’re making a lot of money. This is Dean Graziosi’s newest and most recent course. Yeah, and behind the KBB, he’s not the only one. With Tony Robbins and Russell Brunson, he constructed this value-packed course.

This is the right course for you whether you are an entrepreneur or an associate dreaming about creating masterminds, workshops, summits, conferences. Knowledge Broker Blueprint is an online course that includes video tutorials in its modules, practical exercises, worksheets that can be downloaded, and a private Facebook community, of course.

With each module having its lessons, this course is divided into four modules, which are further subdivided into various training and incentives. MindMint program is another part that you can find within this KBB. MindMint is a program that allows you in one position to extract information and prepare.

The program guides you through the process of setting it up and scheduling the event when you create a new “event” in MindMint. MindMint also provides you with the resources to help you create a distribution platform that helps you to sell your expertise to your audience, in addition to helping you plan your case. You can also create landing pages with this app, down to sales pages.

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