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John Morgan Net Worth


What is John Morgan net worth? Who is John Morgan? What do we learn from John Morgan’s net worth and life? John Morgan house, income, and success.

A John Bryan Morgan (born March 31, 1956), with a net worth of $110 million, is an American lawyer and businessman. He is the founder of Morgan & Morgan, a corporation responsible for class actions and personal injury. The company’s focus is typically class action as well as personal injury.

John Morgan Biography

The eldest of five children, Morgan was born in Lexington, Kentucky. His family moved to Winter Park, Florida, in 1971. He attended the University of Florida (1974-1978) and the Fredric G. Levin School of Law at the University of Florida (1978-1982) from 1974 to 1982, where he obtained his Juris Doctorate. Whilst practicing law, Morgan met his wife, Ultima Degnan. In May 1982, they got married.

In Florida, Morgan has been active in moves to regulate medical marijuana. Medical marijuana appeared on the November 2016 ballot as Amendment 2 again. By contributing $6.5 million along with television and radio ads personally endorsing the measure, Morgan donated to the Yes campaigns.

Morgan was named the Most Influential Individual in Orlando-by-Orlando magazine in July 2019.

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John Morgan Net Worth

As of 2021, John Morgan’s net worth will be over $700 million. The main revenue generator for Morgan is his law practice. If it uses the commercials for more than $24 million, so it is more than that. The pace at which he donates is also voluminous. He makes cash out of the cases he handles. He managed to amass the above number that way.

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Career, Awards & Nominations

John Morgan is an attorney whose specialization is injury, class action, and even personal injury. He founded the law firm Morgan & Morgan PA in 1988.  With the assistance of his wife, Ultima, he did that. It is headquartered in Orlando, Florida.

His search for medical marijuana reform in the state of Florida is not a mystery. He is the chairman of United for Treatment. He advocated for the introduction of Amendment 2, which was intended to make it legal in 2014. The bill did not advance, though. His efforts bore fruit two years later. The bill passed. Since pledging $6 million to the course, it was an outstanding source of joy.

He was running for the 2018 race to become the Governor of Florida. To run as an independent candidate, Morgan left the Democratic Party.

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John Morgan Net Worth and Political Activity

In November 2016, Morgan announced that he was considering running in the 2018 race for Governor of Florida. He declared on Twitter on November 24, 2017, that he was disillusioned with the present state of American politics and left the Democratic Party to register as an independent.

Morgan vowed that he would spend $1 million to increase the minimum wage in Florida to $15. Morgan & Morgan has given $478,158 to the Florida Political Committee for a Decent Salary since December 2017.

As of August 2019, the majority of the $4.15 million earned for a decent salary by the Florida political committee was contributed by Morgan & Morgan. Morgan declared in October 2019 that he had acquired enough signatures to receive the November 2020 minimum wage bill on the ballot.

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John Morgan Net Worth and Philanthropy

John Morgan and his partner, Ultima, contributed $2 million to Central Florida’s Second Harvest Food Bank in March 2013, funds that went into a 100,000-square-foot warehouse. The second Harvest predicted that $1.4 billion would surpass the amount of the food stored in the plant. John Morgan referred to the gift as “one of the best things we ever did.”

In 2015, $1 million was committed by Morgan to a $7.4 million domestic violence shelter in the Harbor Building. The Morgan & Morgan Home-A Safe Haven for Families will be named the 119-bed, 27,500-square-foot facility.

In 2017, Morgan contributed $1 million to the Neighborhood Resource Network of Joel Hunter, whose goal is to offer services and help for “homeless families and people who do not qualify for government-funded housing programs.”

After Puerto Rico was ravaged by Hurricane Maria in September 2017, John Morgan let humanitarian groups transport doctors and supplies to the region using his private aircraft. The aircraft contained more than 2,000 pounds of supplies, which were used by physicians to support patients in need of immediate medical attention.

Morgan & Morgan has awarded the Citizens Scholarship annually since 2017 to a law student who “is driven to fight for those who need it most.” The scholarship grant is several thousand dollars in tuition.

In 2019, in honor of their acquaintance and the college’s namesake, Fredric G. Levin (Class of ’61), John and Ultima Morgan donated $1 million to the Levin College of Law of the University of Florida. The funds will be used to finance grants for students.

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John Morgan Net Worth and Other Business Ventures

John Morgan is the founder, in addition to Morgan & Morgan, of Wonderworks Attraction, PMP Marketing Agency,,, among other business projects.

He is also a partner in the Litify legal tech business, which in June 2019 raised $50 million in the capital, and is an investor in real estate who has acquired properties, hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers. He told Orlando Magazine that “I think I have a shot,” and that one of his career aspirations is to be a billionaire.

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The Lives of the Wealthy and Famous by John Morgan

The motto of John Morgan’s law firm may be “For the People” but John Morgan and his family do not behave like any average citizen they serve. While they say outwardly that they are not for the rich, the social media pages of the sons of John Morgan paint a somewhat different portrait of the lawyer and his family.

The son of John Morgan, Matt Morgan, looks like an ordinary guy at first glance: a shiny, prim, and proper solicitor. His account on Twitter appears common enough. No wild tweets, no trendy cars, no ritzy holidays. The Dalai Lama and Pope Francis, who promote goodwill messages to all citizens, are being retweeted by Matt Morgan.

But a closer look at Matt’s Instagram account offers audiences a peek into a lifetime of corporate jets, Paris flights, fancy hotel rooms, Barack Obama sessions, and Jimmy Buffett’s private shows at the 18,000 square foot mansion in Morgan.

It’s a life that 99% of Floridians don’t have, and, most honestly, a life that most Floridians can’t possibly imagine.

On his Instagram account, Morgan’s other sibling, Daniel Morgan, is even flashier. Daniel is not even out of law school—just he’s 24–and already enjoys the lifestyle of a millionaire playboy: he hangs out with Chicago Bulls NBA basketball star Joakim Noah, pops champagne bottles at Las Vegas pool parties, and even rode in the Boston Red Sox parade after this year’s World Series win.

In a social media world, appearances are crucial, particularly for people like John Morgan, who have made it the task of their lives to represent the people of Florida. On top of that, in his bid to win back his old position as the top dog of Florida politics, Morgan waves the flag of many high-profile initiatives including the medical marijuana petition and supports former governor Charlie Crist.

But while social media is one thing, in politics, appearances are critical too. Crist and others have blamed Gov. Rick Scott for taking his private plane across the state to attend news conferences, but a hunt for comparable pictures of Scott and his Morgan model family jet-setting turned up blank.

John Morgan sticks his hand heavily into the 2014 polls, but maybe he should be respectful of public opinion, much as everyone else interested in politics, before preaching his participation for the common good of the Floridians and not for, well, anything else.

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Morgan raised over $7 million in 2017 lobbying for two statewide ballot measures. That is but a drop in the bucket, according to Morgan, relative to what the rich attorney is planning to spend. He has the intention of spreading medical marijuana across Florida as well.

Similarly, in 2014 and 2016, he spent about $6.8 million on the United States for Care efforts to pass a statutory cannabis amendment. Among the loudest voices supporting medical marijuana was the future governor nominee.

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Morgan & Morgan has Monumental Marketing and Recovery of Billions

Morgan & Morgan is a juggernaut of industries all joined together by the world’s biggest personal injury and business law company, spanning magazines, conventions, banks, election campaigns, numerous blogs, theme parks, and charities.

The law firm was founded by “serial entrepreneur” John Morgan in 1988 with two attorneys, two secretaries, and a receptionist in Orlando, Florida. Today, the company has 500 lawyers, 305 paralegals, and 3,000 employees in 50 Florida offices and 13 other states.

John’s brother Tim is the initial driving force behind the venture. At Disney World, Tim was a young lifeguard and was crippled when he dove to rescue a lost child. Disney fought the pay demand for his work and offered a meager payout. “In a book, John Morgan says, “I was furious and promised that one day I would be the plaintiff’s counsel to take vengeance on my brother.

Mission accomplished!

  • Gross annual sales of Morgan & Morgan are $500 million to $600 million.
  • A total of $5 billion in verdicts and damages by clients has been recovered by the company.
  • The conclusions of the case are 20 times more than what the accused first gave. The organization has earned $139,047,297 for consumers with pretrial deals of $6,424,875.

“We’re a consumer protection firm,” says Matt Morgan, director of the personal injury department of Morgan & Morgan, and the founder’s son. “We’re seeing a lot of growth all across the board right now.”

Personal accident lawsuits are the bedrock. The company has recovered $1 billion in settlements and verdicts for 50,000 consumers so far in 2019. Our dedication is to get top dollar on a scale with our consumers and discuss any case as we would have it individually. That was our secret sauce,’ says Matt.

“We find that, as opposed to insurance adjusters, juries do a much better job of looking at our customers through a more human lens in assessing the devastating impact on them of their lifelong injuries.”

Importantly, juries in Florida are not affected by tort reform, and, as other states have done, the legislature has been hesitant to enact loss limits.

In California and New York, Morgan & Morgan is planning rapid expansion. In an office near UCLA, the LA office currently has 3 lawyers. In an office across the street from Grand Central Station, the Manhattan office still has 3 attorneys. (Brooklyn is home to the tech hub of the business, where digital content is processed.)

The company has an annual advertisement budget of $100 million for TV, radio, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube web advertisements, cab tops, and billboards. “We’ve already had 2 million people calling our company as of August this year,” says Matt. “So, for us, our marketing continues to be efficient.”

All 40 of its specialty areas are advocated by Morgan & Morgan, but especially Roundup cancer and other mass tort cases. Matt claims the company’s arrival into the “major leagues” of mass torts, tobacco lawsuits and class actions vaulted the company.

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John Morgan Net Worth and Big impact on the community

A lavish lifestyle with private jets, limousines, flights to Paris, and stays in fancy hotels have brought wealth to the family. In 2018, according to, John’s net worth was $730 million.

The Instagram accounts of Matt and Daniel give fans a snapshot of their lives. In one photo, the family is enjoying a private show at the Morgan’s 18,000 square foot mansion by Jimmy Buffet.

The family wealth allows John Morgan to be involved in other firms, politics, and social work – burnishing the firm’s image.

Supporting the vulnerable has proven an important tool to create goodwill. The family contributed $2 million to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida, which distributes food to more than 500 nonprofit organizations. The value of the Morgan & Morgan Hunger Relief center’s food stores will reach $1.4 billion over the next 2 years.

The organization founded the For the People Scholarship, which allows students looking to get into law as a profession. For first-year law students who are committed to making their world a safer place, the grants help cover the tuition.

John and his partner, Ultima, recently contributed $1 million to the Levin College of Law at the University of Florida.

No doubt the charitable work is influenced by the upbringing of John Morgan in poverty. John Morgan, who was born in Kentucky in 1956, was the first of five children of an impoverished father and an intoxicated mother. In a 2003 interview, John said, “We were never homeless, but you knew it was bad.” It would cut the lights off or cut off the phone.

As a teenager, John became the man of the family, staying at home from school to provide for his brothers, and taking them to a hotel so they could get away from the drunken binges of their mother.

Morgan, an industrious young man, sold greeting cards, sweets, and roses to friends, and churches sold holiday poinsettias. He served for Dairy Queen and appeared at Disney World as Goofy and the Big Bad Wolf. In the process, he was tracking his sibling’s grades and was himself a top pupil.

John received a BA from the University of Florida in 1978 and a law degree in 1982. By selling Yellow Page advertising, he paid for his law school fees.

He was president of Florida Blue Key, a leadership society that assists Florida University, where he made lifelong friends. At a PI firm in Orlando, John began legal practice, and three years later, with another former Blue Key president, he formed his firm. He formed Morgan & Morgan in 1988.

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John Morgan Net Worth and Entrepreneurial Projects

John writes, “I am not a lawyer, but rather a successful business owner.” “For my firm and all my other business ventures, grow or die has long been the personal mantra.”

The entrepreneurial push of John Morgan has taken him to a host of non-legal businesses:

General partner founder of Wonderworks theme parks in 6 cities around the country. The parks blend education with entertainment, providing an upside-down home, a laser tag, and a simulator coaster.

#John Morgan Net Worth entrepreneurial projects

  • John Morgan Net Worth and Holder of several Marriott Hotels
  • John Morgan Net Worth and Holder of complexes for homes, shopping malls, and undeveloped land.
  • A Beech Outdoor Ads partner, which operates billboards in Florida and John Morgan Net Worth
  • Co-founder and part-owner of Nasdaq-traded Center State Banks of Florida and John Morgan Net Worth
  • Legends Sports Management Co., which oversees professional and college sports team activities, NASCAR, Indian casinos, Farm Aid, attractions, entertainment, and conventions, is part owner and John Morgan Net Worth
  • Practice Made Fine, a marketing company for attorneys, an advertisement agency, a corporation for law firm administration and John Morgan Net Worth

In other jurisdictions, tort reform pushed John 20 years ago to establish Experience Made Great. It is meant for lawyers to make contacts and understand what it takes to manage a profitable practice in personal injury.

On June 26-28, PMP held its 12th annual retreat for lawyers at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando. Presentations included trial techniques, crisis management, brand security, and social media marketing.

The program is perfectly linked to his two books, You Can’t Teach Hungry: Creating the Multimillion Dollar Law Firm, first published in 2011 and available for $45 on Amazon, and You Can’t Teach Vision, The Law Firm of the Twenty-First Century, published in 2015 and available online for $85.

The books offer an insight into John’s progress, theory, strategies of the business, and the groundwork for an enduring practice of law. I warn people that if I have to clarify to them that You Can’t Teach Hungry means you can’t comprehend the book and all its implications,” he writes, “there’s no way you can understand it.

John employs one fascinating business management strategy to compile an internal ranking of all the lawyers of the firm based on the amount of money they have received. Nobody’s going to want to be at the bottom.

“It’s a lot like building a circus to build a law firm,” John writes. “Think of it as building The Greatest Show on Earth as you start to build your law firm.”

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