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What Is SEO Mean? How To Rank Your Website For Maximum Traffic


What is SEO Mean? This is a common question. SEO, in short, stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is a process of adjusting your posts and your website to rank organically. The world of the internet is changing rapidly. The number of websites on the internet is increasing daily. Thousands of websites are created every day.

This makes the information-rich, and at the same time so excessive, that good content must be given priority. For example for a single search for the term laptop, millions of pages return results with this keyword. But which one answers the reader’s question? How can search engines identify the best website to serve the reader?

Here is the SEO comes in.

SEO help bloggers and website owners to create their posts and their products using a keyword that readers use to search.

Here, we will see, what is SEO Writing, Why SEO, what is SEO mean-speed and how to improve it? what is SEO Writing keyword, what is SEO mean-back link, what is SEO mean- a topic that people need and much more?

What is SEO Mean and Why Should I Use SEO?

If you are not using SEO then you have other options that are paid traffic. This is expensive. This is not the only reason why you need your website to be on the first page of Google or other engines.

Do you know the websites on the first page of google get half of the traffic?

If you are not on the first 3 pages of Google for that keyword, then you either need to go home or find a way to find direct traffic or social media traffic. You probably won’t win by competition on search engines.

#what is SEO mean and why?

SEO Tests:  What Is My Current SEO Rank?

There are various ways to know your website ranking. There are free tools that can show you the current state of your website. Some give you a general estimation of your SEO based on percentage. Woo rank is one of the best places to know your SEO rank.

The other is Ubersuggest. Enter your website domain name and Ubersuggest will show you which of the keyword words you ranked for. At this stage, especially if you don’t have any prior knowledge of SEO, it is possible no of your posts are ranking for anything. If you are new, some of your keywords may rank and your posts might be showing on the 30th or 50th page of google search results.

  • Site Speed: How Fast Is My Website?

Site speed affects the ranking of your website. The fasters your website is the better google suggests it.

Test your site at google speed or GT Matrix.

GT Metrix is a free tool that tells you the performance of your side and why your site is slow.

What Are The Tools I Need For Better SEO?

  • Google analytics

Google Analytics is a tool that helps you understand the traffic on your website. It is a free tool from Google and you can use it to see where the readers are coming from, what tool they are using to read your content, and more.

google analytics what is seo content -
google analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool and it is a must-have tool for bloggers.

You need to go to admin and copy the code to the header of your website. To do that click Admin on the left bottom side of your Analytics account. Then under property section(see image below), click tracking code. Copy the code in to the ‘insert headers and footers’ plugin that you may have already installed on word press.

what is seo Mean- analytics
  • Google search console

This is a webmaster tool from Google as well. From there you tell google that you are the owner of the website. And you can submit the site map of your website. You can also see which pages are submitted on google and which are not.


#what is SEO Mean-Your rank

What Can You do to Your Site to Rank Better?


Remove all necessary plugins and themes on your site. Manually go to plugins section on WordPress and update or delete the ones you don’t use.

The best tool to do that automatically is wp-Optimize. Find it in the plugin section and install it.

wp optimize

2- Minimize the image load on your site

Your images could be big and this could take a lot of time to load, especially on slow networks. You may need to save for the web in a small size using editing software.

If you are not into adobe photoshop( even if you are ) then you can use image optimization plugins on WordPress.

Find one and optimize your website using the plugin before going to the next step.

#what is seo Mean: image load

3- Use Cache

Cache helps your site not to load every time someone visited your site. Instead, it remembers the image of your site and it will serve it to them without reloading. This is necessary for a fast website.

The best cache plugins on Word press are WP total cache, Wp super cache, and Litespeed cache. Use one of them ONLY.

#What is seo Mean-cache

4- CDN cloud flare

This will speed up your website. GO to Cloudflare and follow the process.

Now your website will be faster.

What is SEO Mean: Keywords and SEO

Keyword Optimization is finding keywords that you want your website to rank for. Websites with names that are similar to search keywords used to come first on google. These days there are millions of webpages and the search engines became smarter. Instead of looking for a specific website page and serve it, they select based on the quality of the website.

The primary principle of which website to serve begins from what keyword does the website has.

Websites that contain keywords that people use have a high chance of getting click because people internally search for certain keywords.

These days keyword ranking becomes hard. Ranking for the keyword ‘health ‘ is impossible even with paid traffic. Because the competition is very high.

IT is not late thou. You can still rank for low competition keywords and long-tail keywords. Longtail keywords are rather ‘health-based foods in the market’ types of keywords. These should have a search volume as well. if not it is not right to waste time on them, at least for now.

#what is seo Mean and keywords

What Are The Tools To Find Keywords?

Various tools will help you find keywords to use. These tools are Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest.

1.    Google keyword planner

After registering on google Adwords. Move to ‘tools’ in the menu. Then click the keyword planner. Here enter your keyword you want to rank for.

Let’s use the term ‘coffee’ as an example. If you use such a keyword, then you may have a coffee-related business or blog.

You can also add up to 9 words more that are related. For example, you may be writing about coffee drinks, coffee beans, coffee café, coffee cups…and more.

Enter all these so that you may have a better chance of getting better keywords to start writing on. The more detailed the keywords are the better result you will get.

Some marketers advise trying synonyms as well, as people tend to alternatively use words to search. For coffee, you can use Latte. Or use numbers. 16 best coffee or best coffee 2020.

Or you can add adjectives or other words that could go with your keywords. ‘Black coffee’ is an example.

Here google keyword planner gives you important data such as CPC that is how much advertisers are willing to pay whenever someone clicks on their advertisement. It also gives you the monthly search volume of every keyword along with how much competition the keyword has from advertisers.

High competition means many advertisers are bidding to be on top of google search result pages. However, this does not mean that you have competition from other bloggers. Since the tool is for advertisers, you should not assume that the competition is listed for bloggers.

  1. Set your country to a place you want the audience from. I set this to USA in the example below and the language is also English.
  2. Set time at least for a year. If you are worried that the need for the product or niche is decreasing, you can set the year to above 1 year.

#what is seo mean : keyword planner

2.    Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is another tool I like for keyword research. The tool is free with limited use.  Per day. It works the same as a keyword planner. I like this tool because it shows you how hard it is to rank for that certain keyword, for both paid and free methods.

ubersuggest 2

As you can see in the image above, the keywords in red, under SD are competitive keyword for bloggers to choose especially if you are a beginner.

Go for the green ones. We can see the term coffee is 65 that is very competitive. If you scroll down you will find easier to rank keywords.

Step 2

Download the excel files from Ubersuggest. Here you may need to enter your keywords individually, instead of 10 as we did in the keyword planner. Then gather them into one excel. Select the top title row and go to ‘sort and filter tab’ and select ‘filter’.

Once you see a drop-down sign on the top row titles, click the search volume and remove the ones under 500. For now, we don’t write for keywords under 500. It is not worth it to write for 500 for now.

(It depends on what you need to do, actually) and remove all SD competitions above 35. There are very competitive for beginners. If you have worked for a while in this niche, then you can go up. It may not be that hard for you. I got about 95 keywords on coffee that I can write good content to rank for.

#what is SEO Mean : keyword

Here are a few places you should look for to get the best keywords to rank for.

  1. Begin by adding synonyms to your list. As I discussed above, find words that people use alternatively. The example I mentioned was a latte for coffee…Use synonyms websites
  2. Add adjectives and other words. The best coffee is an example.
  3. Add location coffee in Canada
  4. Add date or numbers best coffee in 2020
  5. Use tools such as or Begin by adding your keywords. These tools suggest keywords the people search for.
  6. Use google related searches. This are the links at the bottom of google search result pages. These are what people searched for. Some are questions others are short search terms. Use these. You can also write up to 1500 up to 3000 words post to answer these questions.
  7. Use to ask the public. This is an alternative to google related searches. This application will give you all the search keywords in various formats: questions, long-tail keywords, keywords with prepositions..and more. Some have good search volume others don’t. But this is useful to begin your keyword research.
  8. Look into social sites such as Quora, Reddit. There are hundreds of questions people are asking on these sites. This could be the place to begin your blog post ideas.
  9. Steal your competitor’s search keywords. This is easy these days to know what your competitors are ranking for. Ubersuggest is a free tool to help you do that. Google keyword planner is also another tool. In the Google keyword planner, click ‘start with a website’ and enter the competitor’s domain name. You will get everything that your competitor is ranking for. Do that in ubersuggest as well and you will get the competition and more.


What is SEO mean: Is this the right topic?

We discussed how to find your keywords. But are these the best keywords to start with? Here is how you can determine that.

  1. Is it trending upwards? The problem with some products and keywords is that they will go out of the market in no time. These are to be avoided if you are a beginner. If you need to know that your keyword is trending upwards or diminishing, use google trends tool. Here enter the keyword and see the trend for the last 2 or 3 years.
google trending
  • Does it have a good search volume?
  • Can I beat the competition?
  • Is it useful for readers? Does it change their lives? Does it solve their problems or is it another redundant information.

#what is seo and trends

What is Seo Mean and Principles to write your blog post to rank better

Longer posts work better. When you write your articles using these keywords, make sure you are writing longer posts. The longer your post, the better it is for search engines to recommend it on top. Only a few blogs on the internet are using this trick. Many blog posts are very short and do not say much.

What is the long post?

Long post is a post with 2000 words or more. This time it is good to write 3000 words per post as a benchmark. This doesn’t mean you need to write this way every time. You can mix the number of words between 1500 and above 3000. Write 1500 for posts that answer a single question and the do not need long posts.

How to write long posts?

This is an easy task but a very hard thing to do for many writers. To write long blog posts, begin with subtopics. For example, if you are writing fashion trends after 2000, don’t start writing in general. Instead, break the trends into time or other baselines. For example between 2000 and 2001, 2001 and 2005.

The other method is to answer questions that are possibly raised with your topic. If you are writing about how to choose fashionable clothes. Then your subtitles could be:

  • Fashion and personality
  • Fashion and body type
  • How to choose fashion based on your personality
  • How to choose fashion based on your body type
  • How do celebrities choose fashion

You then need to write half a page or one page for each. This makes the process very much easy.

Find these subtopics in google search suggestion.

google auto suggest
google related

#what is seo mean long posts

Images and SEO

Images speak better. They elaborate on your writings. A 3000 word without an image, you can imagine how boring it would be for readers.

1.    Select your images wisely.

There are places you will find your images for free. Unsplash, pexels are some of the examples. You don’t have to give copyright notice on your blog. ( although it is good to do that) These images are very large, then make sure to optimize their size. You can use free plugins such as ewwww

The other necessary step of using images is to add alt text. Alt-text is the only way that search engines understand what your image is all about. Google understands the image even without this alt text. But it is always good to add image title, alt text, and description to your image.

2.      Use Infographics

Infographics became a trend in a few years. These are a large image or model that shows how something works or simple data.

If you can represent your post in one big image, then it will be easy to share for readers. For example, you can talk about the process of choosing clothes to wear. You can indicate 10 steps or less using images, a small number of texts.


What is SEO Mean: Page Optimization

We have already optimized our website for the search engines to rank them. We made our website faster by using a few steps and we also used keywords to help search engines to call our page when necessary.

Now we need to optimize each page and each post to help search engines understand what we wrote about. This is a repetitive and tiring task but it is worth the work. Here I will show you how to optimize your blog post so that you get a better chance to rank.

We use SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO or rank math. Here I will use rank math. You only need to use one of them or you will confuse the search engines.


Here are the three most important features for page optimization. Post title that your write here could be different from the one that you used in your blog post. Here focus on creating an attractive title that makes people click. Include power words, positive or negative words, numbers.

rank math plugin

Permalink is your page in the URL. Make it short.

The description should be 160 words, and he should help people know the content and how it should help them.

The focus keyword is the keyword you wrote on. As we discussed above, you need to use that keyword a few times in your post.

The basics of Rank maths are categorized in four. Basic SEO, additional, title readability, and content readability.

Basic SEO: If you entered your focus keyword, title, and description, then you will be ok in the Basic SEO section

Additional: If you used the keyword in H2 and H3 at least once, and if you used your keywords at least 20 times in a 3000-word post; and if you used an internal link and external links, you will be fine. The internal link is another post link from your website. An external link is when you link to another website.

Title Readability: If you used your keyword in your title, and if you used number, positive or negative keyword and power word in your title, you will be fine.

content readability: If you used a table of content plugin suggested by Rankmath, and if your paragraphs are not too long, and if you used the appropriate number of images, you will be fine.

Make sure you added alt text to all of your images. At least one of the images alt text should be your keyword.

#what is SEO: image optimization

What is SEO Mean: XML Sitemap

For search engines to understand your site structure, they need a sitemap. You need to submit the site map to Google and Bing and other search engines.   

You need to go to your google webmaster and paste your sitemap under the category ‘sitemap’ The good news is Rankmath and Yoast SEO will submit it for you and they will update regularly if there are any changes. But first, you need to give them access to your google webmaster.

Under the plugin shortcut on the left( on WordPress admin) click general setting>setup wizard. Then enter the details of your site. On the second step, you need to give authority to rank math to access google search console.

On the third step, you select which of the elements of your website to be included in the site map.

How can I submit my sitemap manually?

You will find your sitemap under TO check if it is the right path, go and search on google using the link. If it returns with a list of your website pages and categories, then that is the link we are looking for. If not, the best way to get your sitemap link is to go to rank math> sitemap settings. Under general, you will get the link to your sitemap.

Select the link( without your domain) then paste it in google console (webmaster).

#what is seo Mean: site map

sitemap console

Backlinks are authorities. These are a tool to understand how much websites trust a certain website. This works like this. The more other blogs link your post or your website, the more you become authoritative. Many known websites have thousands of backlinks. This means may other websites have mentioned them in their blog posts. This makes them trustworthy. And Google also believes in peer opinions.

Backlinks have two major advantages: they are a source of the traffic to your site, and they are necessary for SEO.

back link

Here is Alexa, we can see how many times the websites have been mentioned on other websites. Alexa found out that Wikipedia has been mentioned 1.2 million times

This is the most necessary part of the ranking. You need to do a good job and get backlinks from other websites. Many people use peer to peer sharing of links or guest posting. Others used an illegal way of buying backlinks. This is buying backlink and get sudden hundreds of backlinks. This is a dangerous way of building backlink This could backfire you at any time.

Wherever the search engine algorithms are updated, we are seeing new rules and penalties. The backlinks should also be a quality backlink. That means it should be from websites that have a good site track. What if your purchased backlink is from the illegal site? Or from a blocked site? That is a loss than something you should be proud of.

If you already have a blog, then you can check your backlink on ubersuggest.

Not all backlinks are the same. The follow backlinks are more useful than nofollow. The WordPress comments section is one of the places that spammers want to get a backlink from. You probably have seen many spam links with lots of links on your blog comment. They are trying to get backlinks from your site.

WordPress comment is usually a nofollow link. No, follow link does not encourage the links. Therefore, the nofollow backlink may not be considered as a trustworthy backlink. If you are not sure of the quality of the link you are putting on your site, then make them a no-follow. So that the direct association of your site to the link is minimized.

Many links from social media follow backlinks. Make sure you are on one or two social media.

You can link to another website using anchor text. This means you select a certain word or sentence on your post and insert a link. For example, there are many links on this post where you can click to visit.

link no follow

To make the link nofollow, just click on. See image.

How do you know you get a backlink from the authoritative site?

A backlink from authoritative sites is a great boost for your website. These websites have a higher domain authority. There used to be a term called page rank that rank websites from one to ten. Ten was best and one was a beginner. These days have passed.

Now domain authority is a better way of measuring website quality. You can check your domain score on ubersuggest as well. You can also download the MOZ bar extension to chrome to check the website’s DA.

There are various places you can view backlink profiles. These are the backlinks to your site. For a detailed backlink and referring domains, you can use tools such as majestic.

Here you need to know it is better to have few backlinks from diverse links than many links from one or two websites. The more the websites that link back to you, the better it is your backlink profile.

In the image, the website has 312 backlinks from 100 domains. This means an average of 3 links from a single site.

And it is always better to get from a low authority relevant website than irrelevant high authority websites.

The best way to get backlinks is through link earning. This is asking others to link your site

  1. The best way to get a backlink from a good website is to guest blog. Guest blogging is writing for another website. At the end of the post, they should put your author profile with links. To find a website that accepts guest blog just search “your niche” guest blog Or “your niche” inurl: guest post.
  2. Another way to get a backlink is to ask. Create a good website that is sharable, and ask others who are on the same level as you are to link it back on their site.
  3. The other way to get backlinks is to create a page that has immense resources that people can’t refuse to share. Make sure the page has a very high value that it makes people share. You can find these pages at menus of many websites under name ‘recommendations’ or ‘resources’
  4. Create great content that is both useful and applicable. Great posts are unique and you may not find them everywhere.
  • Create a list post that mentions people, or websites that you need to give you a backlink. For example, the top 100 websites in the technology niche. Here put a link that includes your website URL that people could click to share on their site. Anyone mentioned in the list would be happy to share on their site.
  • A press release was one of the best ways to get attention. Although this seems to lose attention, there are places that you can release your update or new products or your work. Just search press release on google.
  • Submit your website to directories and forums. You can find directories by searching ‘your niche + directory’. Make sure the links on these directories is a follow type link. You can do this by right click on any external link on the directories then right click and click inspect. Inside the link you see term follow or nofollow. The only post on the follow allowed forums and directories

#what is SEO Mean: backlinks

What is SEO Mean: Local SEO

Local Seo is a better way of building your ranking away from the large chaos. Here you only need to focus on the local area that your business is located. Imagine if you are working from New York, then you probably need the word New York in your search. You may not need big keywords like a café, instead, you need a café in NewYork. You can also go deeper to the location, neighborhood you are in.

You can build your local SEO starting from social media and google business.

  1. Google business– register your business on google maps.
  2. Create a google plus and Facebook page.
  3. Register on yelp the other directories if you are in local based business

#what is seo Mean: Local SEO

I have done it. Many others did it as well. buying links for 5 dollars on Fiverr. This is a shortcut to get a hundred and thousands of backlinks in a few days. I got them in a few days as promised. But I barely knew at the time that was one of the worst things I did. First, most of these backlinks were from low DA websites. Some are not even live after a month. Second, this was illegal, I found out. Search engines hate them. My website was probably penalized for it.

Reciprocal links are also illegal. This is a way of exchanging links with others just to rank.

#what is SEO: bad links

What Is SEO Mean: Social Media?

SEO and social media go hand in hand together. It is easy to post and share on social media. But it is harder to treat it as a brand, as a business. Although most of the social media follows are nofollow and they don’t impact your SEO, these are a source of traffic.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind while working on social media.

  1. Not all social media is built equal. Some are good for a specific niche, others are not.
  2. Pinterest, youtube, Reddit, and quora are good sources of traffic. These are directory type search engines, and your posts won’t go out of a search. Search engines such as Instagram and twitter are trend-based. Once they get you good traffic for a while, they will sing under the other thousands of posts. Choose one or two and work on them.
  3. Choosing your social media depends on who your audience is. Instagram and youtube are visual mediums. These attract the youth. Medium is for knowledge lovers. Facebook is neutral.
  4. Add share tools on your website. For WordPress use some or AddThis. If you are not happy to look over in plugins. You will be amazed by how many of these tools you will find.
  5. If you already have the content and you don’t have time to post every day, use scheduling tools. Buffer is one of the best scheduling tools.
  6. Create good images that are sharable. Canva is the best tool that will help you create posts with clicks.

#what is seo Mean and social media

Conclusion, What is SEO Mean?

What is SEO Mean? is an important question, since your website won’t be successful without being optimized for search engines.

We have answered what is SEO mean, what is SEO mean-speed, and how to improve it? what is SEO mean-keyword, what is SEO Mean-backlink, what is SEO mean topic that people need?

If you follow the above principles and steps, then you will start to see changes in your ranking.

If you have questions, contact us.


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