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DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth


DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth is about $9 million. He is an American DJ and record producer. In October 1987, Dillon Francis was born in Los Angeles, California. He is known for popularizing the music genre “moombahton” In 2014, Dillon released his Money Sucks debut studio album, Friends Rule, and the album reached #2 on the US Dance chart.

“Get Low” (with DJ Snake), which reached #5 on the US Dance chart, is his best-known song. Several other musicians, including Major Lazer, Martin Garrix, Skrillex, and Calvin Harris, have worked with Francis.

He has remixed several songs, including Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” with Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes, Gym Class Heroes’ “Stereo Hearts” with Adam Levine, Calvin Harris’s “Feel So Close” Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie” with Jay Z, and Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” He released his second “This Mixtape is Fire” album in 2015 and his third “Wut Wut” album in 2018.

Dillon Francis is a skilled DJ and maker of music. He’s an American, and he found his reputation after an American artist called Diplo noticed his talent. He is considered to be innovative and still has interesting and refreshing videos and remixes.

Dillon has been praised for delivering high-quality material. That made a lot of artists wish to work with him. He is currently one of the top-paid musicians. Via hits released by record labels such as Dim Mak, OWSLA, and Fools Gold, among many others, he has been able to build a name for himself.

DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth
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Biography: DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth

Francis was born to an American father and a Serbian-Croatian mother in Los Angeles, California. Francis has confirmed that his father, Robert Drew Francis, is an “alternative medicines doctor.” He has made a frequent Internet joke about being unable to locate his father.

Francis has claimed that growing up he was very sheltered, saying that before he was 15, he did not know any curse words. He also says that, unless he watched at least two hours of Sesame Street a day, he did not watch TV.

Dillon Francis was crazy about electronic music ever since he heard it after a friend played some Metallica. However, coming from a family that discouraged such music, Dillon had to keep his passion for electronic music a secret for years.

He did not realize it would make him one of the most successful DJs when he dared to try it as his chosen profession. The DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth has increased to $9 million, and now that he’s also into tv production, it’s going to rise. Here’s the story of a rich man who doesn’t think money as important as friends’ riches.

Growing Up Sheltered

Dillon described childhood as “sheltered” as growing up. He came from a lower-middle-class household, and his parents were adamant not to let entertainment disrupt his schooling.

DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth
DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth “dillon francis at global dance festival 2012” by messycupcakes is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Therefore, unless it was instructional, he was not permitted to watch television; he had to watch “Sesame Street” two hours a day in which he would return to school. The concentration on schoolwork was so much that the parents of Dillon had him on “Hooks on Phonics,” an instructional content advertising brand. Dillon still read ahead that way.

Dillon was in the creative arts program in high school, where he would do graffiti while listening to electronic music. When listening to drums and bass, tagging the walls gave him a blast of adrenaline.

Despite recognizing that it was incorrect, it became addictive and his parents enjoyed listening to gentler songs. Consequently, as he told Variance Magazine, he played them in secret the moment he encountered Metallica and Anti-Flag.

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Dillon Francis Education

Dillon Francis studied at Newbury Park High School, Santa Monica College, and LACHSA (Los Angeles County High School of Arts). Since he used to do graffiti, he went to an art school and he said he was really into electronic music. He preferred departments of visual arts, and he used to do a lot of graffiti, bass listening, and drums.

Dillon began photography when he was just 14 years old. He has studied printmaking, drawing, and graphic design in high school. In Atlanta, he learned how to use Ableton, and he learned a lot from Cory Enemy there. Cory turned him into a skilled DJ, thereby increasing his interest in electronic music. He pursued a career in electronic music later on.

#DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth: Education

DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth
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Becoming a DJ : A Path to DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth

He had been doing drawing, printmaking, and graphic design since Dillon went to art school at the age of 14, and he stayed with the three creative talents for four years of high school. Sadly, things didn’t turn out as he’d planned.

Dillon disliked the man he interned for, first of all, who in turn made Dillon hate photography. Second, he wanted to be a well-rounded filmmaker, so he studied film photography; but Dillon’s talents became obsolete as digital photography arrived, and he felt like he had spent four years studying them.

Still, he pressed ahead with photography for six months after graduation from high school, trying to find out what to do with his life. Dillon decided on becoming a DJ, and the market became saturated.

Dillon Francis told Complex that he always had to cover it even though he had grown to enjoy electronic music because his brother taunted him about it, saying that he was gay.

He discovered a producer, Cory Enemy, upon moving to Atlanta, and Dillon became his apprentice. Dillon felt he was able to explore electronic music within two months. Of course, it was a challenging challenge for parents who were determined to see their son in school to “make something of themselves,” to persuade them to encourage him to be a DJ.

#DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth: Becoming a DJ

DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth “Dillon Francis – Slottsfjell 2016” by NRK P3 is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

But he told them when he came back home that what he wanted was a year to get his footing, and if it hadn’t panned out by then, he’d go back to school. Luckily, his parents accepted and, due to the performances he was able to get, Dillon maintained his pledge of paying $500 a month for rent.

Making Money from Music: DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth

After making his first rent payment to his parents, a year and a half later, Dillon was earning enough money to move out and finally be on his own. He went on to work with renowned DJs like Skrillex, one of his inspirations to venture into electronic music.

The best decision he should have taken was to associate himself with Diplo after his boss at the time, Stretch, persuaded him. Stretch submitted some of Dillon’s work to Diplo and it wasn’t long before they were collaborating on songs. In 2019, hearing Diplo yell to the fans that Dillon is the future of music was quite an amazing moment, as Dillon told Hollywood Life.

For the last four years, Dillon has been playing at the Coachella festival, and his parents have shown their support by their participation. DJs will gain $100,000 per night while headlining such festivals. With Dillon being quite a famous DJ, the amount of six figures can easily be made.

Typically, however, the sum depends on the type of event being held, the time slot, and one’s expertise in negotiation. Dillon is on the right road, with more cooperation on the way and with role models like Calvin Harris. After all, if you hang out with the ducks and Calvin has been ranked as the world’s highest-paid DJ for the past seven years, they say you can’t hope to ride.

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Videos on Social Media and Television Deal

While in high school, “New Genres” was one of the classes in his art program that encouraged learners to be creative and show their artistic talents. Dillon remade episodes of “Laguna Beach” featuring himself and his friends from the show as characters. After graduation, his passion for the videos did not die, and to date, he continues to flaunt his goofy side.

While he said the videos are for himself, and he doesn’t care who likes them or doesn’t care, his fans are excited to watch them as well, which makes them worth their time. Typically, accounts with a million followers make $670 per post, and it is not incorrect to assume with Dillon getting 2.4 million followers that his videos and posts are lining his pockets with a lot of cash.

The funny nature of Dillon has helped him reach an agreement with 20th Century Fox TV. The agreement is to create an animated series, “Gerard’s World,” based on Gerard, the fan-favorite character of Dillon.

Details of the contract’s value were undisclosed, but it was known that 20th Century Fox TV was offering producers lucrative deals. E.g., Ryan Murphy cannot complain; in 2010 he inked a $24 million contract for “Glee,” while in 2019 Dan Fogelman got a nine-figure agreement.

#DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth: Social and TV

Career and DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth

After attracting the American producer’s attention with the name Diplo, Dillon rose to fame. They went on to work successfully on the album ‘Que Que.’ They also featured a Latin artist by the name of Maluca in this song. His star continued to grow, and ‘Masta Blasta’ was the song that gave him more fame.

Dillon Francis Net Worth
DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth “dillon francis” by messycupcakes is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

This song was primarily influenced by the Dutch musician Munchi. To the point that it became Moombahton music, the song was a success. He released Swashbuckler in 2010, and in 201, he released two singles,’ Bootleg Fireworks,’ and ‘I.DG.A.F.O.S.’ Dillon collaborated with different labels. He published work through the label, including Dim Mak Records and Mad Decent.

On January 24, 2018, in partnership with Arcangel and Quimico Ultra Super, Francis released the first single from his latest album ‘Ven’. On February 21, in collaboration with Fuego, he released a single, We the Funk.

In February 2012, with the release of his extended play Something, Something, Amazing, Francis became the first moombahton artist to hit the number-one spot atop the Beatport releases chart. At the end of 2012, he embarked on his Wet & Reckless tour throughout North America, as well as supporting the English electronic music trio Nero on their Welcome Reality tour and English musician Flux Pavilion.

In 2013, he was able to headline a tour of Canada and the United States of America. He played at the most famous festivals on this tour, including Camp Bisco, Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Tomorrow World, Ultra, and Electric Zoo.

While working with his fellow comedian named Meowski666 and the Fat Jew, he created comedy work. He has collaborated with DJ Snake and released his ‘Get Down’ single. He released a three-single album in 2016.

The three singles are called ‘Need You,” Candy,’ everywhere.’ Dillon has also tried his luck in acting where he starred in a film named’ What Would Diplo Do.’ He continues to make better moves and developments in the music business, and to look out is one artist.

On April 5, 2017, in collaboration with rapper G-Eazy, Francis released another song, ‘Say Less.’ Francis made it official via a live stream a few days after the release that he had split ways with Columbia Records and was looking forward to releasing music as an independent artist. He has also announced to his fans that as an independent artist he would release an album and also said he will return to his moombahton roots.

DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth
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With the release of the Spanish-language studio album, WUT WUT, Dillon returned to his moombahton roots in 2018. The album continued to win Francis a nomination for the Latin American Music Award and Latin Grammy nomination for the single, “Sexo” with Residente and iLe, respectively.

On February 21, he released the single “We the Funk” in a collaboration with Fuego. On April 13, he released the single “Sexo” in a collaboration with Residente and iLe. At the Latin Grammys and the Latin American Music Awards for Favorite Song, “Sexo” was nominated for Best Short Form Music Video.

In 2019, in partnership with Alison Wonderland, he released the single ‘Lost My Mind’, which shares the name with their Lost My Mind Tour throughout the United States at the beginning of the year.

The song Lovelytheband was released by Francis in March 2019.

The second part with “Catchy Song” featuring rappers T- Pain and That Girl Lay Lay was also made by Francis to play the soundtrack for The Lego Movie 2. Following ‘Everything Is Awesome’ in its first movie, the song mainly contains the repeated sentence, ‘This song will be stuck inside you!’ According to the songwriter Jon Lajoie, he found, “Everything Is Awesome,” “extremely catchy.”

He played with Steve Aoki and Deadmau5 at the Fortnite Party Royale première on May 8, 2020.

A 7-episode comedy series ‘Like and Subscribe’ has recently been published by Dillon Francis, available exclusively on Funny or Die and Amazon Video.

The net worth of Dillon Francis as of 2021 is $9 million.

#DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth: Career

DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth
DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth “dillon francis” by messycupcakes is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Awards & Achievements

He is the first Moombahton artist to release a chart at the top of Beat Port. He also ascended the ladder and, according to Forbes magazine, he became one of the top 100 highest-paid DJs. In the music industry, Dillon has done quite a remarkable job, and more can be expected from him.

#DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth and awards

Dillon Francis discography

To date, Dillon Francis has released two albums, Money Sucks, Friends Rule (2014), and Wut Wut Wut, which are (2018). They were both hugely popular across the United States and other parts of the world.

#DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth discography

Dillon Francis occupation

Dillon Francis is a DJ, electronic musician, record producer, and actor from the United States. In all these areas, he works and creates incredible records for his fans all over the world.

#DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth occupation

Dillon Francis first song

Dillon Francis’s first song was Masta Blasta, which is a 130 BPM house hit. He was influenced by the Dutch musician Munchi and made this track.

#DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth song

Dillon Francis filmography

Dillon Francis appeared in movies as well. His performances have received immense admiration in the following films.

– He portrayed the character of Devin Andrews in We Are Your Friends in 2015.

– Appeared as a DJ at the Zombie Apocalypse Scouts Guide 2015.

– Appeared in 2016’s Succeeding at Life TV film as a background actor.

– Appeared as Jasper in four episodes of What Will Diplo Do: from 2017.

– Represented himself in the Taskmaster and Public Disruption of 2018.

#DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth filmography

What is Dillon Francis Best Known For?

Being the pioneer of the Moombahton and Moombahcore fusion genre of music. After editing, his song Masta Blasta, originally a 130 BPM house track, ended up becoming a hit Moombahton track.

In 2011, he collaborated with American producer Diplo and Latin-pop artist Maluca on the song Que Que, which became a mega-hit single.

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Personal Trainer

Dillon Francis is exercising at CrossFit. He was introduced to the exercise by his tour manager. He was initially trained by Conor Murphy, a professional trainer. To keep up with his relentless touring schedule, Dillon credits his workout sessions with giving him the requisite energy.

#DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth personal trainer

Brand Endorsements

#DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth is also associated with brand endorsements. Some of the songs from Dillon have been used in advertisements, such as

  • ‘Get Low,’ produced with DJ Snake, was featured in an advertisement for Taco Bell  
  • In the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines TV ad,’ Seek Summer’ was featured.

#DJ Dillon Francis Net Worth :Brand endorsements

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