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20 Examples of a Blog Post and Step By Step Guide (And a Free Download)


The examples of a blog post that you will see in this post are the best examples on the internet. What makes a blog post good? What is a blog post itself?

With a constant increase in the number of blogs, the creativity and voice of blog posts are also changing rapidly. The one page, 600 words posts is not out of the market. Search engines demand few thousands of words of a blog post even to consider rank.

What is a blog post?

In WordPress, pages and posts have different meanings. Pages are static and unchanging. These only give certain info about the website. On the other hand, posts are where new articles are displayed. This is a blog post, for example. And Contact or about pages are pages.

SO, what is a good blog post?

To answer this question, we need to answer why a blog post? No matter how many examples of a blog post you have seen if you can’t answer why you write a blog post, you won’t make it fast.

A blog began as an information update place for companies and individuals. With the relative ease of owning a blog, many people involved in it to show what they do in their carrier an personal life.

Few of these were as a guide for a certain question that readers had. Later, the idea of a niche website became a trend.

A niche site was supposed to specialize in a certain market and become an authority. This means that instead of talking about everything and about yourself, a niche site tells you to stick to a certain topic or problem.

Instead of talking about health, real estate, hobby and everything in between, in a niche site, you only focus on health or wedding or hunting.

With the rapid growth of blogs, the need to specialize was a necessity. Going down into sub-niche was a success for many blogs. This means the deeper you go into a problem, the better content you provide.

Therefore, instead of writing about a car, you need to focus on a certain brand or part of a car. Instead of talking about health, you need to focus on a certain disease, and even down to age group and other filters.

With this you may get lower number of audience but a more dedicated one. This means a blog that talks about diabetes only, may get audience who are looking for that specific disease. But that audience is a buying audience.


What is a Blog Post?

At this point, you understood the reason for a blog. Why we need a blog in the first place. It is all about solving a specific problem.

A blog post is a medium the would help you do that. A blog post allows you to publish and share your or your company’s story, updates, articles.

After analyzing many examples of a blog post, it is easy to categorize blog posts in 5 groups: list posts, explanatory posts, pillar posts, how-to posts, update posts, and infographic posts.

A list post is an article that contains a list of things in a certain area. For example, ‘top 100 entrepreneurs in the world’ is a list post.

list blog
Examples of a Blog Post- list post
list blog 2
Examples of a Blog Post- list post by

Explanatory posts– tell what something is about. It answers a certain question, describe how things work.

explanatory post

Pillar posts are long posts that are a guide on a certain topic. These are like a small book with chapters and sections. Pillar posts have lots of links to other posts and into external links.

How-to posts tells you how to achieve something. How to write a book. How to launch a party. and more. How to posts are much know next to list blogs.

how to blog
Examples of a Blog Post: how to blog posts

Update posts- this are news type blog posts.

Infographic posts use a single long image to explain a certain concept. Infographics is relatively a new concept and it is a best method to say something in a simple way.

ingographics post
Examples of a Blog Post: infographics blog post

How To Write a Blog Post?

All these examples of the blog post mentioned above have something in common, they all have an audience and they answer a certain question.

A blog post should consider the audience. Who are they, what do they like and dislike, where they live and more.

Every blog should know who the audience is. No tow blogs on the same topic are for the same people. A blog for young people and adults has a different voice.

How to start blogging with WordPress

Find a problem in your niche

Many examples of a Blog Post show that their success and failure began with their core purpose.

Why did you write the blog post? This is a basic question. You can jump right into writing based on keywords but that does not give you much success along the way.

Any blog post should answer a certain question. It should solve the reader’s problems. It also should voice the audience, not the writer.

Before starting a blog post, ask a question ‘ what is the reader looking for?’ This is not a hard process. There is a simple technique for it. In fact, if you understand this, writing a 3000-word blog post won’t be that hard anymore.

This simple technique has been around for long. And only a few bloggers use it because it is so simple that many don’t believe it works.

This is autosuggestion and related keywords. If you have not heard these before these are just Google search engine functions.

Go to google and search for any keyword. For example, ‘how to buy a cheap car’

google autosuggest
Examples of a Blog Post

These keywords that google lists under your query are what people are searching for. Is that a problem that you can solve for them in a single post? Is there any question or desire in it? ‘How to buy a cheap car UK’, for example, is all about best places in the UK to purchase a cheap car, or tips and techniques.

google related keyword
Examples of a Blog Post google related

These keywords and questions will give you what people are looking for. If you are not satisfied enough look of feedback section as well. You will find questions and top websites with best answers.

google related keyword
Examples of a Blog Post google related

2- Is there a data to it?

Well, I someties find that even if google suggest you these keywords, it dosnot necessirly mean these have a volume of serachs. Infact, sometimes these keywords may have less thatn 100 seraches per month.

That is not a lot, is it?

If you are unbeliever, or if you want to be sure, then you need to visit websites such as google keyword planner.

Under the keyword planner section, enter your keyword, and up to 10 other related keywords, you found from google auto-suggest and google related.

Make sure your language is set to ‘English’ and your geography is set to ‘US, UK and Canada’ Use India, Australia and other regions based on your target market.

keyword planner how to buy a cheap car
Examples of a Blog Post google keyword planner

Once you click search, you will get a list of keywords that people are looking for.

keyword planner how to buy a cheap car 2

You can clearly see that the keyword has a need in the mentioned geographic areas. People are looking for how to get a nice car for a cheap price. Add these keywords to your list.

3- Rearrange these keywords

Create an outline using these keywords. This is a great way to write more without fatigue. For example,

  • How to buy a cheap car
    • keyword planner how to buy a cheap car in the UK
    • How to get car insurance cheaper
    • How to buy a new car cheap
    • How to buy a used car cheap
    • How to get a tesla for cheap
    • How to buy a cheap car under $1000

Write 500 word for each.

Imagine answering the primary question that is ‘How to buy a cheap car’. It would be a headache to answer such a question with thousands of words.

This is the secret here. Use the outline and answer each subtopic. If you answer the above 6 questions with 500 words each, you easily achieved the 3000 words milestone.

Add value. What is it that other blogs don’t have? Add printable materials, downloadable eBooks, images, infographics, software.

4- Add Clickable Title

They say the title is a gateway to your blog. Since there are many results for any query, your title should ask for a click. It should sound bold.

Not only that It should promise that it has the best answer for the desired question.

Include the keyword in to your title, and meta tag as well. Although the algorithm necessarily do not favor your blog for doing that, it will surly consider it.

5- Add Introductions and Conclusions

Instroductions are not only formalities. These are guides to your contnet. It is here that audience decides to pusue reading thousands of words or to leave.

Introductions should include three things:

1- General background of the topic. Instead of going directly for ‘ how to buy cheap cars’, you need to give a short background of the general idea of cheap cars or buying a car or you can give a general data to impress the reader.

2-The outline. Here give what the blog is about. This should be short and any unrelated narration should be avoided. Say what you will discuss and why they should read it.

3- Promise. What would they get after reading the long post? What is the purpose of the post? At the end of this post, you will understand…

The conclusion should summarize the post. No one will attentively read the conclusion. Unfortunately, only a few portions of your readers even get hee. Many of these scan and skim.

This does not mean you need to skip the conclusion part. this section summarizes the post in short. It reminds the reader of what they read. It revises what they forgot after going through the long post.

It also has a call to action. Ask them to comment or to download a resource. This will help you build an email list.

6- Add Images

Images used to be scarce. These used to be expensive as well. These days you have options to use high-quality images without even giving copyright notice back to the author.

Finding an appropriate image is necessary. Unsplash, pexels, and pixabay are the best places to find good images.

Examples of a Blog Post

Examples of a Blog Post #1- 19 Tips for Buying a Used Car

Examples of a Blog Post
Examples of a Blog Post

Type of post: list post

This post is written from a money perspective as the whole blog is about saving. The audience the visits this website is looking for a way to save money while buying a car.

What to take from this post

This post has tables that compare prices. They even wrote on cheap cars in the UK, the keywords that we found above. It includes a check list for buying a good cheap car and downloadable materials.

Examples of a Blog Post #2- 11 Indispensable Guides For Coffee Lovers

Examples of a Blog Post
Examples of a Blog Post

Type of post: infographic

This post is both a list blog and infographic because it contains a list of infographics that every coffee lovers need to read. At the same time, primarily, it uses infographics as a medium of communication.

What to take from this post

This post is a brilliant way to the resource page. This post created a list of infographics that are used on other posts. With this, it created more traffic by interlinking.

Examples of a Blog Post #3-Shop Serena Williams’ New ‘Unstoppable’ Jewelry, Support Black Business

Examples of a Blog Post fashion
Examples of a Blog Post

Type of post: descriptive (news type)

This post explores how a certain black celebrity is working towards supporting a black business by purchasing their product. The post is rather short but effective.

The post also has a good title, that creates curiosity. It uses a bold unique image as well.

What to take from this post

The posts are short but is uses trends and news to sell their products. you can clearly see that they wrote this post to promote the necklace website of the athlete. May it be an affiliate or direct promotional link, the post effectively used a call to action to the product sales page.

Examples of a Blog Post #4- The Everything Lingerie Guide

Examples of a Blog Post fashion underwear
Examples of a Blog Post

Type of post: descriptive and list

This post explores lingeries on the market and it gives tips and ideas on how to use them. It also uses clean images that are appealing to the women audience.

The post is simple and uses short text and a list of large images to explain more. It also effectively integrated affiliate links.

What to take from this post

The image and text use is nice. It clearly communicated what it promised in the title.

Examples of a Blog Post #5- The Practical Guide to Healing a Broken Heart

Examples of a Blog Post dating
Examples of a Blog Post

Type of post: descriptive

This post seems unrelated to health at first glance. It is tagged under habits and self-care tips. Written by a Ph.D., it explains how to heal your self and form a habit.

The post is a guide and it has resources and links to other pages for further explanation.

What to take from this post

Not every post should be a list post. You can also use your list as subtopics and write on each of these.

Examples of a Blog Post #6- Instagram Marketing

Examples of a Blog Post instagram
Examples of a Blog Post

Type of post: Pillar

This post is about Instagram (how to Create Captivating Visuals, Grow Your Following, and Drive Engagement on Instagram)

This is a complete course on Instagram marketing, and it has a lot of resources, images, texts, and links. It is also a long post, more than normal.


What to take from this post

Give value. Do not expect much from the audience to give back. Instead, give as much as you can for free. Be useful.

Examples of a Blog Post #7- These are the most beautiful supermodels in the world

Examples of a Blog fashion
Examples of a Blog Post

Type of post: List and ( pillar)

This post mentions supermodels and writes a short story of how they got there. It is a great resource for people who are interested in the subject as it also has a lot of external links. This shares the character of pillar posts.

What to take from this post

Create a post with a wealth of resources. Have lots of researched links and save the reader’s time. This Post is ahead of other posts wit similar topics as it created an information center with links.

Examples of a Blog Post #8- Tropical Storm Douglas Organizing in NASA Infrared Imagery

Examples of a Blog nasa
Examples of a Blog Post

Type of post: update

This post is purely professional. At the same time it is not that hard to understand the content even for a layman It is short and to the point.

If you are interested in the topic, you would return to the post since they update the information regularly.

What to take from this post

Be a content destination they no one else can create.

Examples of a Blog Post #9- 5 Inspiring Multi-Million Dollar Website Sales

Examples of a Blog Post

Type of post: list

This post is rather short but is about an interesting topic. It talks about top five website sales and their story. It also has related links to infographics on a similar blog topic.

What to take from this post

Short posts also work as far as you are giving a value to your audience. An inspiration post works best for traffic.

Examples of a Blog Post #10- Blog Tips For Beginners That Makes Your Life Easy

Examples of a Blog Post
Examples of a Blog Post

Type of post: Pillar and descriptive

This post was written for beginner bloggers who need a short cut to success. Starting a blog is not easy for many busy people and non-technical people. Then based on the questions forwarded, we wrote a blog post that answers every question.

The post includes both internal and external links.

What to take from this post

Sometimes people are looking for a step by step guide. Not only that, but they are also looking for a manual where they read one post and continue to the next. Create a wealth of information by compiling a list of related links.

Summary, Examples of a Blog Post

The examples of a blog post we saw are all valuble. That is what make them good examples. They are also on a single topic. They dont talk about everyting but the topics.

You can write any type of blog post, but everything you write should be useful for the audience.


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