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The Basics of SEO: Beginner’s Guide to SEO Success


The basics of SEO? There is nothing like the basics of SEO. This article is in fact far from it. This is what you need to know to rank your website on search engines. You have the responsibility to find keywords that have low competition and high demand. you need to write appropriate content that responds to the reader’s problems.

YOu need to create audience cenrted website that is fast, well designed and well organized.

Not only that, but you also need to create a link with other websites. You need to make the content the best solution to people’s challenges.

For your website to rank, you need to optimize it for search engines to understand it. It is surprising that Google or other engines don’t understand images as much as we need them to.

Instead, they need further explanation using appropriate text. Every page of your website should have a description of what it is about. Your images and post should have explanations that we call alt-text or meta description.

In addition, it needs better interlinking, site structure, and Keyword planning.

This basics of SEO guide helps you optimize your site for better ranking. SEO is another term for Search engine optimization.

Here, I will show you the basics of SEO, and how to optimize your website for traffic.


How do You Use Site Structure For SEO?

The basics of SEO are to structure your website for search engines to understand them. Your website should have a structure, a connection, and a hierarchy.

Every page should say what it is about. This means you need to describe every page using a title and meta description.

How google understand your site?

Google understands what is put in the text. An image is a good form of content, but without further text associated with it, it is useless for SEO.

For Google to understand your website, you need to include title, meta descriptions to every page.

rank math plugin
Basics of SEO plugin

How Do You Add Title and Meta Description?

Basics of SEO- Title and meta. Use a plugin called YoastSEO or Rankmath. You only need to use one of these two plugins. The plugin gives you a place where you can enter a title and description for every page.

The plugins guide you to enter SEO optimized title and description, even a content.

Second, create an XML map. This registers your website’s structure and communicates it with search engines. The SEO plugins will help you do that. Find the xml section in the plugins. Copy your XML URL.

Before telling google about your website structure, register on google console. Then move to the XML section and paste the XML link of your website here. The XML of your website usually looks like

#Basics of SEO- Title and meta

ubersuggest keyword

How to Use Keywords?

What Is A Keyword? Today, the exact keyword is not the only option to get traffic on google. You get traffic even from synonyms of keywords that you use on your website.

This does not mean exact match keywords don’t have power anymore. If you have an exact match keyword to what people are searching for, you will rank for that keyword.

A keyword is what readers are looking for, and the words they use to search on search engines.

Where do you find keywords?

Finding a keyword is not a hard task these days. Various software and platforms will even spy on competitors and tell you exactly what you need to focus on.

Some software that will tell you non-competitive words that have a high volume of search.

These are ubersuggest, keyword planner, SEM rush.  

Google’s keyword planner is Google’s Ad tool where advertisers do keyword research they want to target. This is a free tool as well.

As a blogger or website owner, you can use the same tool to your advantage.

In the Google keyword planner, high competition indicates that advertisers are competing for the same keyword. This is not a bad thing at all. The more advertisers in the niche, the more buyers there must be.  This is a good indication that you should pursue that keyword.  At the same time, you need to know that other bloggers are also competing for the same keyword.

Ubersuggest is another keyword tool with similar functions. Ubersuggest is different because it shows you a good keyword, the volume of the keyword, SEO ranking difficulty, and even who is ranking for a specific keyword.

It is a well-integrated keyword tool. And It is free as well.

The general principle for finding keywords that you can easily rank for are:

Long-tail keywords- these are keywords that have more than 4 words. For example, ranking for the term ‘art class’ is hard as many bloggers are probably using the same keyword.

Instead, use the ‘art class for young students’. The second, although has lower search volume and the keyword is longer, it has low competition and you will rank better.

This means you should rank easy for 10 keywords have 1000 search queries than one broad keyword that has 10k volume.

  • Use low competition keywords
  • Include a keyword of what your website is about on your home page.
  • Include alt-text on your image.
  • Be useful. Don’t write for the sake of writing. Be valuable. That will put you on the top.

The second option of finding keywords is using autosuggestion and google related keywords. This is an important part of keyword research.

Both autosuggestion and related keywords are what people are looking for, and what they entered into the search box to find what they are looking for.

When you enter a keyword into a google search box, Google will fil the rest of the terms. It will give you a list of keywords that others use with similar keywords.

Use WH questions and asterisks to find more keywords. For example, ‘how * coffee’.

basics of seo - google autosuggest

A related keyword is what you will find at the end of the search page on google. This are also the keywords people used to search for a specific term that they are looking for.

You need to focus on these keywords and answer whatever questions your audience may have.

In general, you need to create content that people are looking for.  

A good content? But there are millions and thousands of search results for each keyword. Million of pages are competing for each keyword.

How can you win the competition? The reality is if you are not on the first page of google search results, you may not get much traffic.

You need a system that you will get to the first page of the search result.

This starts with using low competition words that have an appropriate number of search volume.

Then, see what your competition is doing. It is always the best keyword if what you find is only forums, social media pages, or websites with old content.

You need to write better and longer and most importantly very useful content that beats the competition.

You need to add downloadable materials, step by step process, images, links, and other useful things that you find appropriate.

#basics of SEO- use keywords well

Building a link? Yes. Building a link is useful for your website. This is the basics of SEO as well. A link tells search engines that your website is relatively known. Not only that, it tells them that you are an authority on the topic.

Imagine a famous kid in a group. Everyone would be talking about him, and not the silent kid that nobody knows about.

This is similar to websites. The more someone talks about your websites, the famous it becomes.

And imagine if that one person who talks about you is the most famous one in the neighborhood like NY times or top news websites. You must be a very important website.

This is why you need another website to talk about you. This is the whole concept of link building.

A website that has 10,000 backlinks is much more known than a website with 10. But that is not always right.

Take the example of the kid that everybody talks about. What if everybody is drug dealers. Then, that kid is not impressive no more.

We are not comparing links from bad sites to drug dealers. But that is exactly how search engines see that.

It is better to get 10 backlinks from top websites than 10,000 from mediocre sites.

This means buying links on Fiverr for 5 dollars is not a good idea. This will hurt your rank in the long run.

SO, where should you get backlinks?

Comments used to be a good link. Your comment on some website and leave your website with it. That was it. You get one backlink. Nowadays, a backlink from comments is useless. Most of these are nofollow links that do not contribute to your SEO.

Visit the website that you need a link from, then right-click on any external link on the page and click ‘inspect’. If the link is nofollow, it is not worth pursuing to get a link from that website.

Instead try websites like quora, Reddit and medium to get a backlinks.

The basics of SEO- no follow links

Not only that, but a backlink from forums and directory is also useless as well. Google thinks these websites are free and the links are not mostly genuine.

I am not sure how accurate that information is but we can say that most of these forums and directories, these days, are not that good.

Most are breeding ground for spams, and immediate gratifications.

Search the word free directories, and I can guarantee you that you will get hundreds of websites that are looking for your links.

I don’t recommend dismissing directories and forums altogether. check their DA domain authority and traffic and determine if it is worth to be on that website. Look on the website as well. Is there a control for spams or does the admin encourage it?

The best way to get a good backlink is a guest post, posting on other’s website with your links on it. You need to reach out to blogs and ask them if they accept posts.

Or search ‘your niche + guest post’. Surprisingly, you will find many websites that are looking for a guest post.

#basics of seo- create a backlink

Summary, The Basics Of SEO

The basics of SEO is about ranking well on search engines. Blogs are in constant competition. And there are only two ways to rank on search engines: paid and organic.

Paid is the fastest way to get there. But it is expensive. It is impossible to rank for every keyword by paying. This is why you need to prepare your site for SEO.

First, create a clean site that has a hierarchy and a clear structure. The user should know where they are and where they are going with the next click.

You also need to report this to search engines using the XML map.

Keyword research is also necessary to rank well. A well-researched keyword is an answer to the user’s problems. Any keyword that you use should be a value for readers. Answer questions. Give more for free. Make your reader’s life easy. And you will be rewarded accordingly.

Once you create good content, the next step is to create on-site and off-site links. This is also important in the eyes of google. Good content is not enough. You need to be organized and you need to build a name.

You can do the basics of SEO by interlinking your blogs with each other. Add related links on each blog from other posts. This will increase your traffic and decrease the bounce rate.

You also need to link other’s websites if you find them important to your readers. But make sure that the links open in a different tab. (in WordPress, select the text, add the link and in the drop-down choose ‘open in a new window’.

The best way to get backlinks to your posts is to create one on another’s website. Guest post on other’s blogs. Avoid links from websites with bad reputations.

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