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How do Tiktokers Make Money: TikTok Calculator


How do Tiktokers make money? I get these questions often? How do Tiktokers make money? How much do they make per view? Here we will see how you can participate in social media and share pieces of the pie. Today, teens and even adults aspire to make money on social media by making short videos and connecting with viewers. Many have already done so on Twitch, TikTok, youtube, and even on Instagram.

For today’s generation these social medias are not only a way of recreation but also a way of income. It is simply not another part of life but part of life. Just like kids 50 years ago used to play with toys and sell from door to door, this generation use TikTok as a medium to communication and making money.

Before answering how do Tiktokers make money, we probably need to inspire ourselves by revising Tiktok’s highest-earning stars. Forbes recently listed seven people who are making money on TikTok.


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Addison Rae Easterling: How do Tiktokers Make Money

Among the list is Addison Rae Easterling who is estimated to making about 5 million dollars per year from Tiktok. She began her videos as a student at LSU and soon she got recognition and millions of followers. Her fame brought her known brands such as FasionNova, an online woman’s clothing store.

She also got deals to do her own branded merchandise and sponsored content. Known brands such as Reebok and Daniel Wellington rushed after her to share the slice of the fame. She is not doing sponsored content for fashion and related companies making millions more every year.

Charli D’Amelio: How do Tiktokers Make Money

Charli D’Amelio is another dancer on TikTok that inspires how do Tiktokers make money online. It has been only a year since she began her Tiktok carrier in June 2019, she soon got success. She was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, she chronicled at Paris fashion week for Prada on Tiktok.

Her money came from sponsorship deals with big brands such as Prada, EOS cosmetics, super bowl commercials for Sabra hummus, Hollister. She also has a line of Charli-branded merchandise, a hoodie with her drawings on it.

Dixie D’Amelio: How do Tiktokers Make Money

Dixie D’Amelio Charli’s sister makes 2.9 million dollars a bit less than her younger sister. With 32 million followers, she signed joint deals with Hollister and Morphe, clothing and cosmetics companies. She even released her singe music and she gains about 60 million streams at the launch, becoming the number one trending video on YouTube.


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Loren Gray: How do Tiktokers Make Money

Loren Gray got her deal with Virgin Records and she released about 8 singles. Her following got her deals with big brands such as Hyundai, Burger king, and Skechers.

She makes about 2.6 million dollars every year.

The top three Tiktokers make millions of dollars every year and their income is increasing every year.

So, how do Tiktokers Make Money?

The way that TikTokers make money differs from advertising to pay per view.

1- Sponsorship deals

This is one of the top ways that tiktokers make money at this time. This works when tiktokers work on private ad deals with top brands. Usually, tiktokers receive a small amount of money and free products. Tiktokers test the products and make the video. Other times Tiktokers get paid a large amount of money for mentioning the product in their videos.

In both cases, tiktokers get paid in material or in cash. Here you will have options. You need to wear or use the products on the videos. You can unbox products, or share your opinion of the products.

The best part of this method is branded usually contact you if they think you have a relevant page with dedicated followers.

We know tiktokers who get between 100 and 30,000 .

2- Gifts

How do Tiktokers make money other than ads? This is not an easy option to make money on TikTok. In fact, you may need to be a people person or you need to offer a value that people decide to pay back.

This method is through gifts. Fans today know the value of content. They know they are being entertained or educated without paying a dime to the creator. In order to balance this gap, some fans are morally obliged to send direct gifts to Tiktok creators.

How do Tiktokers Make Money
How do Tiktokers Make Money

Once you acquire about a thousand followers, you can create a live stream and receive gifts from your fans. Users purchase in-app coins that they use to purchase gifts or send gifts to Tiktokers. This is a simple step. Once fans purchase the coins they can send gifts through a link ‘give a gift’ on the live stream.

3- Overlapping Social Media

How do Tiktokers make money other than on TikTok? Through other social media such as Instagram and YouTube. Especially after the disagreement between the US and Tiktok, most Tiktokers were threatened and fled their videos to youtube. Since they own the copyright of their content, it is safe to share videos on youtube.

Together with youtube short videos, Tiktokers took this opportunity to make extra views and income. Most Tiktokers reshare videos to YouTube without even removing the Tiktok logo.

How Do Tiktokers Make Money and How Can You?

Everything usually begans with you contacting brands to collaborate with them to advertize their porducts and services. If yo uare lucky they will find you and offer you their products and thousands of money for you to to mention their name in your few second of videos.

But where do you start? How do you stand out in this age where everyone seems to create an account and release content.

Here are four steps where you can start making money on tiktok.

1- Create an account with a brand in mind.

Brading is about what makes you different. Everyone is on Tiktok and everyone seems to do the same thing with similar makeup and outfit. But how can someone recognize you and appreciate what you do and follow you?

To achieve this you need to brand yourself. This means you need to know who you are, what makes you different, and what your USP is. In fact, you need to be yourself. you need to recognize your weird and your fun part and use them to your advantage. Believe me, almost all dancers on tiktok are bad dancers to a point you sometimes won’t stop smiling or cringe about it.

However, their unique personality makes the videos unique. From the thousands of similar content video, one thing separates you- your personality. That is your brand.

2- People Don’t Care About you. Sorry.

This is a harsh truth. People don’t care much about the content creator unless they relate to them. If you are not a celebrity, yet, then don’t create content that you want and the followers don’t care about. Be fresh, different, lively but create what people crave. Give them what they need. This could be why everyone is creating mediocre dance videos these days.

How do Tiktokers Make Money
How do Tiktokers Make Money- followers

3- Focus on Followers

Since you create for the followers, why don’t you look for more of them? Many creators advise you to ignore the number of followers you have. They instead advise you to look for how to entertain what you already have.

In spite of this simple advice, you can have as many as followers you need. Keeping them does not cost a thing. therefore why settle for hundred followers. In fact for fo millions. Go for as much as you can.

Here is only one catch here. Who are you talking to? Who is your audience? Don’t attract the wrong crowd. While talking about baseball don’t call an audience that does not know anything about baseball. This will limit the number of followers but what you have will be dedicated followers.

4-Your Path to Income

Once you get appropraite abount of followers ,not you find companies to collaborate with.

1- Influener markeing opportunities.

This could be the top way how do Tiktokers make money. Many companies are looking for content creators to promote their products and services to attract the creator’s audience.

Many tiktokers participate in the company’s ads and marketing campaigns.

2- Sponsored content

As I mentioned above this is the second way How do Tiktokers Make Money. This is where you will create content for the company and mention it in your videos.

3- Began you carrier

You don’t always need others to pay you to do something for them. What about you create your carrier and interest on Tiktok. This is another way How do Tiktokers Make Money.

Launch your fashion brand, or release your music for thousands or millions of followers. Some showed the process of their growth in the things they love doing such as painting, dancing singing, and even personal life.

This is an interesting way to get a relatable audience that is happy to buy your product.

4- Merchandise

This probably needs a dedicated follower. You may need to establish trust and create something to relate to with the audience. If not, why would someone buy a $60 T-shirt with your signature on it when they can buy a 10 dollar one on Amazon?

Once you establish a loyal follower, then start a branded merchandise that you sell for limited first buyers. This creates competition and value in your merchandise.

How do Tiktokers Make Money
How do Tiktokers Make Money- money

How much do Tiktokers Make per 1000 views?

How do Tiktokers Make Money for views? Views make money on Tiktok because you are paid for the engagement you have on your content. Likes, comments, and rate of growth determine your RPM.

The best way to make money on Tiktop per view is through sponsorship deals. Some Tiktokers make up to a dollar for a thousand views. others a cent per thousands of view.

Usually, the cost is calculated per half a million views on sponsored videos. You need to sponsor a brand or a service without spamming your account and without scaring away the audience.

How Much Do TikTok Stars Make?

Sponsored videos make up to 1k for 100k likes. Top brands pay thousands for good content with good engagement numbers.

How do Tiktokers Make Money per Followers?

How do Tiktokers Make Money per views and per followers? It is not easy to calculate the exact amount given the niche, engagement, and followers. However, it is an estimate that someone with a million followers could make up to a thousand dollars a month.

There are in fact many factors on how much you are paid. Your location, your audience’s location affect your income. Brands pay more for an audience in the US, UK, and Canada markets than in Asia.

How Much Do TikTok Creators Make?

When creators on top of the income pyramid make millions of dollars, known celebrities could make millions. Therefore, the income depends on how well you are already known. This does not mean you will not make money if you are not a celebrity. in fact, if you have up to 10 million followers, you could easily make up to $25k.

Finally, on How do Tiktokers Make Money.

So, How do Tiktokers Make Money? What are the best ways to create a long term income? Before starting your account on TikTok, decide on what topic you want to create content and how to attract your audience. Branding is the easiest way to succeed.

Use your personality and background to relate to people. You only need to attract the right audience. Then go for sponsored content and even create your own brand line in your niche. Work hard and you will get there soon.

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