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SEO: How to Build Links Easy for 2020 and Beyond


SEO how to build links and how to create do-follow backlinks to your website? This is important as it determines the success of your website or the failure of it.

Search engines determine a good website based on how many websites mentioned yours. This is believed to show whether your content is worth mentioning or not.

If you study top and old websites that persistently worked on their content have better link back to their sites.

Before answering SEO how to build links, you need to put a few things in your mind.

Search engines seriously take traffic as a ranking factor. The traffic shows that you have important content on your blog.

Not only traffic, this time as the competition increases rapidly, the length of content also became more important. The longer you write, the better you rank.

This also has paused a problem. Some websites that used to post some useless 300 words in a post and rank top, not write a 2000-word gibberish that no one understands.

They only throw a lot of keywords and write only for SEO, ignoring that their content should be useful. They may get traffic but obviously the bouncing rate is very high.

Especially Google is against long posts that are only written to deceive search engines on the number of words.

Whatever trick You learn here, the one thing you need to keep in mind is that content is a king. Without good content, your website does not deserve to exist.

In fact, why would anyone own a website that does not give value to readers? This is where losers and the successful part ways.

For you to be successful, you need to answer questions and solve problems. No matter how many links you build to your website, if you don’t give value, no one will stay on your website.

It will be a waste of time.

There are two types of backlinks: do-follow and no-follow links. The follow link has a contribution to your SEO, and the no-follow does not.

Some websites only give a no-follow backlink to avoid spams on their site. Imagine owning a website and everyone list their links on it. It surely will become a wasteland for mediocre links. SO, to avoid people using your website as a free ad platform, you make it a no follow website.

Then, whatever link they put on your website; it will not contribute to their SEO how to build links.

In this regard, links from comment section, social media, forums, directories are usually a no follow links. And you don’t even need to bother getting links from these.

Go to the website you need a link from, then right-click on any link on it and select inspect element. Then you will see the link inside the code. If you don’t see a ‘nofollow’ next to the link, it is probably a follow link. This is where you need a link from.


#SEO how to build links: follow vs nofollow

Most of the best tools that you use for SEO how to build links are completely free. These tools must be used with care as they may affect your SEO negatively if misused. Therefore, use all the SEO tools after reading their guidelines.

Here are 10 Backlink tools that you can use today for free:

Reddit– This is a directory of top news and pages on the internet. This tool is managed by the reader’s posts. This is a great opportunity as the engagement rate is very high. Not only that, but millions of people also visit the website every day.

Reddit is the best tool for SEO because its links are dofollow. Any link you put on Reddit is considered as a backlink to your website.

When your link on Reddit is shared, you will get more backlinks as well.

The best way to get a backlink from Reddit is to create a post in a relevant subreddit. Make a viral type post or news.

You also need to include your URL on your profile page.

#SEO how to build links- reddit is the best place to get backlink

Wikipedia– This is another article directory. Wikipedia’s content is also managed by readers. Not only that, but Wikipedia is also trusted by search engines as a fast source of information.

Getting backlink on this platform is harder today unless you have top domain authority.

To get a backlink on Wikipedia, you need to look for articles that have low-quality content. For example, if you search ‘backlink’ on Wikipedia, you will surely find a lot of explanations with a lot of links as references. IT is impossible to get your website on that page as there are other authority websites that should be on that page.

Instead, you need to look further to other pages with longtail keywords or a small number of texts on them. Then add a valuable article and include your page as well.

#SEO how to build links- Play wise with Wikipedia pinterest for marketing board

Pinterest is a search engine in the form of images. Contents on Pinterest don’t die. In fact, they rank better and better with time. Links on Pinterest are dofollow.

#SEO how to build links- Pinterest is a must

Slideshare is another directory. It is a place for presentation documents. It is rather more professional as the documents are professional as well. Getting a backlink from this website is a great way of getting a dofollow link.

Quora is another useful tool with dofollow link. Here, ask questions for genuine reasons. And answer questions without being spammy. Give value and expect nothing. Include your link in every page.

Slideshare ranks top for some of its content. Therefore, you need to create a good PowerPoint for high volume but low competition searches. Include references, research data, or something that support other’s blog post.

Google’s keyword planner is owned by Google and is designed for advertisers. This tool will show you a general search volume of keywords and what readers are interested in.

Ubersuggest is another alternative for keyword planner. You can spy on your competitor’s backlinks and source of backlinks. You can also check your website’s backlinks.

Nofollow chrome extension– if you despise codes, then this extension toolbar will simply show you if any website allows a dofollow link or if they are only a nofollow.


Moz open site explorer– Use this tool to research your backlinks or your competitor’s backlinks.

#SEO how to build links- where to get follow links

When I talk on SEO how to build links, many people ask how they can steal their competitor’s traffic. This seemed unethical for many for long. But this is how business are done. You always need to learn what other are doing so that you will improve as well.

Use the MOZbar chrome extension. Once installed your will see page authority, domain authority, and more info under every search results.

If you can’t install the extension, you can always copy the link in to moz research tool page and learn this info about any website.

You also can use Ubersuggest, a free keyword research took, to spy on your competitor’s websites. For any keyword, ubersuggest will give you top ranking websites. And once you click on each website, you will get backlink info and the domain authority of these websites.

#SEO how to build links- competitor’s links

SEO how to build links back to you. How do you get a backlink from top websites in your niche? There is no simple answer to this as we cannot say much about what people chose to share.

However, here are the basic principles to attract websites to give you a backlink.

Create a value– Unless you have content worth sharing, no one would choose to share it for you. If you create something that people can’t ignore, you can organically get a backlink from many websites.

The alternative way to create content that people share is to research top content on buzzsumo. This tool gives you top shared posts on social media and blogs.

The easiest way to replicate the same success is to recreate similar topic. If shared once will probably share twice.

Guest posting is still the easiest and the best way to create backlinks. This SEO how to build links technique is asking other top websites in your or related niche to post your content on their website for free. In exchange, they put your contact and link as a signature or other way.

You need a good header. This is similar to viral websites. Their header is a clickbait type and you can not ignore their content. Many people share them once they read the title.

Create a list of things in a certain niche- 100 top artists in the 19th century. If the content is well researched and well presented, influencers who are genuinely interested in the topic and who own websites would share them.

Create infographics– This is a visual content with long text and images. These are one page and very engaging. These are easy to share as well. Use Canva to create your infographics easily.

Create badges for top influencers in your niche- some years back a new blog created a list of 50 top bloggers and he put a code for each list that the list owners would copy and share on their site.

With out second thought many of these bloggers and others shared it on their site. This simple copy and page of code created him a lot of backlinks form high level websites.

Interviews– people share interesting interviews of celebrities.

#SEO how to build links- get follow link from top websites


Many bloggers oversee what they already have in their power and only wish for other results. In fact, there is much you can do now to increase your reach and get more backlinks.

First, create a connection with anyone who linked to your website. Especially, if these are top websites, ask them if they can link more of your posts in exchange for something.

Then contact your readers through your email. Send them something useful with a link if in case they need to share it.

Contact influencers and ask for a link. You need to give something in exchange.

#SEO how to build links- Start where you are

Backlinks are part of the SEO trend. The more backlinks you have the better you rank. This works best if the links are from quality websites.

Quora, Reddit, and Wikipedia are still the best platforms to get free backlinks from.

The best tactic to get an organic backlink is to create value. This is answering people’s questions and being useful. People only share content that inspired them or that helped them.

The best place for seo how to build links is to start from where you are. And work on the platforms that we mentioned above. Use guest posting as a fast way of making backlinks. Make sure that all your links are follow links.

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