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A Guide to Topic for a Blog That Makes a Difference


Finding a topic for a blog post? What type of topic for a blog makes sense for readers? How can you find a topic for a blog?

There is a difference between market needs and your want. Many bloggers are set back by this while choosing a topic for a blog. What should I blog about? Does everybody say follow your passion?

What did that get you? nothing. You are not even close to your dreams by following your passion. Because how do you know your passion is what you should be doing in your life? Is it easy or does it make you happy?

I met people whose passion is to serve people by cleaning halls and hospitals. I met people whose passion is collecting stamps.

I know it is easy to change that into money in the internet age. but if you don’t know-how, then don’t buy into that theory.

Let me give you an example, imagine a person who lived a century ago. He loved growing a typical seed in his garden. He is so fascinated with plants he spent time in his garden. At the end of his life, what does he get? a garden.

Imagine another person who fought his way up and got where he wanted in life. He followed the market and he was rewarded soon. Then one day he decided to spend one hour in his garden. He bought land, he hired workers and changed that into farmland. Years later that farm still existed.

Passion is over rated. who cares if you need to swim in a river water or in a pool. If it doesnot server others, it should not stay. and it is by serving others you make a living.

What am I saying?

While you choose a topic, don’t ask what your passion is. Instead, ask what problems are in the market. don’t solve a problem that you cant by your self. don’t end world hunger. but start by feeding a few people in your neighborhood. Don’t fight for race problems. Instead, teach them how to live in a racist place. Don’t tackle theoretical problems if that is not your dream.

Because if ending world hunger is in your mind for years, then you should leave everything and go for it. But if that is a passion or a hobby, then do it in your spare time. and start with your self.

Why am i saying this?

Because while talking about a topic for a blog, many students and new bloggers ask me, should I blog about dating, that is my passion.

And I would say. Is there a problem with it? Is there a big problem that you will solve for years to come? Can you do it for a year or two? If it is a hobby, then you as well have to do it as one. If you see it as work, then you have no option but to solve the problem.

Therefore, health is not a problem. Diabetes is a problem. Marketing is not a problem. Marketing youtube videos is a potential problem that needs your expertise.

So, how do you choose a topic for a blog?

topics for a blog
Inspired by Gurdian’s The world’s 50 most powerful blogs

What are Topics With Big Problems?

Evergreen problems are one of the best topics for a blog. These are problems that won’t go out of the market. You will always find them, even a hundred years from now.

These are problems in these markets: money, relationship and health. These are urgent problems and the market is very enormous for another blog.

These five topics are also good for a blog/

1- Fashion- Although this doesnot seem an urgent problem that readers are looking for, fashion is someting that needs a guide.

If you are into fashion or if you think you can sustain this topic for a blog, then you can always join this market.

To be successful, you need to niche down to a problem or need. don’t talk about fashion in general. Talk about a need. Fashion for rich people. A fashion guide for teenagers. Understand their worries and needs and give them in an entertaining way.

2- Travel is another topic for a blog. Anyone I meet want to travel. They need at least to visit one country in their lifetime. Can you guide them, can you show them how to do that?

I would imagine an average person in 9 to 5 would like to trave cheap at least once a year. How can they do that?

Another option is to create a guide for the country. Is there traffic to your country keyword? How many tourists are in the country every year? Can you write a guide, based on the potential questions they could have?

‘How do I travel in Alberta for cheap?’ ‘Is it dangerous to walk at night in Kolkata?’

Choose one country and work on it. Don’t limit your blog name to your country, in case, you need to grow through time to other countries as well.

3- Food blogs may belong to the health market. Here, we may need to go deep into a sub-niche for successful delivery and focused audience. Indian food is much known in the world.

indian food topic for a blog -

Entertainment Blog

Perezhilton is an example here. Started a gossip blog, now make millions of dollars every month. The website talks about Hollywood, celebrities, and gossip.

topic for a blog perezhilton

The best topics include travel, health, fitness, dating and relationship, food, finance, games, entertainment.

Entertainment topic for a blog: news, updates, analysis, fashion trends, and more. This type of blog is hard because it needs a constant update. And content goes out of trend soon.

Lifestyle topic for a blog

Lifestyle used to be similar to a personal blog. How to live, how to act, a lot of how-tos. Lifestyle blogs seem to have vanished out of the market replaced with niche-based blogs.

However, if you do it correctly, lifestyle blogs still will serve you best. Focus on one area of life. Pregnancy, if you are pregnant or how to be a mother. You can make a diary out of your life. Cooking and beauty are another part of life you can discuss. Follow the 80-20 rule where you talk about the main topic 80 percent of the time and you and other life of your 20 percent of the time. Teach something that you learn from life.

The everyday girl and The financial diet are good examples of lifestyle blogs.

niche market

What are Blogs in Every Topic?

Every topic has at least a few blogs that are killing it at this time. With constant hard work and the right topic for a blog, you can also become part of the success.

Photography Topic for a Blog

Photography is a hard niche to join. In fact, ranking for the term photography with SEO for a new website is nearly impossible. Digital-photography-school is killing it this time with thousands of keywords and millions of monthly traffic.

digital photography topic for a blog

Nutrition and Food Topic for a Blog

This is another topic for a blog that has great potential but high competition as well. However, websites such as the full helping are successful in it.

topic for a blog

Fashion Topic for a Blog

Fashion is tricky. It may need a deep interest or experience. Many fashion bloggers are also active on Instagram as well. This is a form of traffic for them.

Man repeller is a good example of a fashion blog. Their USP is judgment-free fashion. Being your self and choosing your need from your own judgment.

The name also seems repealing for some but the data says other wise. They get near 500k traffic each month from English speakers in US.

topic for a blog man repeller

Travel Topic for A blog

As we have said travel is a good topic for a blog. Many blogs are killing it in this market. Some are guides while others are cheap flight and travel tips and others are diaries. All of these work if done correctly. That is it should be written for the reader.

topic for a blog nomadicmatt

NomadicMatt is a travel blog that you may have heard about. The blog shares experiences of the author and guides and tips. The blogger is also Newyork times best selling author. He gives tips on how to travel on less than 50 dollars a day. That is a unique selling proposition.

Auto Topic for a blog

Auto blogs make the most of AdSense and MediaNet AD money. The affiliate sale is also high, as cars are generally expensive. Many blogs compete in this market.

topic for a blog autoblog

However, autoblog is one of those who are getting most of the traffic. With more than 10 stuff, the blog gives tips and advice for buyers. It offers a wealth of info about cars and trends in the industry.

Weight loss and diet topic for a blog

This is another great topic for a blog. Health is probably top on the evergreen niche list. Everyone at some point needs diet or weight loss. Many big players are in this niche. Some sell software, other ebooks, and schedules.

The weight loss is so big, you need to get a smaller category. Fitness, muscle development, aerobics, yoga, diet for pregnant, how to lose weight in 3 months, weight loss for a wedding. all these have a wide audience.

topic for a blog shapedotcom

The shape is a blog that works on all these topics mentioned. This blog has been around for long, they afford to pay others to write for them. This means they can easily produce content, work on traffic, make money easily. but for beginners better to stick to one of these subtopics or sub-niches even narrower.

Dating and Relationship topic for a blog

Dating is another big niche. Many men are looking for partners. Other are looking for casual reltionship. Some are going through divorce, orther are in love but confused. Some bloggers even attmpted to reach geographics such as asians and tech them how to date in the western world.

This niche demands you to show your face, go out and teach, and perform on the field.

One good blog in this niche is evanmarckatz who teaches women how to get men they want. This is a unique USP as most blogs focus on men. It is surprising why women need to learn about dating. But htis blog seems to have found its space.

Tiny house topic for a blog

Tiny house? Yest Tiny house is muc known on the internt. any people out ther are cracy enough to live in a mobile tiny house. Some dont have the mo ney other have land and leasure time.

In any case, a tiny house as a main living quarter or as a backyard additional room is a big niche. Some bloggers focus on designs of tiny houses, others on space management. The construction, cost calculation, decoration all are big topics for a blog.

topic for a blog tiny house

Some bloggers such as tinyhousegiantjourney write about their experience in a tiny house. The author Jenna, constructed her tiny house years back for financial reasons and lifestyle change. Although she doesn’t like the idea of 30 years’ mortgage, she plans to grow larger. Her blog receives more than 12k visit from English speaking US population.

Final, Potential Topics for a Blog.

Food Topic for a Blog– Food, nutrition, diet topics are hot. With further research, find your sub-niche as a beginner.

Fashion Topic for a Blog– These are also good places to be. You can make money from affiliate marketing and banner ads. Many fashion companies are looking for publishers with a good audience base.

Auto Topic for a Blog- Auto blogs talk about spare parts, decoration, upgrading cars, cheap cars, fixing cars, and more.

Travel Topic for a Blog– Travel blogs include, rentals, restaurants, flights, guides, tips, and more. Focus on one topic or on one country that doesn’t have coverage and began your blog.

DIY Topic for a Blog- DIY blogs have high traffic. Sometimes they don’t have a specific niche. they write on any topic. Easy steps to do something. If you have skills, start from there.

Finance Topic for a Blog- Money, investment, passive income all are big markets. Many people are in need of money. Their day job is not enough for fair living. Can you teach them how to get the money? Do you have the experience you can share?

Political Topic for a Blog– which side are you on republican or democrat? Or do you despise both? What is your analysis of the current political atmosphere? This requires analytical skills. Be here if you have a background in law or politics. if not get prepared to read more.

Weightloss Topic for a Blog has high competition. If you are interested in this niche, you need to go for low competition and high volume keywords.

News Topic for a Blog– News, celebrities, holly hood news, analysis of world events, sport news. All of these are good blog topics.

Music Topic for a Blog– Music blogs include lyrics, analysis, musician’s life, celebrities, how to start playing instruments, and more. You can run ads or sell courses on this topic for a blog.

Personal development Topic for a Blog is another good place to start your blog. However, some people discourage you from that because people only listen to very successful personalities in some fields. If you excelled in something, start there. Find a problem and give a solution.

Sports Topic for a Blog– Sports are big. Some bloggers only focus on a single club or single sport. Be unique.

Pet Topic for a Blog- Focus on one pet and grow from there. Post beautiful pet images on Pinterest to attract traffic. Share your experience.

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